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    thethreewichesofroom66 posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 1 year, 2 months ago

    This is a oneshot I wrote for Wattpad (my account is Sgelover1762) but I decided to put it on here as well. Hope you like it!

    At Tedros’ “second coronation”

    Rhian- Now it’s my turn to give my gift

    he knelled down before Agatha and opened his mouth. But before he said anything he turned to Sophie, she blushed

    Rhian- Sophie of woods beyond…

    He opened up his palm reveling a beautiful, glittering diamond ring. Sophie gasped.

    Rhian- Will you marry me?

    Sophie- Yes! Yes yes yes!

    She ran towards him as he picked her up, kissing her. Sophie turned to the crowd.

    Sophie- We’re getting married!

    Crowd- Whooooooo!

    ~The next day~

    Agatha and Sophie are walking in the Camelot gardens.

    Agatha- I still can’t believe you’re getting married!

    Sophie- Oh common Aggie you didn’t think you could get married without me could you?

    Agatha- What happened to the whole “I’m an independent woman” thing

    Sophie- That part of me is long gone cause now I have a prince too.

    Agatha- Well I should be going now since I have a meeting with the Empress of Putsi to see if she has any records of Camelot’s money in her banks

    Sophie- Oh Aggie, always the busy one. Well I suppose I’ll have to let you go. Ta ta!

    Agatha hurried of into the castle to get ready while Sophie roamed around the garden.

    ~After the meeting~

    As Tedros and Agatha walked out of the meeting room Sophie and Rhian came up to them.

    Rhian- How was the meeting?

    Tedros- Good, we were able to recover the money.

    Agatha- So now we don’t have to worry about the money for the wedding, food, and repairs for the castle and town.

    Tedros- Speaking of which how are you guys going to pay for your wedding? I mean we can pay for a bit of it, but not all.

    Sophie- I don’t kn-

    Rhian- I have some money left back from a job I had at a restaurant in Foxwood

    Sophie- Really?!

    Rhian- Did I not tell you?

    Sophie- First I’ve heard of it.

    Agatha- Shall we get some lunch?

    Rhian and Tedros- Yes!!!

    They all laughed and then went to get some lunch in the supper hall. when they got there they saw Anadil and Hester already sitting down and eating a lunch of Greek salad and tuna fish sandwiches.

    Tedros- Mind if we join you?

    Hester- No! Not at all.

    Agatha then noticed they were holding hands under the table

    Agatha- Ooooh. Are we going to have to plan another wedding?

    Hester and Anadil blushed then let go

    Anadil- Don’t you dare tell anyone!

    Sophie- And if we do?

    Hester- I’ll send my demon upon you and Ani will send her rats

    Agatha- Aww you even have nicknames

    Tedros- Can we just eat already?

    They all laughed then sat down to eat.

    ~After lunch~

    Rhian- I’m stuffed!

    Tedros- Same! I feel like my stomach is going to explode!

    Agatha- Tedros, always over eating.

    Sophie- You can’t blame him, it’s his nature, he’s a boy!

    Tedros- A man now!

    Agatha- Yeah, yeah. Common Ted, we really should be going.

    Tedros- For what?

    Agatha- You already forgot? Merlin wanted to see us in the library at 1:30

    Hester- Well then, bye!

    Everyone else- Bye guys!

    Tedros- See you all later

    They then ran of to the library to meet Merlin. When they got there he was nowhere to bee seen.

    Tedros- I guess he’s not here yet.

    Agatha- No he’s waiting in there

    She pointed towards a fold of fabric with a star pattern on it draped over a bookcase. Agatha walked over to the bookcase

    Agatha- Celestium time!

    Tedros and Agatha hopped into the fabric and were magically teleported into a sky-like dimension. they then saw a man with a long white beard and a big pointy hat sitting on a cloud.

    Merlin- Extra whipped cream on your cocoa?

    Tedros and Agatha- Yes please!

    Merlin took of his hat and two cups of hot cocoa with lots of whipped cream magically floated out and into the hands of the young king and queen sitting in front of him.

    Agatha- Thanks Merlin!

    Tedros- What did you want to talk about anyway?

    He sipped his cocoa.

    Merlin-Well, I know you guys are hiding something I just don’t know what

    Agatha- You do?! I mean, no we’re not!

    Tedros- Oh common Agatha, we have to tell somone.

    Agatha- Ok fine. Well…. I’m pregnant!

    Merlin- Congrats!

    Tedros- Isn’t it great! I’m going to be a Dad!

    Merlin- When are you going to tell your Mom?

    Tedros- I don’t know.

    Agatha- Maybe we could do it tonight over dinner

    Merlin- Catered by my hat!

    Tedros- I hope they take it well

    Agatha- Me to

    She hugged him.

