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    tillycat8509 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi! Here is a chapter of The First Never After!:
    Chapter 2 – In The Wrong School
    I fall down, down. Then I land in the murky waters with a splash, arms flailing. Weed catches at my feet and I rip them away, gasping for breath. I watch Ophelia jump to good. Students rain down landing closer and closer. I paddle to shore, water flying everywhere. I collapse on the beach panting for breath.
    “Ugh, Reader.”A girl with coal black hair, dark skin and maroon eyes hissed.”Get up. I’m Mara of Ravenbow by the way.”
    “Raven,”I mumbled, jumping up.”And I don’t need telling to get up.”
    “I’m Lune of Netherwood, darling,”A girl with golden blonde hair and amethyst eyes drawled. There was a snake tattoo down her neck.”Your coming with us.”And Lune and Mara led me into the castle where I might not even belong. We were marched down a cold black tunnel, cold tingling my skin and water dripping down my hair. Soon we walked past a sign and into a hallway, lined with pictures of villains. I stare at the walls transfixed. A wolf growled and shoved a slightly drooled on timetable labeled,’Ophelia of the woods beyond, Room 33, Mischief.”I blinked and the words morphed to Raven. Textbooks were past to me and a ***** black sack shoved over my head. I was stuck here, in the wrong school.
    I burst from my flower. The fairies smiled at me as more princesses burst from their flowers.”Ooooh, we’ve got a good one here, Carlotta.”A daffodil cried as the fairies lifted me away. I landed next to a petite girl with long brown hair and ocean blue eyes. Freckles dotted her nose and she looked nervous.
    “Hello,”I said, chirpily.”I’m Ophelia. Who are you?”The girl looked alarmed. She managed to mutter a small,”Nikki,”I smiled.
    “Lovely to meet you, Nikki.”I cried as we walked past. A girl with ginger hair and brown eyes glared at me. She was beautiful, almost as much as me, and obviously felt insecure and threatened. I smiled as we made our way into a room. The walls were covered in portraits and on the pillars were the letters E-V-E-R. A nymph passed me my timetable. At first I thought it said RAVEN but when I blinked it said, Ophelia of the Woods Beyond, Room 513, Purity. I walked with my fellow girls through the corridor. Soon I reached a door saying,’ Welcome Princess Nikki, Ophelia, Arrabelle and Daniella’.
    “Princess?”I asked Nikki, interestedly.
    “Of Rainbow Gale.”She mumbled and opened the door. A girl with dark braided hair and chocolate brown skin sat on one bed. On the other was one with dark red wavy hair and twinkling emerald green eyes. They were both pretty but seemed to emit a rebellious and bold glow.
    “Hi, Your Majesty and Ophelia.”The dark haired girl said, sarcastically, and curtseying.“I’m Lady Arrabelle Glowe of the Whitoler Mansion in Pasha Dunes. Call me Belle, so my stuck mother doesn’t get the obligation of hearing my name.” The red haired one snorted.
    “I am Daniella of Pifflepaffle Hills.”The red haired one said, flicking her hair back.“So, your royalness and Offie, Welcoming starts in 5 minutes so if your like one of the pompous poofed up poosh bags then you might want to get ready. Don’t ever call me Daniella by the way, or I’ll throw you out of the tower. I’m Dani. Actually, does anyone have a permanent marker for the door sign?”
    We walked through another cobweb-y tunnel towards the Theatre of Tales. Along with Mara and Lune in my dorm I also had Camille (Cam). Cam has chestnut brown eyes, violet spiky purple hair, several piercings and bubble gum constantly in her mouth. She was rather pretty but the sort of evil beautiful that made you want to run away screaming. A wolf shoved me into a seat next to Cam and Lune. I Could see Ophelia sitting. Her hair was styled into an elegant knot and her lips were baby pink with matching eye shadow. I have to admit, she looked beautiful. Suddenly, I heard it. I groaned.
    The doors swung open and Boys walked in.
    “Great, the pompous Smelly gardeners are here.”I heard Raven mutter but I was busy. There was one, as always, that looked the best. With chestnut brown hair and ocean blue eyes. A blazing red J was emblazoned on his shirt.
    “Ugh, there’s my pig headed brother, Jake.” Nikki said, grimly as the boy disarmed the others.”And his idiotic friend, Archie.” Jake smiled, showing glinting pure white teeth. Then another boy with chocolate brown eyes, a green A on his shirt and artfully messy hair flicked Jake’s sword out of his grip.
    “That’s Archie.” Nikki said, rolling her eyes. I had my targets, I thought. Then, the boys whipped scarlet roses out and the girls squealed. I turned my head, fluttering my eye lashes. Jake swept his eyes over the crowd and they found me. He grinned and the rose fell in my lap. He winked and I almost fainted. I turned my attention to Aaron. He too had just noticed me and threw the rose. It landed on my lap again. I smiled. I didn’t notice Nikki, biting her lip with not a single rose. Something grabbed my ankle and dragged me under the chairs.

        2iycrb2qawutob replied 3 months, 2 weeks ago

        Loved it!!! Great job!! Also are you accepting bios? Or have I already sent you one?

        zee110 replied 3 months, 2 weeks ago

        This is great!!!

        rainbowlion replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        I love it!!! Imagine actually getting boys to like you 🙄 couldn’t be me lol

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