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    tripleflip posted an update in the group Book 5: A CRYSTAL OF TIME 2 years, 3 months ago

    Sorry This is not an RP or Bio, but please read
    Hello Everyone SGE Newspaper committee here 🙂
    If anyone has any of the thing below please post in the comments
    1. Does anyone want their RPs or Fan fiction in our Newspaper? Comment an extract from your story!
    2. Does anyone need advice? Comment your questions below to get answers! (You can do this anonymous and we won’t use your user name if you don’t want us to ex. From, hopeless, giving up)
    3.Do you want your fan art featured in our newspaper? Put a link to your art in the comments!

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        darastrix replied 2 years, 3 months ago

        please read this:
        Aurannia of Sherwood, Chapter 3 excerpt:
        She head up the Valor staircase. She passed a common room that smelled like cologne, and a sapphire toiletry. Finally, she arrived at her room. On the door was a blue and green sign saying ”Welcome Aurannia of Sherwood and Tedros of Camelot”. She claimed a bed on the left side of the room. She put her things in an empty wardrobe, and laid out her pajamas on the bed. Her pajamas were green pants and a green shirt. The pants had embroidered weapons on it. In the wardrobe was a crisply folded blue blazer, shirt and pants, and a golden tie with her initials on them: AH. She didn’t put them on, but instead kept on the clothes she was wearing, and traded the cloak for a longer one with a hood. Then she hid a sword in her cloak, and headed down to the Theater of Tales, for The Welcoming. She found a bench near the door and sat. Everyone else came in. The Evergirls started to get fidgety and started to talk about the boys.
        Suddenly the boys entered and had a giant sword-fight. When each reached the breaking point he drew a rose and threw it to the girl he liked the most, shouting “M’lady!”.
        The doors banged open, and a new boy entered. All the other boys challenged but were defeated. When he had defeated the last boy, he drew a rose from his pocket, and raised it. Aurannia shot an arrow into the air and hit the pillar above him. As his gaze was on the arrow,he was launched into another battle with a challenger in green. Aurannia disarmed him within a matter of seconds. While she did so, her hood fell back, revealing her true identity.
        “The first rule of combat,” she panted, “Is to never let down your guard. I’m Aurannia of Sherwood, your new roommate.”
        Tag me if I get chosen please…
        also wondering, where will the newspaper usually be posted?

          tripleflip replied 2 years, 3 months ago

          In open chat you will be tagged 🙂

        moviestarawesome445 replied 2 years, 3 months ago

        Could I get advice? I’ll tag you on my activity with my problem (you can check if someone tagged you by going to “activity” and clicking “mentions”).

          tripleflip replied 2 years, 3 months ago

          okay 🙂

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