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    the King’s seemingly perfect life was an illusion, created to satisfy his subjects, and most certainly his own daughter. What if her Father was truly happy with his fate? Warmth began to seep into Thea’s frozen heart, a smile spreading across her rosy lips. He was happy, that was all that mattered to the princess. Her joy did not last long, however, as the severity of her situation began to creep up on her once more. Racing towards the door of her Father’s chamber, her blue, lace skirt dragged across the tiles, causing her to stumble with each step. Thea let out an exasperated cry; being a girl had its uses, but when you’re escaping from dire consequences, it’s a disadvantage. In her state of panic, Thea did not tend to think rationally. She sized a sharp fragment of what she assumed had once been apart of a particularly expensive vase, and gradually cut her dress ’till it reached her knees. Giving a satisfied nod, she continued her hurried path to the door. What if it was locked? what would she do then? Thea was positive the chamber had no other exits, a feature her Father had insisted been added when his palace had been built. Fortunately, the door swung open with ease, and the princess was soon in the courtyard where much of the carnage had taken place. Taking a minute to glance around her, Thea felt her stomach turn inside out. The once beautiful face of her governess was now peppered with wounds, her graceful figure slumped against the fountain.
    “Melinda!” Thea cried “No!” She moved to touch her, but a cold, gloved hand gripped her shoulder, holding her back.
    “I do not think that would be wise child.” A sinister voice boomed behind her. It sounded like it belonged to a man, but Thea wasn’t keen on finding out. This was most likely the monster who had slaughtered the entire palace, the monster who was most likely going to kill her too. Being a smart child, she was going to try her best NOT to let that happen. Thea grabbed the meaty hand with surprising strength and tore it off her small shoulder, sprinting down the village path and into the woods.

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