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    tillycat8509 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 3 months ago

    Hi, I forgot to tag you too for this one so I post it again. Bios welcome! 2nd Chapter of Once Upon A Time: Beyond the fairytales!:
    Chapter 2 – Shall we go get some pudding?
    I jumped up.
    “Hiya, Felix.” I said, cheerfully. “WHAT THE H.ELL IS GOING ON?”
    “Who are you?” The teal eyes boy asked interestedly.
    “Nattie Mistral.” I said, flicking my silver hair. “Who are you?”
    “Fitz Vacker.” The teal eyes one said. “That’s Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen.”
    “Yeah, I don’t care.” I said and turned to Felix.”Why are you here?”
    “I was Kidnapped by a girl called Hunter and discovered I’m an Elf.” Felix said. “And I still don’t like you. ”
    “You think I do.” I snorted. Naya collapsed.
    “Oh dear, Is she dead?” I asked as Felix ran over. When Felix didn’t reply and ran over.
    “Are you an Elf?” Sophie asked.
    “Do you see any pointy ears?” I retorted, shaking Naya. Keefe sniggered.
    “Then how come you vanished. Flickered.” Fitz asked.
    “I what?” I asked, turning.
    “When you walked you vanished for a second which is what Vanisher does,” Sophie said.
    “What,” I asked, eyebrows raised. “Is a Vanisher?”
    “Sophie!” A voice called and a girl ran over. She had teal eyes and brown hair.
    “Wow who are these people,” She asked. “And why did you kill one of them.”
    “WHERE HAVE THEY GONE!” I shrieked. They had vanished. Proofed. Disappeared.
    “Lio,” Era asked. “Can u teleport there?”
    “Think so,” Lio said. “Zee, Cynthia and Era come.” Before me, Gilda or Liana could say anything, Lio grabbed Era, Zee and Cynthia. They vanished.
    “Shall we go get some pudding?” Gilda suggested.
    Me, Linh, Dex, Biana, Keefe, Sophie and Fitz sat in the healing centre. Basically, 2 girls had appeared, not knowing anything about elves and one of them triggered vanishing, the other collapsed. The vanishing girl had shoulder length silver hair and sharp navy eyes. The other had pitch black hair and Deathly pale skin.
    “So you’re the vanishing one.” I said, shaking the silver girl’s hand. “Nattie?” She nodded
    “So your shady McSilverbangs.” Nattie said and I glared at Keefe who sniggered. Elwin walked up to Nattie and said, “drink these.”
    “I don’t take orders or medicine from people in stegosaurus clothes,” Nattie said, rudely.
    “Then start now,” Elwin replied and shoved a plant into her mouth and bottles into her hand. Nattie glared.
    “Guys,” Linh said.
    “What,” Fitz asked.
    “Look at her,” She said. Nattie’s sister was twitching, sweaty and pale. Her eyes were open but stared at nothing.
    “Oh come on,” Nattie said, grumpily. “All I did was talk to Felix, there’s no need to die Naya.” Bullhorn screeched loudly.
    “We don’t need the funeral music yet.” Nattie said to the banshee and turned to Elwin. “Dino Doc, GET A MOVE ON.” There was a loud crash outside with a few shrieks. There was a voice cursing.
    “We need to work on your cursing.” A quiet voice cried.
    “Why? I’m good at it already.”A icey voice said.
    “Idiots,” Nattie muttered and strode away towards the noise, vanishing as she went.
    “I’ll go look,”Biana said and me, Fitz and Linh followed. We walked outside and found 4 dishevelled girls.
    “Hi Nattie and people we don’t know.”A girl with honey blonde hair and blue-grey eyes.”I’m Lio, this is Era, Cynthia and Zee. Who the H.ell are you?”

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