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    thestoriangirl posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    *squeal* HI! OMG! I NEVER THOUGHT I’D GET TO SAY THIS AGAIN, BUT WELCOME TO PART FOUR OF THE STORYBOOK CHRONICLES!!!!! (Which is an old collab story with Me, @/kristenfromthemountains, and @/beachbionic which is getting a fourth part finally!)
    *squeals again*
    Deep breaths, Ella, deep breaths…
    All right.. so, without further ado..
    Here is Chapter One of Part Four of The Storybook Chronicles! (If you want to read the previous three parts, which I highly advise before you read this since it won’t really make sense, go to @/beachbionics page! She’ll have all the parts in her favorites (hopefully) if you scroll down!
    Well.. there is one catch to this happy reunion of a story that stopped four months ago. As you all (maybe don’t but whatever) probably know, Sofia, aka beach bionic, hasn’t been active lately, since she isn’t doing online school anymore and her school Chromebooks was the only way to use this site. So this part will be a bit different, with just Lily’s and Maya’s POVS for now, and if Sofia ever comes on again, I’ve made it so she can add Holly’s POVS whenever!
    Alright, enough procrastination. Here we go!
    *~*~*~*The Storybook Chronicles, Part Four*~*~*~*
    *~*~*Chapter One*~*~*
    Lily’s POV
    “C’mon Lily, we’ll miss the Flowerground ride! Ugh, why do you have to take so long to get dressed?” Maya yelled from the other room of the apartment we had been living in. Our fourth year at the School for Good and Evil was about to start, and even I knew how important that was. I couldn’t believe I was still alive after what happened last year. And the best thing was.. so was my sisters!
    Well, I hoped so.
    A few days ago, Maya and I had woken up to find that our other sister, Holly, was missing. Her spirit animal, a bird named Celeste, was also missing. We had called all of our friends from School (even Tabitha, who we had only met once.) None of them had heard from her since the Incident last year. I was super worried about her, but I couldn’t focus on that right now. This year was the year that determined my future. The year that would determine whether I would live a life as a fairytale princess or a measly skunk.
    Ruby squeaked and jumped onto my double bed, circling and finally settling down. I groaned. Great, now I’ll have a grumpy fox to wake up before going, and according to Maya, we’re gonna be late…
    “It’s called having a sense of style!” I snapped back, before turning back to my wardrobe and sifting through the numerous clothes Maya had gifted me during summer break. The great thing about having her as a sister is that she didn’t mind me squealing over clothes, and they all were free. We did save the world numerous times in the last few years, after all. “It’s the least we could do,” the people at Cinderella’s Mice Makers (making the perfect clothing and dresses since 124 BC!) had chirped. So now I had a closet full of glorious dresses in numerous hues, yet I still didn’t have anything to wear!
    I heard Maya storm in. She glanced at Ruby resting on my bed, then at me.
    “What are you doing?” She glared at me. “You know you don’t have the time to gaze aimlessly like you always do into your closet. We have a time frame here, Lily! The Flowerground train to the School for Good leaves in ten minutes, so hurry!” She tapped the watch on her hand, which projected a large ticking clock onto the blank wall.
    “I’m trying!” I huffed. “I can’t find anything to wear!”
    Maya dragged her hands down her face. “Oh, for crying out loud, let me help.” She pushed me aside, and only took a few minutes before taking out a baby blue sweater with blue dots, a white plaid skirt, and brown large lace-up boots.
    “MAYA!” I gasped in horror. “This is a violation against fashion law! I-“
    “You don’t have the time to be the Fashion police, Lily,” Maya sighed. She tapped her clock, which returned to the magical watch she was wearing on her right arm. She went out right after that.
    I inhaled sharply. Then I snapped my fingers. “Of course!” I yelled audibly. Maya raced back into the room.
    “What?” She cried, Peregrin twittering anxiously. I fought the urge to giggle.
    “I forgot I had a fingerglow for a moment.” I snapped my hand and immediately I was wearing a cute ensemble, which consisted of a yellow skirt, jean jacket, shorts, and sandals.
    “Now your turn!” I giggled this time. Maya opened her mouth to protest, but it was already too late. Maya rose up into the air briefly, then floated down. Now, she was wearing a stylish red dress with flowers on it and a pocket on her heart for Peregrin to rest in, and stylish black boots. She gasped at me, then looked at the mirror.
    “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!” She yelped.
    “You were wearing PJs, Maya. I needed to help you.” I laughed as Peregrin fluttered over and rested in the pocket. Maya’s expression relaxed. She began to walk out, then paused.
    “Are you coming?”
    I nodded. “Mhm. I just need to wake Ruby and Nova.” Nova was Celeste’s and Peregrins child who had been born when summer started. The baby bird was the color of dark purple, with a white belly and a little beak. Little patches of white also dotted her feathers, making them look a bit like a galaxy. I had to admit, she was adorable. The bird was resting in the corner of Maya’s bed on the other side of the double-sided bedroom, divided by a curtain. I went to pick her up, then placed the sleeping baby bird in Maya’s dress pocket, next to Peregrin, who licked his daughter’s feathers gently. I had to smile at that.
    I walked over to where Ruby was resting, and nudged her gently. C’mon, Ruby, we have to go..
    Ruby let out a long yawn and stretched, licking her fur briefly before turning to face me, blearily blinking. Where are we going, again? She yipped at me.
    The School for Good and Evil, silly! I giggled and scooped her up into my arms, then walked out into the hallway, excited for the new year. For once, I didn’t have to be afraid of some life-threatening danger.
    I just hoped Sofia was okay. If she wasn’t…
    “Lily, come ON! Stop dragging your heels!”
    I snapped out of my trance. “Coming!”
    One more look at my empty room, and I ran out beside Maya, our suitcases floating behind us.
    That’s the end of the chapter! I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged, and if there is any constructive criticism you have, as we highly appreciate it <3
    Goodbye for now, my lovelies! 💕🌸

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        I didn’t know you were doing a part 4: When I saw this post I literally squealed SO LOUD 😅

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          We had planned to hopefully make a fourth part since the finale of the third part, but never got to start until now because I kept forgetting and JIST remembered that the quests for glory go on in the fourth year

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        *squeaks!* It’s awesome you’ll be doing a Part 4, and the chapter was great too!!!!

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