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    Hey! Long time no see!
    A/N: This chapter of Lao is all translated so we’re all good. It’s kind of long because Included two short POVs from Virgo and Ophiuchus. I’m going to try and get Lao into some action AGAINST the others because he is the reincarnant of Ophiuchus so he would be with the dark Zodiac. Enjoy!

    *This is all translated from French, if you would like to read it in French, please notify me*
    *Tout cela est traduit du français, si vous souhaitez le lire en français, s’il vous plaît informez-moi*

    Lao’s POV

    “Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.” -Matt Cameron

    At first, they had me tied to a wall and beat until I promised to host Ochus when he went on his “days out” and be his servant.
    Ophiuchus sent me down to the underworld. He told me a very important prisoner had tried to escape. What I didn’t know, is which one he meant.
    Erin Engleman. I was trapped in her body, on that beach! She must’ve been down here the whole time!… but what did she do so horrible to be here? Why did Miss. le Grand send her down here? I didn’t talk to her because of…
    Sofia. Sofia is here. My engaged, my beautiful. The first time I walked into her cell, she recognized me and screamed my name! At first I didn’t realize it was her until she gave me a locket. The locket I gave her when we first started dating. Sofia had changed though. First off, she would sometimes gender shift into a male, which was awkward. Second off, her hair was blue and so was her skin, eyes, clothes, shoes. Even her engagement ring was blue and instead of the diamond ring I gave her, it was a sapphire ring.
    “Sofia!” I had cried, dropping my supplies.
    “Lao!” she cried back and flung her arms around me. He soft flesh touched mine and our lips met for the first time in a long, long time-
    “LAO!” Scorpio’s loud, hissy voice interrupted my sweet memory.
    I sighed and ran to catch up with him. My meeting with Erin has just left me nervous for what might happen next.
    “Lao, go get Enzo up from his bunk. You may get some food from Ailey and then go to the servants room.” Scorpio flicked his hands for Scorpio Jr. to bring him a platter of fried eggs. My mouth watered at the sight of food but I turned away before Scorpio could notice me staring.
    I quietly set down my cleaning tools, mop, and bucket by the restroom and trudged out of Scorpio’s castle and onto the streets of the underworld. Scorpio lived in its capital, street, and castle. Yeah. The underworld has only one city, with one road, and one-two-three-four-five… six-seven buildings, not including Scorpio’s castle.
    One of the buildings was the laundromat, the only farm, Scorpio’s “Guest House,” a coal and oil refinery, and two residential buildings- one for Scorpio’s female slaves, and another for Scorpio’s male slaves. Basically, all his slaves were spirits of their dead slaves.
    The entire underworld had a reddish glow to it and you could always hear the dreadful screams of a person in torture.
    I walk across the street and took a left to go to the diner. I swung open the doors and walked towards the counter, each step bringing me closer to the horror behind the counter… the food.
    “Hello, Lao!” Ailey is one of my closest friends. She works as the cashier at the Deadly Diner.
    “Hey Ailey. Could I get some turkey and potatoes please?” I asked, fishing some of my hard-earned money out of my pocket. Even though I have the third highest paying job, I only make twenty dollars a day and twelve of that money goes toward work tool payment, rent, and bathroom usage. That left me with eight dollars to feed myself with and survive otherwise off of. Wait… would it be counted as surviving if I’m already dead? Hm.
    I should probably explained why I need to eat since I’m dead. It’s because I still need energy to keep my spirit moving around. Sleep and food help replenish my energy so that I don’t collapse on the spot or evaporate. Also, if I don’t have something to weigh me down, I’ll float off. Basically, it keeps me grounded.
    Heh, see what I did there? Grounded? I’m under the ground? Heh… nevermind.
    After finishing my not-so-delicious meal, I trudged to the male house- a ten minute walk from the diner. Once I arrived at the unstable shack that I called home, I trudged right up to the bathroom on the fifth floor to relieve myself. I handed the guard two dollars and opened the door.
    As I did my business, I looked into the mirror to see if I needed to wash up at all. Instead of my reflection, an old, familiar face stared back.
    “Ah!” I screamed. “I’m trying to p e e here, Ophiuchus!”
    My inhabitant laughed at my desperate attempt to zip up my fly. “Don’t bother, Lao. I am you, I’ve seen you p e e before.” his empty eye sockets seemed to glow as his cold laugh filled the room.
    I shuffled my feet uncomfortably. “Why are you here now?” I asked looking into the mirror.
    “Lao, what have I told you about asking questions?” Ochus’ face went tense.
    “Not to.” I mumbled, “but you don’t usually come to me unless you need me.”
    “Yes, yes. I suppose you’re right.” Ophiuchus sighed as he began picking at his broken, ***** nails. “Lao, I need a favor.”
    Two days later…

