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    tigeradventure123 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    ok so i am called Willow and aged 13. I am so embarrassed! I was looking out my window when i thought i saw the school master. Then with the window open i shouted ‘look out the school master is here!’ only when it was too late did i remember that he is dead. my face went bright red when everyone on the Street stopped and stared at me. i closed my window and shut the blinds. my mum asked me to get some shopping and i knew better than to argue with her. when i was walking back a fallen lamppost was blocking my usual way home so i had to go the long way home. i hate that way because it is filled with dog poo. as i got home i was met with a 3 week worth pile of work. telling myself the day could only get better from here wasn’t working and to add to things my mum came in and gave me a lecture about bringing home all the shopping. when i told her potatoes were not on the list i got a lecture about not speaking back. Now i am writing this but i have to stop because if i am found out then i will get about 10 more lectures. bye ☹️

        lulu256 replied 1 year ago

        Um… This is a roleplay and you’re not supposed to be posting things like this in this forum – these things can be posted in the open chat

          tigeradventure123 replied 1 year ago


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