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    tillycat8509 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 3 months ago

    Chapter 3 – I see no pointy ears
    “You are idiots.”I told Lio, Era, Cynthia and Zee.”Why are you here?”Lio shrugged, Cynthia rolled her eyes and Era squeaked,”We were worried.”
    “What do you think I am, a princess?”I asked, disgustedly.”I can fend for myself thank you very much.”Biana cleared her throat, eyebrows raised.
    “Oh yeah, this is Biana, Fitz, Tam and Linh. They’re elves.”I explained.
    “I see no pointy ears.”Cynthia said and Fitz scowled.
    “I’m gonna go tell dad they’re here.”Fitz whispered to Biana.”Wanna come?”
    “I will,”Tam offered, eying the others apprehensively.
    “So will I,”Dex said, coming out of the door.”I need to drop off a stash.”They light leaped away.
    “Where’s Naya?”Zee asked.
    “Ah,”I said.”ABout that.”
    “GIRL WITH THE SILVER HAIR!”DIno Doc’s voice shouted.”YOUR SISTER’S AWAKE!” I ran inside to find Naya with her eyes open and sitting up.
    “I feel like a crog just ate my brain and puked it back up,”She groaned.”By the way, my name’s Naya.”
    “Hi Naya,”Linh said, kindly.”I’m Linh, this is Sophie, Keefe and Biana. I suppose you know the others.” Naya nodded.
    “Where are we?”She asked.
    “The Lost Cities.”Sophie answered.
    “With Elves,”I added.
    “I see no pointy ears,”Naya asked.”And where’s the presents and chocolates.” Keefe sniggered.
    “I like this girl.”He whispered to Sophie who rolled her eyes.
    “Wait, so your an elf Nattie.”Biana asked and I nodded.”But are you?”She turned to Naya.
    “Her eyes,”I mumbled.
    “Uh, my eyes are fine thank you very much.”Naya exclaimed.”And I don’t have pointy ears or live at the north pole. ”
    “Actually, I love this girl.” Keefe whispered and I rolled my eyes again.
    “Who are these new sparkle residents?” Ro asked. Naya, who had just been chugging a bottle of ocean blue slime, carried on drinking as Era gave a squeak, Lio raised an eyebrow and Zee gasped. I suppose they weren’t used to ogres.
    “I’m Naya,” Naya said. “Love the ‘sparkles rule’ tattoo.” Ro jabbed a finger at keefe and mouthed some well chosen words.
    “Hmm… Yes that seems about right.” Naya said and Ro grinned.
    “I like this girl.”
    “Everyone does apparently.” Naya said, glaring at Elwin as he handed her a elixir of neon yellow gunk.
    “Who bets that Naya can’t down the next 5 elixirs if we tell her what’s in them.” Keefe jumped in.
    “If I do you owe me a favour,” Naya said, winking at Ro.
    “If you don’t you owe me a favour.”Keefe said, grinning. I rolled my eyes.
    “Careful Sophie or your eyes will roll out of your head. “Naya warned.
    “Elwin, are you sure they should bet on eachother. “I asked, biting my lip.
    “I wanna see what happens.” Elwin said. “Naya, these five have Sasquatch **** and ***, Yeti fur, flaredon *** and Alicorn poo.”
    “Yay, you get a glitter **** elixir!” Keefe said with jazz hands. Naya raised her eyebrows and downed the elixirs.
    “You owe me.” She said and Ro grinned.

        2iycrb2qawutob replied 3 months ago

        Awesome!! I loved this soo much!!!

        zee110 replied 3 months ago


        lalagiza replied 3 months ago

        Okay this is SO AMAZING. tag me, tag me, TAG ME, TAG MEEEE!!!!!
        And I saw from your recent post you were accepting bios? If you are, here’s one:

        Name: Narcissa Yahya
        Age: whatever age the characters are
        Sexuality: Asexual
        Ability: Pyrokinetics
        Appearance: Arabian complexion, buttoned nose, brown eyes, jet black hair, thick eyebrows, flat but glossy red lips
        Personality: She’s a sociopathic maniac. A ruthless girl, she doesn’t care how many bad things she does, she doesn’t care how much damage is caused, she just cares if she does it. She’s pretty antisocial but uses it to lure people into her traps which she uses for either fermentation or friendship. Friendship… that’s rare with her. She doesn’t exactly have many friends but underneath that cruelness, she has a softer side. A side not a single person has seen or heard. With a dark past she only reveals to a small portion of people… and she’ll actually turn into the sweetest elf you’ve ever met. But will you ever find out without getting killed?

        I hope this is fine. :DDDD I can’t wait for the next chapter!

        rainbowlion replied 3 months ago

        *cough cough* sorry what was I saying? Anyway, I LOVE THIS YOU NAILED my dear sweet keefe KEEFE’S PERSONALITY AND RO’S TOO OMGGGG

        kiaraofrainbowgale replied 3 months ago

        Tag me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Name: Kiara Yan
        Age: 12
        Sexuality: Bi
        Ability: Vanisher, Polygot, Shade
        Appearance: dark wavy hair with purple streak, light brown skin, dark purple eyes
        Personality: She is fierce, feisty, sarcastic and bold

          tillycat8509 replied 3 months ago

          ofc and welcome to the site! (i saw your username on the home page) I’m Naya!

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