    “It’s coming! It’s coming!” Thão panicked as he paced the hallway. “Oh my god, Lao. What am I supposed to do?”
    “Calm down, I’m sure Felecia will appreciate you not freaking out.” I replied calmly. I had been considering Ochus’ offer over my two days off. It was a hard offer, as were most of those he asked me of, but it would give me a chance to get out of this h*llish place… actually, this is scientifically h*ll. Though most theological theories aren’t scientific… but that doesn’t matter.
    “But she might die, and the baby might die!,” Thão said as he pulled at his hair.
    “Thão, she’s already dead.” I ********.
    “Oh. Right.” he remembered. “But her spirit might get injured!”
    “But she might also not.”
    “But she MIGHT!”
    “Look,” I grabbed my friend by the shoulder, “I’m sure you’re girlfriend will be fine.”
    “I know.” he sighed. “I guess I’m just afraid that the Master will think the baby isn’t strong enough a-a-and… remove it.” he burst into tears at this thought.
    “Hey, both you and Felicia are very strong people.” I comforted. “It will survive.”
    “I hope you’re right, Lao.” he sat down on a bench with me.
    A moment of silence passed between us.
    “How old were you when you…” I wandered off, realizing I had never asked him this question.
    “Died? Twenty-eight. Felicia was twenty-six.” Thão replied.
    “What year?”
    “Eesh… hm, I would have to say about 1920. Heh, now that I think about it, I died forty years after my uncle.” Thão chuckled to himself.
    “That’s unfortunate.” I replied.
    “He shared your name.”
    “Interesting!”… “Wait, what was your father’s name?”
    “Jules Martin.”
    I sat there in silence. That was my brothers name. I died around 1980. Could Thão actually be…?
    “My nephew!” I exclaimed.
    “You’re my nephew!” I leaped to my feet.
    “Lao, are you sure you don’t have a ***** loose in there?” he tapped on his head. “Because my uncle was named…”
    “Lao Luis Martin!”
    “Yes! You are! You’re my uncle!” He wrapped me in a hug. “Dad will be so happy to see you! Just wait while I go get him…” Thão looked around and then realized where he was.
    “It’s okay.”
    Ailey poked her head out of the hospital room Felicia was in. “Congratulations!” she beamed. “You have two healthy girls!”
    “Two?” Thão asked.
    “Girls?” I questioned.
    Girls were extremely uncommon to be born in the underworld, especially as twins. Now you’re probably wondering how women can have children if they’re dead. Well, it’s the same as eating. It’s not our body having the baby, it’s the spirit.
    We pushed ourselves into the crowded room. Scorpio’s personal doctors rushed around, crowding the poorly lit, small hospital room.
    Thão was immediately at Felicia’s side.
    “Are you okay?” he asked, taking her hand.
    Felicia had her eyes closed and her head against the pillow. She looked exhausted but she managed to nod.
    Thão ran his fingers through her chestnut brown hair and kissed her forehead.
    “We have two daughters now, Fe.” Thão whispered into his girlfriend’s ear. “But we can’t just call them ‘the babies’ forever now, can we?”
    Felicia opened her eyes and smiled- a rare thing to see down here. “Thão. Where would I be without you?”
    “Certainly not here.” he joked.
    “I would like to name this one Cypress, like the ones in the backyard of the house I lived in with my brother…” Felicia’s eyes began to get a far away look as she was handed a baby that looked just like her.
    “Cypress is beautiful, honey.”
    When Thão was handed his other daughter, his eyes widened.
    “Thão? Thão! What’s wrong!” Felicia screamed at Thão’s reaction.
    “Sh-she’s albino!” Thão replied. I leaped forward to catch the child before it dropped from Thão’s hands to the floor.
    “Well, I’m sure her being albino wouldn’t change Scoprio’s opinion!” Felicia stated. “Would it?” she looked at me.
    “There’s something wrong with her spine.” I whispered to a doctor who was cleaning some blood up as Felicia and Thão argued.
    He stretched out his arms for the baby and I handed her over. He ran his fingers down her spine as she sat, motionless.
    “She has a spinal deformity.” he declared. Felicia let out a sob.
    “What are we going to do now.” she grabbed Thão hand and clutched Cypress closer.
    “I don’t-” a rumbling sound from the distance interrupted his sentence and Felicia shrieked.
    “He’s coming!” I looked out the window at Felicia’s cry and saw Scoprio floating over an angry look on his face.
    “And he’s not in a good mood.” I added.
    Thão looked at Felicia and snatched the baby from the doctor’s hands. “Here,” he said, handing me her, “take her and run. Go, anywhere. I trust you.”
    I nodded, “Tell Enzo I said ‘goodbye.'” I jumped out of the ten story window and clutched the baby in my arms. It was time to take up the Masters offer. Time to host a Zodiac.
    “OPHIUCHUS I ACCEPT YOUR OFFER!” And I was zapped out of the underworld just before I crashed into the ground.
    Virgo’s POV

