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    umlyag3 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 1 month ago

    Hi if you want to be in my story please put your bio underneath!!!

        peppy replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        I might already be in, but my characters would love to be in your story! πŸ™‚
        Name: Laurence of Camelot
        Age: 14
        Gender: Boy
        School: Good/Boys
        Parents; Tedros and Agatha
        Talent: Weather control
        Finger Glow: Deep blue
        Appearance: Hazelnut brown curly hair, wide blue eyes, long eyelashes, rosy cheeks, bronzed golden-brown skin, tall, slim, lean, agile, muscular
        Personality: Emotional, brave, kind, fair, sweet, honest, loyal, reliable, optimistic, scatter-brained, curious, keen, always has a bounce in his step, merry
        Hobbies: Reading, rugby, sword-fighting, eating, exercising
        Pet: Reaper the cat
        Likes: Juliet/Julie of Avalon
        Typical Clothing: Navy breeches, blue jumper
        Backstory: Grew up in Camelot with Tedros, Agatha and Merlin
        He uses Excalibur πŸ™‚
        Name: Juliet/Julie of Avalon
        Age: 14
        Gender: Girl
        School: Good/Girls
        Parents: Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose) and Jack
        Talent: Has a clear, laughing voice which can halt the senses when spoken in soft, gentle tones or get information when persuasive or intimidating
        Finger Glow: Electric blue
        Appearance: Peach skin, oval face, tender rose red lips, slim, slender, silky strawberry blonde tresses, clear deep blue-violet eyes with a vivacious twinkle
        Personality: Intense, independent, sensitive, creative, passionate, scatter-brained, generous, messy, cheerful, hearty, launches into everything, talkative, impatient
        Hobbies: Chatting, mimicking, singing – has a pure, sweet voice – laughing, flying
        Pet: Snowy white unicorn with wings called Faye
        Likes: Laurence of Camelot
        Typical Clothing: Violet ribbon in hair, blouse and skirt in soft colours like pale blue or fern green
        Backstory: Grew up in a cosy atmosphere, waiting for a Flowerground Pass
        She is an early-bird and hates needlework and gardening which she finds boring and a waste of time. πŸ™‚

          arian2 replied 4 years, 1 month ago

          Here you are! πŸ™‚
          Name: ***** Cat (everyone just calls him Cheshire or Chess)
          Parents: The Cheshire Cat and Peter Pan
          School: Good for Boys
          Age: He doesn’t remember. The Cheshire Cat always sent him to the unbirthday parties so it all kind of got mingled together. He’s pretty sure he’s 13, but it might be 15. Or was it 14? Maybe…
          Talent: Can ripple away, teleport, disassemble himself and become invisible like the Cat in the stories. He can fly and fence like Peter Pan and he has his own special power: the ability to weave magic threads into spells that do impossible things.
          Appearance: curly blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, tanned skin, combination between masculine handsome and feminine beautiful: sort of mysterious, but cute, scrawny and casual at the same time. Lanky but not weak. Hates the Everboy uniform, instead β€œcustomized” his to be a green and orange stripy linen jacket with cute square buttons and scruffy green jeans. He has jabberwocky-skin (the dragon-ish creature from Lewis Carrol, author of Alice in Wonderland) boots and sometimes wears a fedora (a sort of hat, if you didn’t already know) with a long band jammed over his head (it once belonged to the Mad Hatter).
          Personality: Has an incredible (sometimes cocky, sometimes corny, sometimes satirical, sometimes important), unfaltering sense of humour that can lighten up any situation. He often uses jokes as something to protect him in awkward, shocking or dangerous conversations and is very easygoing, not caring much what other people think. It takes a lot to provoke him and it is not often he shows real anger or fear. He prefers to fight with words before swords, but is fiercely loyal to his friends and is an excellent fencer (taking after his father Pan). He loves parties, young children and is very kind-hearted and sensitive when you look closer. Happy, optimistic and loves to joke and prank around. He is, however, quite rebellious against Good and tries to tell people how arrogant and impure the school has become. He tries to convince people that being Good is not being beautiful or skilful or being a prince, but being truly Good is Goodness of heart and soul.
          Friends: Laurence (@peppy), Dawn (@hesterandanadil99chocolatedot), Orion, his father’s cocky talking sword, Trace and Esmerelda (his half-siblings) and Professor Espada.
          Crush: None…yet.
          Weapon: Orion, a thin fencing sword with a hilt carved with dancing fairies and a handle bound in green leather. He is sometimes even cockier than his master, and hovers in the air. Cheshire can fence in the air, and Orion will follow his movements, allowing Cheshire a much wider distance and things he could never do with a normal blade. However, he must treat Orion as he would treat his friend: if the sword is not happy, he WILL sulk.
          Fingerglow: silver
          Pet: has a scarlet pixie he released back into the Blue Forest. Cheshire can call him back three times, and he will be there to help.

