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    thisisanamazingbook1147 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 8 months ago

    so I am not sure if I did this right but here I go.
    Name: Evie
    Gender: female
    Age: 10
    Parents/Relatives: Grandfather of the elder council, Mother Anastasia of the endless wood
    Flaws: she can get mad easily and she can’t make friends,
    School: Ever
    From: Galion
    Likes: Books, School, Animals and Friends (if she has them), the dark
    Dislikes: BOYS, large crowds and pink fluffy dresses
    Backstory: For Evie it was a day like any other her mom went to work and she went to school and sat alone at lunch again. It was the fifth day and she still felt like an outcast. For her dad had just died but no one knows why. To top it all off they had to move because there house got evicted and now her mom keeps disappearing and returning late in the night. Each night it is an hour later and she looks like she is a zombie from not getting any sleep.
    Appearance/please give detail: Red hair always pulled back in braids lots and lots of freckles with glasses
    Clothing: blue T-shirt and navy blue shorts with sneakers
    Personality/please give detail: she can be a very nice person but you just have to get past her outer lair but be warned if you get in the way of a loved one she can be a demon
    Strength: She has a very good communication with animals plus she once ran away and was helped back to her family by a pack of wolves, And once as a little girl she saved a kitten from a tree by making a wind cloud and brought it back to the ground
    Finger Glow: Silver Gold
    Schools: Good, Girl, New

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