    I sat on a plump white sofa, eating grapes as a painter painted me. I was minding my own business when Ochus had to come in and scare away the painter. The nerve!
    “Excuse a-muah?” I asked, standing up. “I was getting a portrait painted of me!”
    “There’s time for you’re little gimmicks later, Virgo.” Ochus came and sat down on the sofa next to me and placed his elbows on the coffee table. “I just talked to Lao and he said he would think about it. If he agrees, we’ll be out of this city before any of those ‘Pisces’ brats discover my little play thing.”
    “And what if he doesn’t?” I quizzed and ran my fingers through his silky gray hair.
    “I don’t know what I’ll do!” he growled.
    “Then the brats will get you and you’ll never be supreme ruler.”
    “I know, I know.”
    “You’ll have to give him a incentive.” I tapped my head. “What would make him so desperate that he’d agree to host you?”
    “He is very careful about the new life you’ve given him. Maybe if he were to be in danger of ‘dying’ again then he’d agree.”
    “Perhaps if you send Gemini to do his influential magic on him to almost kill himself?”
    “Perfect! Virgo, you’re a genius!” he stood to his feet.
    “Now may I have my painter back?” I complained.
    “Ugh. Fine.” he snapped his fingers and the poor painter was back in front of the easel in chains.
    I smiled, “this is much better.”
    Ochus’ POV

    “Gemini!” I sat at my desk.
    “Mm?” something brushed against my hand and I held up my hands. Virgo had stitched my eyeballs onto my hands so that I could see and in front of me sat Gemini… as a giant panda… chewing on bamboo.
    “Gemini, always full of surprises.” I greeted. “Quite the get-up you have there.”
    “Why’d you call me, Ochus. Just because I joined you doesn’t mean I’m one of your henchmen like Scorpio.” the gorilla glared at me and summoned bamboo out of thin air.
    “I need your help.” I clenched my teeth together. Gemini could sometimes *cough* all the time be a pain in the a*s. “I need you to disguise yourself, go into the underworld, and use your influential magic to cause Lao to do something life threatening.”
    “Hmm.” the panda cocked its head to the side. “How does this benefit me, exactly?”
    “Geez, keep your pants on. I’ll go but because you didn’t say please, I’m going to warn Niko about your little escape plan?” once he finished his sentence, the panda tapped himself on the head and vanished.
    “GEMINI!” I scowled at the untouched coffee infront of me and grunted.
    “That’s just great.”
    Suddenly, bamboo came from out of nowhere and fell on top of me.

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        ivypool2005 replied 2 years ago

        Great job! So, just to be clear: Lao is himself in the underworld, then Ochus proposes some sort of deal with him, then Gemini influences Lao to jump out of the window, so that when he does he accepts Ochus’ deal?
        Also, is French a first language or a second language? Cause being from ‘Murica and taking Latin in school, I think that’s pretty cool.

          undercoverbossbuddy replied 2 years ago

          Bingo! That is correct!
          Actually, French is my fourth language and English is my third.
          It’s really cool that you can speak Latin!

        stymphrider replied 2 years ago

        Cool! Is someone in particular, wanting to go next? Also @undercoverbossbuddy
        What are your first and second languages? I dunno if you mind me asking, I once met someone who didn’t want to say their First language…but that was proably because they couldn’t speak English

          undercoverbossbuddy replied 2 years ago

          I believe @nadea wanted to go next. My first language is Ukrainian and my second is Russian.

          nadea replied 2 years ago

          Cool! @undercoverbossbuddy
          Not that anyone asked me, but here are my languages:
          1 & 2: English & Russian. I’m pretty sure I learned to speak these at the same time, but some say of my family say I spoke Russian first.
          3: Polish
          4: French (Hey, I didn’t even realize it was also my fourth!)

          Also, please nobody infer what my nationality is or where I’m from. I hate people who do that, and I’m not saying any of you do it, I’m just saying I don’t like it. Just because I (or any other person) speak other languages, that doesn’t mean I’m from that country. I read books as a kid, and still have one called “The German Language for Kids.” (I never learned to fluently speak German, but I hope to!)
          I LOVE languages. I learn them often and am now working on making sure I can communicate very well in Polish and French (I haven’t spoken them in a long time)

          fairytalegirl123 replied 2 years ago

          Your first language is Ukrainian? That’s so cool! My dad is from Ukraine so I’ve been trying to learn the language forever.

        legendaryevilbandit replied 2 years ago

        Nice chapter!

          legendaryevilbandit replied 2 years ago

          Me and @underocverbossbuddy were born in Ukraine and then moved to the US so that we could meet our dad and live with him. We lived in Ukraine for eight years so we got to learn Russian while we were there.

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