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    AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m sorry for not posting sooner! I’ve been busy, and kept getting distracted, but since today is New Years Eve, I thought I should get this chapter out! On a side note, Happy New Years if it’s already 2021 for you! I wish you all the best in the upcoming year. Hopefully it’s a bit better than 2020. 💕🌸
    Hello! Please direct your attention to this post, no matter whether you’re an Ever, Never, or a Halfer, because another chapter of the fourth part of The Storybook Chronicles has come out! This is a collaboration story with me, @kristenfromthemountains, and formerly @beachbionic, who hasn’t been active lately : (. Hopefully she’ll come on again soon, but until then, please enjoy the POVS of Lily and Maya as they struggle and triumph throughout their fourth year at the School for Good and Evil!
    If you would like to read the first three parts, go to @/beachbionic’s activity, click on her favorites, and scroll down! They should all be there. Unfortunetly, I only have Maya’s POVs and some of Lily’s and possibly one of Holly’s on a doc, since I was new when we started this story and didn’t know how to work Docs yet. I am working towards getting them all on a document as we speak. Until then, you’ll have to go into her favorites for all the chapters. ☺️
    My absolutely amazing taggles (I love you all so much 💕)
    The Storybook Chronicles, Part IV
    *~*~*~*~*CHAPTER THREE*~*~*~*~*~*
    Lily’s POV
    “Now, I shall explain how this will work for those of you who are new and haven’t heard about it from books and fairytales.” Miss Dovey grinned. “Before you go on your quests, the whole school of the fourth year will have one more Trial By Tale.” She eyed me and Maya. We had missed the last three due to… circumstances we couldn’t control. I glared right back, and Ruby almost jumped out of my hoodie’s hood she had been floating and resting in to bite her. I used my fingerglow in my pocket to hold her back gently. “I will explain the Trial by Tale later, in Swordsmanship and Defense, which is now an option for both schools, regardless of gender, due to events that happened last year.” Again, she eyed me and my sister. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. “Then, regarding your placement in the Trial by Tale, I will assign you the spots in your team. I will not disclose who will be in teams with anyone until after the Trial, so don’t get your hopes up. Remember: everyone’s an enemy in these quests. You are dismissed.” Miss Dovey smiled at the crowd. Her smile made me want to slap her. I still hadn’t forgiven her for the last few years, even though she had been a different person. I would forever be scarred by the look of desperation and helplessness on my sisters faces while they waited for their fate. Tears threatened to fall down my face. I truly hoped Holly would come home, safe and sound, soon.
    As Dovey disappeared, Maya turned to face me. “That was exhausting to watch.”
    I pinched my temples. “You can say that again. What will happen if-“
    “Girls? Can I talk to you for a moment?” Miss Dovey’s voice interrupted Maya’s as she glided over. I shared a look with her as we nodded in unison.
    “As you two know, Holly has been.. missing,” she said, biting her lip. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. “Yes, we know our sister has been missing. What about it?”
    “Well, I got word from someone in Bloodbrook that they found her bird, Celeste, trapped under a tree branch but thankfully still alive. She’s in the Bloodbrook Veterinary ER as we speak. They have requested you two to come to Bloodbrook to further help the investigation, as they have also found little footprints along the paths of The Deadly Forest. Think of it as your Quest for Glory. You’ll have about a month to prepare for the long journey, and to train for your fate. It will still be the same as a normal quest, and if you fail, I will be forced to expel you from The School for Good and Evil for the rest of the year. Good luck.” And with that, she disappeared down the hallway.

    That’s the end of today’s chapter! I hope you enjoyed it!
    Let me know if you wanna be tagged, and if you enjoyed this! I hope you did! ☺️
    Goodbye for now, my lovelies! 💕🌸

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        Oooh, Celeste’s been found!!! And great chapter!

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