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    tillycat8509 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 4 months ago

    Hi so I can’t post Galactic on her anymore on any other non-SGE related stories :C. I will carry on The First Never After instead. This is the 1st chapter (i have posted it before but i’m posting it again with a few edits)
    Here’s the first chapter.
    Chapter 1 – No Chances
    I have waited all my life to be Kidnapped, like Sophie. Today is the day. I will be taken to the school for good! My mother bangs into the room, her hair swishing. Mother is beautiful, like me. We have the same long golden hair and the same beautiful sapphire blue eyes and the same soft smooth skin. As I sit up, birds tweeting outside, I smile. Time to see my version of Agatha. After I have completed my beauty routine I prance into town smiling at the children and knock on her door. Sure enough a girl with light brown skin, scruffy and lank Raven hair and chestnut brown eyes answers. She was going to be the villain in my tale.

    Ophelia stood in front of me, smiling with pure white teeth. I slammed the door. “Oh come one darling! I brought you some skin care and hair care solutions!” Her sing-song voice called.”Or do you want to uglify yourself, if that’s possible, like you’ll do at the school for evil.”
    “How do you know I’ll be evil?”I call, grumpily.” We could be like Sophie and Agatha. ”
    ” Don’t be stupid dear! “Ophelia said and her tinkling laugh echoed in the room.” I’m a princess!” As much as I want to be good, I know I’m evil. I’m **** and mean and grumpy and **** and dark. Evil. So tonight I will be taken.

    There was a creak of my floorboards. It’s midnight and he’s here. Sure enough a shadow with glowing red eyes grabs me and jumps out the window. It runs into town and I already know where it’s going. Wind rushes through my hair as Raven is slung over his shoulder. “WHAT THE…” She starts, eyes wide. I put my smooth dainty hand over her mouth and smile beautifully. We enter the forest, thorns scraping at my arms. “This is not good for my skin.” I say, frowning and then stop remembering my mother’s warning on wrinkles. We climb up a tree and the shadow disappears. A milk white egg burst open showering us in orange yolk. Maybe it’s good for skin. I thought. The bird flies towards us, red eyes gleaming, and we soar on it. “Raven,”I say, smiling and looking like the most beautiful thing in the universe.”I’m getting a Prince.”
    “WE COULD HAVE STOPPED IT!” Raven cried.”WHY!”
    “I’m a princess,” I say. “And you’re a witch.”Raven stares at me. We fly and fly. Raven looking down. I smile imagining boys lining up to me. Boys waiting for me. Prince after Prince after Prince all mine. A dark forest is below. The trees creak in the breeze. The sun is dotted with tiny silver stars and the moon shines brighter than the rest. I’m the moon, beautiful and bright. The other evergirls are the stars. Suddenly Raven starts stuttering,” No! NO, “and I turn. A glittering glass castle with a shining rainbow is on the right. A black crumbling castle with storm clouds hovering menacingly over it is on the left. I look at the bird as it flies over to the evil castle. Before it can do anything I decide what I need to do. I can’t take any chances, Raven can’t ruin my ever after. I push her and she falls screaming into the murky lake. Then I take a deep breath and jump to the good castle, where I belong.


        tillycat8509 replied 4 months ago

        sorry I forgot

        zee110 replied 4 months ago


        rainbowlion replied 3 months, 2 weeks ago

        Can’t wait for this to carry on and become a full-fledged story!!

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