          Name: Trace Pantalamion (Trace Pan)
          Parents: Thumbelina and Peter Pan
          School: Good for Boys
          Age: 13
          Talent: When he smiles, light radiates from his lips. This can be concentrated into thin laser beams or spread out widely into blinding flashes.
          Appearance: Small, but not young. White hair drooping over one eye and big, soulful grey eyes. Wears a wooly blue Everboy fleece with brass buttons and a long wooly trench coat in Winter.
          Personality: Shy but passionate and incredibly intelligent. Warm-hearted and is very close to nature and loyal to his friends. Very rarely talks, only to his sister Esme or, sometimes, Cheshire, Aron and Laurence. Though he may seem frail and weak on the outside, Trace has within him surprising power, both physical, magical and emotional, that he hopes he will get the chance to express in future.
          Friends: Cheshire, Aron, Esmerelda, Laurence and, occasionally, Orion
          Crush: has a bit of a thing for an Evergirl called Illyana, but nothing he would ever admit.
          Weapon: a magical tulip and his smile
          Pet: a scarlet pixie called Norlani.
          Fingerglow: blinding white-gold

          miko replied 4 years, 1 month ago

          I have 4 ever character @miko .

        abhats replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Here’s four bios if you want to learn it.
        Name: Abigail
        Parents: Alice from Alice In Wonderland and a countryman
        Gender: Girl
        Age: 15
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: Alice blue
        Nemesis: Scarlet daughter of the Queen of Hearts
        Appearance: Blond straight shoulder length hair, which is usually down, fair skin, green eyes, a button nose, average weight; not skinny or fat, light pink lips.
        Voice: Has a slight British accent like her mom and it has a sweet buttery tone to it.
        Clothing: Wears her mom’s clothes from when she was her age but she customized them. She removed the apron from the light blue dress and covered about 2/3 of it with sparkly dark blue sequins and has fringe on the bottom and removed the puffs at the end of the sleeves. She ditched the black and white tights and wears black leggings underneath her dress and took out all the layers on the dress so it’s one. She wears Mary Jane shoes with a bit of heel.
        Special Talent: Can create a rabbit hole to anywhere within the fairy tale world but can’t travel to the Reader world.
        Magic Item: A clock necklace that has the spirit of a white rabbit that (and this might sound wimpy) lets her know when it’s time to go somewhere and somewhat guides her while insulting her at the same time. He also can read her mind. She keeps the necklace because she cares about the rabbit and knows he cares about her but will never admit it.
        Crush: James son of Aladdin. He is a bit mischievous and sometimes gets in trouble but is mainly focused on his studies. He is very smart and is destined to be a Leader.
        Personality: Very kind and thinks nothing is more important than friends, family, and education. Is neutral when it comes to arguments and never wants to get involved. A bit afraid to stick up for herself and speak her voice. She’s not the best at understanding when someone’s being mean and when someone’s just joking around. Loves animals.
        Best Friends: Lilly daughter of Rapunzel and Flynn, Arianna daughter of one of Ariel’s sisters; Allana who is the second oldest. Talia daughter of Thumbelina, Lucinda daughter of The Swan Princess, and Alex a good Reader.
        Favorite Color: Any kind of blue
        Hobbies: Her favorite thing to do on a weekend is sit in the clearing where everyone eats lunch, under a big hollow tree reading. She loves reading unlike her mother. She’s very focused on school and doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. She’s constancy worried about her future and what group she’ll be in (Leader, helper/henchmen/servant, or Mogrif) and how utterly disappointed her mom will be in her if she’s not a Leader like her.
