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    trademark posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months ago

    guess who’s back b??? @toffee @hermy-cat @bethmirror30 @tpurple @raylinn
    Here’s Chapter two, I understand if you have to go back because you forgot since it’s been so long.
    Chapter 2
    a/n so i finished chapter 2! This chapter is a little boring, it’s like an intro chapter to the main characters. But it gets interesting soon, don’t worry. so if it’s too long, just skip me describing the fits

    Well, I’ve met my roommates! Yay! * that was sarcastic, by the way * So there’s Asha. Super hyper, really friendly, only to Nevers of course, platinum hair, silver eyes, and she’s pretty loud.
    “ Kara, do you like mushrooms?” , I hear her ask.
    I shake my head and think to myself, she could be a Dot. Although she looks like Anadil.

    “ Would you just shut up for one second?! Oh, you better be happy our finger glows aren’t unlocked yet!” And that’s Arine. Perfect Anadil. Black hair, about chin length, navy eyes, didn’t know that was possible.

    Well, there’s my coven. But how am I going to be Hester if I haven’t said a word yet? Now or never. “ uh, did you guys realize we’re in Room 66?” , I asked, barely talking.
    “Oh my gosh, I didn’t even pay attention to that!” Asha practically screams.
    “ Hey, we could be the Coven!” , Arine says., “ I call Anadil!”
    Perfect. “I call Hester!” I say with surprising volume. Wow, I’m proud of myself!
    “ Great! I’m fine with Dot!”
    Got that settled. Now, it’s time for our grande entréé! “ Okay, if we’re gonna be the Coven, we need to make an entrance. Uh, we don’t have to wear uniforms yet, can I check your trunks for something, uh fashionable?” I ask.
    “ If it’ll help, then I guess” Arine shrugs.
    So I put together some new outfits for both of them, makeup, hair and voila! Black ripped jeans on top of fishnet stockings, and a black tube top for Arine. I’m not sure if we can get dress coded yet. Well if it’s cute enough, Dean Sophie won’t mind. It has a Never edge too. Swipe on some black lipstick, dust some grey eyeshadow and done! “ A little out of my comfort zone I think. But only a little. I look like a cross of Dean Sophie and Anadil!” Arine says, with a smirk ( a never smile ) on her face. For Asha, a neon yellow top, with a bright purple miniskirt. Hair in a high pony, a little lipgloss, and she’s finished too! “ I LOVE IT! SO COLOURFUL! a/n colo-u-r
    Asha shrieks. “ We’re gonna wipe those smiles of the Ever’s faces!”

    I’m wearing what I came here wearing; leather skirt, black top under a purple fishnet top with my long hair straight. Purple lipstick and eyeshadow too match. But enough of that! Time to go.
    “Alright, you two stand 1 step behind me.” Oh. My. Gosh. I just had a normal conversation with them, and I didn’t freak out! I guess they are my coven after all.
    “ We’re gonna walk in 10 seconds late, and throw smirks at everyone. But DON’T say a word. You got me?” I say commandingly. If only I was like that with everyone. One day.

    Hiding in the shadows, waiting our ten seconds at the five mark, another coven walks in. Nowhere near as intimidating as us. Interesting. Asha almost walks out, but we grab her quickly. “ Plan changed, we have to wait 15 seconds, otherwise we’re too close to the wannabes… okay… and now!”
    We stride into the. The normal rivalry chants have died down. We get tons of looks and I hear the whispers. “ I heard they’re in room 66… that ******* the left is wearing such a cute outfit… OMG they totally made those other girls look like wannabes…” But the ever’s whispered too: “ who do they think they are coming in late?… ew, how gross…”
    We sit down on the one empty bench and face the deans. Dean Kiko looks at us with a smile of fake appreciation. Dean Sophie smiles at me and winks. Holy mother of pearl, she winked at me! The deans start talking but I’m lost in thought. Wow, that actually happened. Arine nudges me and smirks, pointing to the Ebers across from us. There are the usual prissy girls, dressed up with Dean Sophie’s new uniform line, looking like dolls with the biggest smiles ever. Then the arrogant princes. As I analyze the Ever’s something catches my eye. It’s an ever. He’s wearing his uniform already also. The blue clashes with his dreamy green eyes and his fluffy hair that i want to touch so badl- WAIT WHAT? I’M NOT SAYING THAT ABOUT AN EVER AM I? Oh my gosh if my sister knew me, she would kill me-

    And that’s it for today folks. There you have it! KARA OF RAVENSWOOD LIKES AN EVER

        trademark replied 6 months ago

        girl. on the. left. is the starred out part

        anniej replied 6 months ago

        This is really good! Please tag me for more! 😃

          trademark replied 6 months ago

          of course! thank you! i’ll be writing a lot because of quarintine and all

          anniej replied 6 months ago

          Yeah, me too. Please check out my stories too!

        raylinn replied 6 months ago

        OOOOOOOO lol

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