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    thestorian07 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 7 months ago

    Chapter 3
    I gazed at the kingdom around me bursting with joy. I had my plan all figured out:
    •Get a good job
    •Earn some money
    •Rent a room
    •Start a new life
    I searched for job opportunities all aroumd me. Everyone said I was too young, but when I came to the old library, they said I would be welcome. There were all sorts of jobs to be done: tidying the shop; cataloging the books; copying up documents; creating posters; creating competitions; reading and reviewing books; and reading to the children of Camelot every other week. I earnt five pounds an hour and it was a job I enjoyed. On my first day at the library, when we were leaving, Mr Reg asked me where my home was, I told him I didn’t have one. He said that because I was such a good helper, I could live there for free! I gave him a hug and said thank you, he showed me upstairs and I sorted my room out. I patted the locket around my neck and murmured good night to my grandma. A few weeks went by and then it was Camelot parade, all of us got the day off. Happily, I closed my eyes, drifting into a deep slumber. I woke up in the morning to the sound of trumpets. The parade! I was late! Quick as a flash I got ready and rushed out after saying goodbye and thanks to Mr Reg. Everyone was crowded outside, all eager to catch a glimpse of the new king and queen (Agatha and Tedros’ son and his wife) Arthur, Darcy and there daughter Guinevere and Arthur’s younger sister Sophie and her cat Callis. Finally the carriage came between the crowd and people cheered and laughed heartily. By midday, the parade had finished and we were invited into Camelot castle! In awe I wandered in, I went to the empty library and was about to sit down to read a book, when I noticed a small, young looking ******* an armchair, her head buried in a book.
    “Hello?” I turned my head.
    “Hi… um… what does this say?” she frowned down at the page. I looked over her shoulder.
    “It says peculiar,” I read, she looked at me blankly, “It means strange,”
    “Oh… thank you,” she replied. Suddenly a man burst in on us talking, it was King Arthur!
    “Guinevere! What have I told you about hiding without telling us first, you could have been kidnapped!” he stopped and looked at me, frowning. It was Arthur and the girl I was helping was Princess Guinevere!
    “Who are you?” he asked.
    “Rose sir,” I answered, bobbing him a curtsy.
    “She was helping me read papa, I couldn’t read this word. What was it again?… Ah yes peculiar.” she grinned at her father. He beckoned to me.
    “Rose do you have a job?” he questioned.
    “I work at the library and I love it there!” I replied.
    “Guinevere’s nurserymaid is ill and um I was wondering if you’d like to um cover for her, just for a couple of months.” he looked at me pleadingly, “I’ll give you one hundred pounds a day!” Wow! One hundred was a lot!
    “Yes of course! I’ll just need to tell Mr Reg,” I cried.
    “I will need you to work from 8 o’ clock in the morning, to 8 o’ clock at night. Weekends, you can have off.”
    “Oh thank you so much your majesty! Can I still live at the library and work there at the weekends?” I asked.
    “You may stay at the library and how you spend the weekend is completely up to you,” he smiled, “Start tomorrow please, you best get off, I’ll tell Guinevere.” I said thank you again and rushed out. Once I got back to the library, I blurted it out to Mr Reg. He made me sit down, drink a cup of tea and tell him again, slowly. When I’d finished he grinned and agreed that I could still work and live here. That was the best day of my life!
    Hope you like Chapter 3 more action and characters are on their way!
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        cuteykitty123 replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        This is great! In my story I re-used names as well, you know, for like the characters’ kids. 😉

          thestorian07 replied 1 year, 7 months ago

          Thx I will tag you! ☺

          amaury replied 1 year, 7 months ago

          Tag tag taggy tag tag

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