        Name: James
        Parents: Aladdin and Jasmine
        Gender: Boy
        Age: Just turned 16
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: Violent Dark Purple
        Nemesis: Ren son of Jafar
        Voice: Sweet and kind
        Appearance: Short black straight hair with side swept bangs and half of his hair shaved, medium skin, slim, brown eyes, and light red lips without lipstick.
        Clothing: Wears clean cut jeans, a white tank top and sometimes a leather jacket, sometimes a jean jacket. Wears purple sneakers and white socks.
        Special Talent: Can summon genies
        Magic Item: A pin with a genie on it that speaks to him when he needs it most. He always wear it on his jacket.
        Crush: Doesn’t have one but would say yes to anyone who asked him out. He has a feeling that Abigail has a crush on him because she gets petrified around him.
        Personality: He is really smart but doesn’t want to admit it. He tries not to steal because he knows it’s wrong but if he REALLY wants something or someone makes him really mad then he’ll take something from them.
        Best Friends: Finn son of the frog prince, Max son of Rumpelstiltskin (Never), and Benjamin grandson of Tinkerbell.
        Favorite color: Violet
        Hobbies: Reading, partying and hanging out with his friends. He also has a fondness of pottery.
        Name: Scarlet
        Parents: Queen of Hearts and the King
        Gender: Girl
        Age: 15
        School: Evil
        Finger Glow: Scarlet (obviously)
        Nemesis: Abigail daughter of Alice
        Voice: Regal and demanding
        Pet(s): A hedgehog named Chrissa and a flamingo named Mariann
        Appearance: Has wavy blonde hair with black streaks, (she would have died it black but she actually doesn’t mind the color of her hair) wicked blue eyes, small nose, slim, tall, and fair skin.
        Clothing: She’s a very simple girl. Black dress, black flats, and a black headband. Hair is usually in a high side pony.
        Special Talent: Can make any couple turn against each other with her black magic
        Magic Item: Her headband lets her know when someone’s relationship is weak and easy to manipulate.
        Crush: Loves watching love crumble and would never want to be stupid enough to do what she’s been against her whole life.
        Personality: Rotten to the core. LOVES watching people suffer, especially when it’s her doing or when she gets people to turn against each other. Friends, family, couples, acquaintances. She is straight up evil. But what she doesn’t know is that there’s some good in her.
        Best Friends: Obviously she doesn’t have any. She hates relationships with anyone and everything besides her two pets.
        Favorite color: Black because it’s the cold of love crumbling.
        Hobbies: Watching people suffer, playing with her pets and gardening.
        Name: Ren
        Parents: Jafar. He was created out of pure evil so he has no mom.
        Gender: Boy
        Age: Almost 16
        School: Evil
        Finger Glow: Light red
        Nemesis: James son of Aladdin and Jasmine
        Pet(s): a dog named Butch
        Voice: Raspy and low
        Appearance: Jagged black mohawk with piercing brown eyes and medium skin. Has gold earrings in. Total rebel.
        Clothing: Jeans, white sneakers, skull and crossbones shirt, and a leather jacket.
        Personality: He’s the perfect example of a stereotypical rebel. Skips classes (but gets sent to the Doom Room), throws insults, acts like he doesn’t care about anything but actually doesn’t mind James.
        Special Talent: Sense whenever someone’s lying
        Magic Item: Lightning Bolts that can blind someone for 5 minutes
        Crush: Marley daughter of Gaston but she’s taken by Ralph an evil Reader
        Best Friends: Drake son of a pixie and Tarquin great grandson of Cruella De Ville (addicted to pug fur)
        Favorite Color: Dark blue
        Hobbies: Loves to listen to any kind of music actually.