    Merlin- I’m sure it’ll be fine

    Tedros- Well I think we should go get some rest before dinner

    Merlin- Ok, bye!

    Agatha and Tedros slip of the cloud and are teleported back to the library. They then walk back to their bedroom and go to sleep.

    ~Quit some time later~

    Tedros woke up and saw Agatha peacefully curled up against his chest

    Tedros- Babe, wake up.

    Agatha- But I don’t wanna

    Tedros- We have to get ready for dinner though

    Agatha- Fine

    Agatha then stumbles out of bed to the closet and picks out a pretty navy dress and some black flats

    Agatha- I’ll wear this

    Tedros- Ok, my turn

    He walked over to the closet and found a sky blue suit with gold shoulder pads and some creamy, beige breeches.

    Tedros- This matches right?

    Agatha- Yup! It looks good!

    Agatha quickly ran and took a shower while Tedros waited outside the bathroom

    ~A few minutes later~

    Agatha emerged from the washroom and got dressed while Tedros took his shower.

    Agatha- You almost done babe?

    Tedros- Yeah, just gotta finish gelling my hair

    When Tedros was done Agatha did her makeup and hair while Tedros got dressed. When they were ready Tedros and Agatha walked down to the dinner hall, hand in hand.

    Tedros- They should be here any moment

    Agatha- I’m nervous, how are we going to tell them?

    Tedros took Agatha’s hands and turned towards her.

    Tedros- Agatha, you’re the smartest most beautiful person I’ve ever met. You always know what to say when it matters, I believe in you.

    Agatha- Really?

    Tedros- Really

    Agatha reached up and kissed him.

    Agatha- I love you

    Tedros- I love you too

    He pulled her closer

    ???- Well, well, well. I thought this was a dinner not a date.

    Agatha turn around and they broke apart.

    Agatha- Sophie! You’re here!

    Sophie- Darling! you look exquisite!

    Agatha- You as well!

    She gazed at Sophie’s flowing gold gown and glimpsed shimmering high heels beneath it. After Tedros and Agatha had greeted Rhian and Sophie, Merlin and Guinevere came in, followed by Hester, Anadil, Dot, Hort and Nicola.

    Agatha- I’m so glad all of you could make it!

    Tedros- Now we’re just waiting for Dovey

    They all sat down until Professor Dovey arrived.

    Guinevere- You’re here!

    Tedros- Shall we eat?

    On que platters of salad, soup and seafood floated in from the kitchen followed by baked potatoes and soup. All the glasses suddenly filled with sparkling water. They all dug in.

    ~15 minutes later~

    Agatha stood up and all eyes turned towards her. She took a deep breath.

    Agatha- You may all be wondering why Tedros and invited you all to come here. Well, as you know Tedros and I have been dating for 5ish years now and recently we found out some exiting yet shocking news. That news is that, I’m pregnant!

    Everyone cheered. Agatha sat down and the cheering stopped. Rhian stood up.

    Rhian- I haven’t known you all for very long but I think, I’d call you all friends. As Tedros’ knight I am naturally, happy for him and his lovely girlfriend. A toast to them!

    They all cheered. As Rhian sat down Nicola stood up.

    Nicola- As I grew up reading “The tale of Sophie and Agatha” I always thought of Tedros as a stuck up brat who didn’t deserve to be with a smart, beautiful person like Agatha. When I met Tedros I was even more sure they weren’t meant for each other. But now I see how Tedros really is and that he and Agatha really do love each other. I now respect both of them and their relationship. A toast to a healthy relationship for Agatha and Tedros!

    Everyone clinked their glasses.

    Everyone- Cheers!

    When everyone was done eating they said goodbye and headed off to their respectful homes until Tedros and Agatha were the only ones left in the room. Since they music on in the background it was still on. Tedros took Agatha’s waist and Agatha placed her hands on Tedros’ shoulders as they slowly danced around the dinning hall.

        thethreewichesofroom66 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        I just realized how long this is

          carrot123 replied 1 year, 2 months ago


          thethreewichesofroom66 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

          Did you like it at least?

        agathacat3 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        Great way to end the series in a slightly romantic gacha life theme

          carrot123 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

          OMG YES

          thethreewichesofroom66 replied 1 year, 2 months ago


        neverafter666 replied 1 year, 2 months ago


          thethreewichesofroom66 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

          Yeah I haven’t seen much of it so I decided I’ll put a bit of Hesterdil (I think that’s what it’s called)

        carrot123 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        It’s called Hanadil, but that’s okay if you didn’t know

          neverafter666 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

          Hanadil… i love it!!!!

        arcticsorcerer replied 1 year ago


          thethreewichesofroom66 replied 3 months, 2 weeks ago

          I forgot my password XD I’ll try to think of something, would you like me to tag you?

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