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    trademark posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months ago

    @toffee @hermy-cat @bethmirror30 @tpurple @raylinn @anniej
    Chapter 3 a/n i just realized how many spelling and grammar errors i had in the last chapter! sorry!
    Okay I know it’s not a big deal anymore to like an Ever when you’re a Never, but I have a reputation to uphold, and I’m not sure how liking an Ever is going to affect it. But this is driving me crazy. We’re back in our room, Arine’s sleeping, and Asha’s flipping through one of the new Never fashion magazines. I’m lying on my bed staring at the ceiling imagining some fantasy where I can date that ever without ruining my reputation and actually getting him to like me- wait no gotta stop this. Not acceptable, he would never like you anyways! “ Guys? Uh I think… Um ihaveacrushonsomone!” I blurt out. Did my antisocial self just say that?
    “ Already? I thought it wouldn’t be for another week…”, Arine mumbles, still half asleep.
    I shoot her a look. “What? I could tell you were the boy crazy type.”
    She could never be more wrong. I never had any friends let alone a boyfriend. “ Who is it?” Asha asked, with a knowing grin on her face.
    I can’t tell them! But then what will I do about it? But I can’t tell them. Don’t all popular girls have boyfriends? But he isn’t my boyfriend, I don’t even know his name! “ It’s that Ever boy you were staring at, isn’t it? “ Asha declares.
    “I wasn’t staring!” This is mortifying.
    “ You were. I’m not dumb, I noticed. His name is Ezra, he’s the Tedros from what I gather.”
    “ How do you know that Asha? We’ve barely been in school!” I ask
    “ Oh, I know everything. Wow you guys really fell for the ‘I’m loud and hyper and crazy and hyper girl who’s dumb ‘ didn’t you?” Asha smirks.
    Wow, she really pulled that off. I grab out the checklist to add one more thing before dinner.
    Who said ever’s can’t date nevers? They should be falling head over heels for you anyways.
    I don’t check off anything, because who knows if my success will last forever. Got that done I guess. —————————————————————————————–

    At dinner I notice the “wannabe coven”. Both of us have stayed away from everyone else. My reason was to show an air of importance, I don’t know about them. My gaze shifts over to Ezra, he’s play fighting with his friends. Then I realize the Ever girls are staring at him too. That means, I got to act fast. Real fast.
    a/n i was gonna leave it there, but i needed to add a lil sneak peek, if you will 🙂
    “Uh…er… how did you get all the boys to drool over you?” I ask timidly
    “ Well Kara,” dean Sophie starts…

        raylinn replied 6 months ago

        OOOOOOOOOO hehehehehehehehehehe

          trademark replied 6 months ago

          it’s gonna get interesting!

          raylinn replied 6 months ago

          i betttttt

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