          dotofgavaldon replied 4 years, 1 month ago

          I’ll be using Ren definetly, he sounds like fun… I looooooove villians.

        sephtis25 replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        I would love to I have some you can use one if you like @sephtis25

        jlb23 replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Why not? 2 evs,1 nev. πŸ™‚
        Jackie’s Bio
        Name: Jaclyn Witch
        Nickname: Jackie πŸ˜‰
        Age: 14
        Gender: Female
        Parents: Snow Witch (never met woodsmen father)
        Ever\Never: Evers ForEver!
        Appearance: Silver waist length hair that is usually in a braid. Has black eyes (only look of her father) are framed with long dark lashes. Her skin is pale, and her body is slim and (though you can’t tell) muscular. She wears silver and black tunics or short dresses, usually with a black cape with silver branch patterns. Sometimes goes barefoot. When she doesn’t, she wears black leather boots.
        Personality: Shy, sweet, nervous. Tries not to stand out but that usually backfires. Likes her solitude. Sweet and careful.
        Talent: Controlling ice and wind. Is working on conjuring ice from nothing.
        Fingerglow: Brilliant Silver
        Friends: Qiana of Hearts, Maison Merman (later in the story) and Kendra.
        Siblings: None
        Wish: Not to be a Never.
        Pets: Snowy owl named Icicle.
        Weapon: See TALENT
        Crush: None. At the Castle, she Never met a boy her age.
        Other: At the Castle, her best friend was Icicle the Owl.
        Qiana’s Bio
        Name: Qiana of Hearts
        Nickname: Qi
        Age:14 (a little younger than Jackie)
        Gender: Female
        Parents: Queen of Hearts
        Ever\Never: Evers ForEver!
        Appearance: Red dresses or red top with jeans. Chunky black jewelry (if she wears jewelry at all!) No makeup!!!!!!!!!! Pretty, but not over the top. Likes long red hair to be down. Fair skin.
        Personality: Loud, outspoken, friendly and protective of her good friends and (annoying) brother.
        Talent: Can do Charmspeak, but that is a secret that even her closest friends don’t know about.
        Finger glow: Maroon
        Friends: Jackie Witch and Carrie Card Soldier (back in wonderland) and Maison Merman.
        Siblings: Quintin of Hearts, who is 10.
        Wish: To please her mother and have a Good fairy tale.
        Pets: A miniature seal named Dilly that she found at the Wonderlandian shore.
        Weapon: See TALENT
        Crush: Um….
        Other: She owns a bloodred journal that, when she writes in it, it will write back.
        Maison’s Bio
        Name: Maison Merman
        Nickname: None
        Age: 13 1/2
        Gender: male
        Parents: Mermaids in Mermaid Lagoon, Neverland.
        Ever\Never: Never After!
        Appearance: Dark jeans, dark navy shirt and dark blue eyes. He has shaggy black hair, and sharp features. Dark hair is commonly falling over his eyes.
        Personality: Quiet, cold and clever. Always has a clever comeback. Loyal to a TRUE friend (of which he has none).
        Talent: Can breath underwater, talk to sea animals.
        Finger glow: Aqua Blue
        Friends: FRIEND, no S. Arle the sea turtle. (Qiana and Jackie think they’re his friends.)
        Siblings: None.
        Wish: To have a person that cares.
        Pets: Arle, the sea turtle. He is sarcastic and amusing. Likes to tease his master.
        Weapon: Jagged dagger he found himself, on the seafloor.
        Crush: Qiana of Hearts…….even though Nevers Never Love.
        Other: Mother and Father didn’t really like him, making him colder and harsher. Likes to dwell in cold water.

          dotofgavaldon replied 4 years, 1 month ago

          Great! I’ll use Quiana defiantly, but I might change her personality a little. ONLY a little. πŸ˜‰

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