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    Clarissa Dovey had seen better days. With the new year on the horizon, the professor couldn’t help but doubt the… potential that would come through the school gates in a mater of weeks. After Ella and Snowdrop left to seek their promising ever afters in the woods, the fairytales her graduates produced didn’t seem to have as much flare as they used to.
    “What are we doing wrong Lady Lesso?” she sighed “None of the old techniques seem to be working anymore.” Lady Lesso sat down next to her fellow dean, thin fingers resting on her lap.
    “Who knows, Clarissa? Perhaps something will come out of nowhere, a hidden talent of sorts. Just like your dear Cinderella your so proud of.” she chuckled. Professor Dovey leaned back in her chair, a deep frown plastered on her face.
    “I just don’t know if i can carry on, Lady Lesso. If i can’t see a star student in good this year, i might as well quit.”

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