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    undercoverbossbuddy posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 2 years ago

    Double Chapters Today because my writers block has been cured! Sorry for beng inactive these past three-four months. First I was in a coma for a week, second my mom fractured her ankle in a different country, third my dad walked out on us so me and my sister had to take care of our disabled mom and younger siblings, fourth I got writers block, and fifth STAAR is coming up (AKA finals) and since next year I’m going to college… loads of studying needs to be done. Sorry that I haven’t been here!

    The Zodiac

    Drew’s POV

    * * *
    Just a quick pause in the story here. I would like to mention here that General Massey is no longer sixteen. As you may recall, Drew’s very… interesting father, Ben Massey, was a general in the Pisces/Separator war, but since that war no longer/never existed, we are left to assume that Mr. Massey is no longer is a general and is in fact a very successful business man and the owner of the company Zodiac ******- a underwear manfuacturing company. His company produces mens, womens, and merpeoples underwear and since he is the only underwear company in the world, he is the Monopoly and he is very rich (because who doesn’t have underwear?!). In case your wondering how the world had their underwear before Zodiac ****** came along, I’m sure you can come up with something. šŸ˜‰
    Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “This is all great and wonderful, ‘real Drew
    Please, call me Boss Buddy.
    “Alright, ‘Boss Buddy’, but how does this change Drew’s age?”
    I’m very glad you asked! See, when Mr. Massey was fighting in the Pisces/Separator war, he couldn’t spend much time with his wife and his new born son- Peyton, but when Leila “died” he got changed to a business man and he had workers to do the work for him. Therefore, he had time to um…um… *cough* Must I continue? I think you get the jist.
    Mr. Massey is now a much kinder man and loves all three of his kids very much. Mrs. Massey is still the caring woman she was before and works at a orpahange, tending to all the orphans of Gemini.
    Peyton is now two years older than Drew instead of four. He has a wife- Asha Massey, his two year old son- Alejandro, and is expecting his second son- Pace. He works at a gym and is also known as Colonel Massey, though his younger brother still outranks him.
    Bailey is two years younger than Drew and is engaged to Zane Korbik. She is enlisted in the Gemini navy as a first sargent. On her spare time, she plays the clairnet.
    Finally, we have the biggest hero in Gemini, Drew. Drew is twenty-four and he has not found any love. When he turned fourteen, the age of growing up in Geminian culture, he enlisted in the Geminian Army. He shot up the ranks and soon he will be promoted to the highest rank, General of the Army. He has his two best friends, Thomas and Isabis, and they hang out at the Boar’s Head Bar all the time.
    As for Virgo, I have no idea where she landed after Leila’s fall, but let us all hope that she and Ophiuchus are no where near each other.
    * * *
    I held out my hand for Swarth to eat the raw gazelle resting on it. Today had been one of Gemini’s greatest battles, though an easy one I would say. After giving Swarth some water in his stall, I headed to the square white house I called home. I lived there with my brother Peyton and my friend Isabis Azikiwe. Together we built the three story mansion we call home all by hand.
    “Drew! Would you mind watching Alejandro for the day? Peyton and I are going on a date tonight.” Asha, Peyton’s very pregnant wife, asked me as she hung up our clothes to dry. In Gemini, we liked ot keep our city air clean, so we don’t produce much electricity. Everyone has one refirgerator, one washer, one lamp per room (two for bedrooms), four televisions, one computer per person, etc.
    “Of course.” I laughed and helped her hang a towel.
    “Thank you so, so much.” Asha grabbed my hands in hers. “You’ve been a big help and I know you just got back from a battle and I-”
    “Hey. It’s okay. Anything for my sister-in-law and my soon-to-be nephew.” I interrupted and pulled her in for a hug.
    After helping Asha with the rest of the laundry hanging, I headed inside. I sighed with relief when I stepped into the air conditioned house. It was blistering hot outside, about 111 degrees fahrenheit (also known as 43 degrees celsius).
    “Alejandro!” I called. I heard thumping sounds from above me and a moment later Alejandro’s little face poked over the railing.
    “Ya?” he asked.
    “Come down here, silly.” I laughed. Alejandro gave a little nod, his black curls falling over his face.
    “Here!” he greeted me as he ran down the stairs.
    “Yes, here you are!” I gave him a little hug.
    “Mommy said fat you were fwighting twoday.”
    “How mawny pweople dwid you kill?”
    “Uhh…” I stuttered. “Why don’t we get a banana sandwich.”
    After Alejandro had toddled of to the kitchen, I let out a laugh. Little kids were amusing. Before I could follow my nephew into the kitchen, there was a knock on the door. I opened to see the mailman.
    “This is for Mister Drew Xavier Massey.” I thanked him and took the envelope.
    Inside, after I had made Alejandro a banana sandwich, I looked at the envelope.
    It was purple and in fancy, curvy handwriting. No return address. I turned it over and I found a heart sticker keeping the envelope closed. I sighed. It was probably more fanmail. I always get fanmail, but for some reason I felt the urgency to open this letter.
    I pulled out a folded green piece of paper. I unfloded it and read;

    I am coming. I am death. I am the true leader of the Zodiac.

    “Ophiuchus?” I mumbled. I looked down at my finger and found that it was stuck in some kind of black goo. “Hm. What the Pisces is this?” I pried my finger from the goo and gave it a sniff.
    “Oooo! Dwew got p o o p on his finger!” Alejandro scrunched up his nose.
    “It’s not p o o p. It’s probably just tar.” I got up and went to wash it off in the sink.
    As it came off, I noticed it shape in the sink to form a fish.
    “Pisces?” I tilted my head. Suddenly, the fish’s eyes turned red and it lunged at me. I heard Alejandro screaming as the fish leapt into my mouth. My throat began to burn, foam erupting from my mouth.
    “Ugh!” I fell to my knees. I felt like I was burning in fire. My skin was bubbling. Alejandro was screaming my name, Isabis was now by my side, telling me to stay awake.
    My mind desperatly began to race. I need someone. Someone.
    “Erin… Erin Englemen. Take me… I need to go to the Academy.” At this point I had no idea what I was saying, but my gut told me it was right. Erin had to take me to the academy.
    The pain made my body collapse and the world went dark.

        stymphrider replied 2 years ago

        … wow…

        bostonhorsez2 replied 2 years ago

        Yeah, Iā€™d say that writers block has been officially booted out of your system šŸ™‚

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