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    tpurple posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 week ago

    Hello! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
    So I have decided to make a RP based on my two favorite things! The Clarinet and horses! So kudos to @theginger for coming up with this amazing title for the story: Wild Lullaby.
    This story is about a girl who loves to play the Clarinet and loves horseback riding. What if she could soothe or calm a horse down just playing her Clarinet to the horse? What if somehow she could communicate with horses in a language only played by the Clarinet? That’s what this story is about! It has I guess some fantasy things in it and some romance. The main character (Serena) is a lot like me in so many ways. So I made her based on me! I’m just using this bio as a backbone and I might not rely on it for the whole story. Well here’s the bio!
    Name- Serena Johnson
    Nickname- Rena
    Age- 13
    Birthday- May 12th
    Family- Her mom (Ashlynn) is overprotected and is a teacher, dad (Dave) is a business person and has a very informative but fun mind, twin sister (Melanie) who loves basketball/sports but can have an attitude at times
    Gender- Female
    Sexuality- Straight
    Appearance- Mid-back length, dark brown hair, bright blue-green eyes, tan skin, and a slender body
    Outfit- Short sleeve flannel shirts with jeans (long and short) with ankle boots, jumpsuits with flats, and sleeveless shirts with jean shorts and sandals
    Personality- Can be shy with people she doesn’t know but opens up with family and friends, happy, optimistic, very kind
    Flaws- Her scoliosis (in case you don’t know what this is it’s a condition where your spine is curved), short-tempered, judgemental
    Likes- Playing her Clarinet, horseback riding, spending quality time with her twin sister, her hair
    Dislikes- Spaghetti, sports, math
    Fears- having another surgery, bees (of any kind)
    Crush(s)- Phoenix McNulty
    Friends- Adilia Mitts, Izzy Summerhold

    Let me know if you want to be tagged and I’ll probably post chapter one soon!!

        tpurple replied 1 week ago

        I forgot to say: this story is NOT based on the SGE books. That means Serena does NOT go to the school for good and evil nor live in that world. Thanks!

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