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    tillycat8509 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 3 months ago

    Hi so I need everyone who wants to be an elf’s ability and any other info about there abiltiy and stuff. Chapter 3 coming soon!

        2iycrb2qawutob replied 3 months ago

        Can I be an Elf? And can my ability be a guster?

          2iycrb2qawutob replied 3 months ago

          Can’t wait for chapter 3!!!

          tillycat8509 replied 3 months ago

          👍 If you give me a bio 😂

        2iycrb2qawutob replied 3 months ago

        Oh oops hahaha Here’s a bio my bad

        Name: Briar Posey
        Orientation: bi
        Age: everyone else’s age
        Ability: guster
        Species: elf
        Personality: Briar is a kind and caring person wh is very outgoing, she is an extrovert and loves being in the great outdoors with all her friends. She is a loyal person and a fierce friend if anyone ever harms her friends they will not forget it in a hurry. She has some mean karate skills up her sleeve and will never let anyone get hurt
        Appearance: Briar has short chestnut bangs and her hair is usually down, it falls to around her waist and is slightly wavy. It has naturally dark brown highlights in it. She has dark green eyes and pale skin with a few freckles
        Likes: going outside, having fun, karate, being sociable and talking to new people
        Dislikes: being inside, doing nothing, bullies, mean people, people who harm her or her friends
        Other: n/a

        Is that okay? Let me know if anything needs changing 😀

        zee110 replied 3 months ago

        I believe I gave you mine, but I forgot, so uh- Empath and Conjurer.

        delilahkitty replied 3 months ago

        I’m half-elf. My mother is Gisela Sencen and my father is Rhian. I am-ahem cough-a genetic thing, so I-uh-have all the elvin abilities, and I have Japeth’s magic by genetic chance as well as the abilities of animal telepathy and changing appearance.

          tillycat8509 replied 3 months ago

          I don’t actually have your bio 😂

          delilahkitty replied 3 months ago

          Sh*t I thought you did

          delilahkitty replied 3 months ago

          Name: Delilah Mistral
          Nickname: Dee/D, Liley, Kit, Kitty, Lila/Lilah, Del, Lil
          Age: 13
          Pronouns: She/her
          Gender: Female
          Orientation: Bi
          School: Good
          Fingerglow: Azure
          Appearance: For most of the time I have long red waves, violet eyes and a Keefeish smirk
          Fairy tale relative: Rhian Mistral is my father booooooooo, Gisela Sencen is my mother booooo, but Keefe Sencen is mah half-brother yayyyyyy!
          Kingdom: Foxwood
          Snow ball/No ball outfits: A long tealish gown shimmering with snow-white and minty green flecks; a silver circlet with a single sapphire set in the middle; long red hair up in a braided bun; aquamarine heels (although I may not be there; may be in the Healing Center, Neverseen captivity or a battle to the death)
          Casual outfit: A fitted, weapon-proof silver pantsuit with a long skirt kept in the back and slits in the sleeves showing off my shamkniv scars; hair in a French braid; silver circlet with a single diamond set in the middle; belt of six knives; special bow and quiver of arrows ’cause I’m the Mockinglark
          Pajamas: White nightgown
          Kind of formal outfit: Same as my casual outfit
          Talent: Shapeshifting, Japeth’s magic and animal telepathy, plus all the elvin ones
          Likes: My pets, my friends, reading, animals
          Dislikes: My parents, ketchup, bullies, Cupid/Eros, the god of love (haha you’ll see in my SGE life story), chicken (to eat)
          Crush (if you have one): Dex Dizznee
          Fears: The Neverseen getting to my friends; knowing my friends and other people I care about are suffering and I can’t help them; being unable to stop the Neverseen from winning
          Personality: I’m very cutthroat and protective of my friends. I can be very sweet and silly, but I never let my guard down. I can figure out complicated puzzles very fast, and I am never without weapons. I curse a lot and go after anyone who dares to threaten my pets and friends.
          Habits: Cussing and rubbing my nails against my lips
          Other: Pets are (in this format: Pet name/Pet ability; Clara and Chance’s kittens are still manifesting abilities):
          Tabby Cat Chance-Switching Size
          Norwegian Forest Jennica-Flying
          Egyptian Mau Everest-Mind Control
          Black Shorthair Clara-Pyrokinesis
          Painted Turtle Anne-Hydrokinesis
          Calico kitten Aria-Empathy
          Toasted marshmallow Holly-Super Speed
          Silver fox Sylvie-Vociferating
          Tuxedo cat Weta-Vanishing
          Pygmy puff Ellery-Flasher
          Albino kitten Darci-
          Orange tabby kitten Finn-Teleporter
          Orange tabby kitten Sophie-
          Orange tabby kitten Boots-Conjurer
          Calico kitten Lyra-
          Calico kitten Lynne-Windweaving
          Orange tabby kitten Russet-
          Tuxedo kitten Oreo-
          Changeling Osiris-Geokinesis
          Unicorn Goblet-Illusions

        rainbowlion replied 3 months ago

        Okayyyy so I am a Mesmer and a Charger. You don’t have to add Charger though.
        I could also be a Beguiler too but that’s a bit OP lol
        Any other info needed?

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