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    Chapter One:
    The School
    Crimson’s POV
    I trudged through the hall past primping princesses and sword fighting princes. My slender hands pulled my red cloak to hide me more, wishing I was in the Evil halls. I see a short princess with short blond hair eyeing the black wolf on the back of my cloak. An olive-skinned princess with long shiny black hair follows her gaze.
    “A Never!?” She gasps. “A Never in our halls? Oh, someone save me!” She faints fakely, her hand on her forehead. The prince behind her quickly sheaths his sword and catches her awkwardly. He smirks at me.
    “You know, if you’re a Never I could show you to the direction to the Evil towers,” He offers sincerely. The olive-skinned princess pulls herself up and slaps him.
    “Excuse me?! She’s a Never, you idiot! I, princess Lily, am more important than a wolf Never, you Snow White reject!” She lifts her nose in the air and two pink sprites appear out of nowhere and refresh her makeup with their cotton ***** and containers of sunset-themed colors. She bats the sprites away.
    “Thank you darlings. Stress can really wrinkle up the face.” She touches her thin black eyebrows, then her bronze lips and flawless cheeks. The nymphs bow their heads and disappear.
    Lily storms off, waving at princes. Her big orange ballgown shoves me to the ground.
    The brown-haired prince that caught Lily helps me up. I feel my cheeks heat up and curse myself under my breath.
    “I’m Nicholas,” The prince smiles at me. “Snow White’s son.” I nod and push back my hood.
    “Thanks for defending me, but I’m not a Never,” I admit. He grins, his white teeth in perfect rows.
    “That’s no reason to not defend you. The School’s motto; the Evil attack, the Good defend. The Evil punish, the Good forgive. The Evil hurt, the Good help. The Evil take, the Good give. The Evil hate, the Good love.”
    I nod. A fairy comes and plonks a scroll on my head, then drops one on Nicholas’s head.
    “Hey!” He exclaims. He pulls his open and reads it. “Honor 52,” He murmurs and closes the scroll. He smiles awkwardly and waves.
    “See you around,” He says, and jogs off. I spin around and reach to pick my scroll up off the floor. A pink shoe cuts in front of me and steps on my scroll.
    I look up and see another princess, this time long flowing golden hair, topaz eyes, a gold bejeweled tiara and porcelain beige skin.
    “I saw you hanging around Nicholas,” The pink princess says sweetly. Two princesses with plain brown hair and long purple gowns frown behind her.
    “But you should stay away from him,” The pink princess continues. “Because Nicholas is mine.” Her pink gloved hand crushes into a fist.
    “He was just defending me from Lily,” I declare. The princess hisses like a snake. I drop down for a second and pick up my scroll.
    “Lily,” She growls. “Nicholas is mine. Our wedding is scheduled soon enough.”
    “Your wedding?” I ask, frowning upon my faint feelings for Nicholas.
    “Once he asks me, yes,” She snaps. She hands me four white pieces of silk. “For you dorm mates.”
    “Princess Layla and Prince Nicholas’s wedding,” They all say in pink cursive. “You are cordially invited,” It says below in blue.
    “It’s a napkin invitation,” She gushes. “Don’t you love it? I can’t wait until he asks me…”
    I cough, happy my feelings weren’t for nothing and put two napkins in my pocket. “Um, Layla, is it?” I ask, snapping her out of her dreams. She eyes me.
    “Yes?” She replies.
    “I think you’re delusional,” I answer, sweeping two napkins in her hand. She stares at them, then at me as I walk away.
    I peel open my scroll and see first my name, my school, year and my weekly schedule. Under that is a map of the school and my dorm.
    “Purity 48,” I mutter, then head for Purity tower 48.
    After what seems like forever walking in circles I sit on a bench on the side. My fingers trace carvings into the side of the bench until a familiar voice has shivers up my back.
    “Crimson?” It asks. I glance up at a handsome boy and laugh.
    “Robin?” I ask. He nods and I hug him. He was my best friend until my mom thought an outlaw, Robin’s father, was too dangerous to have near their daughter because Robin Hood, Robin’s father, could have been found. I remember the day he left, when we kissed. I flush bright pink and pull away.
    “What are you doing here?” I ask. Robin looks at me with his green eyes.
    “The better question is what are you doing here.” He replies. I pull my gaze away from his face and feel my heart pounding.
    “Um, Robin, would you care to help me to find my rooms?” I ask. Robin smiles.
    “Sure, but I can only take you as far as your tower. I’m not allowed in girls towers.” He smiles his dazzling smile and offers me his hand. He pulls me up and he leads me to my tower, us talking and laughing the whole way. We get to a black door with a sliding panel, and the panel slides and crystal blue eyes stare at me.
    “Name and password,” A tinkling voice asks.
    “Um, Crimson Wolfe, and, uh,” I start, looking at Robin. He points to below everything, where in small print is the word “Endless.”
    “Is there any chance I could change my password?” I ask the blue eyes. They flicker to Robin.
    “If he doesn’t know it,” The voice whispers. I send Robin away with a grin and turn back to the eyes.
    “My password is now Wolfe.” I say. I motion for Robin to come back and he smiles across the gigantic hall.
    The eyes move and the door opens. The owner of the eyes is hidden behind the door, and Robin appears beside me. He grins, then dips in for a kiss—-

        veivei2009 replied 6 months ago

        The starred word is puffs like cotton puffs

          veivei2009 replied 6 months ago

          Please comment, I will tag anyone willing to be tagged!

        agathafourlife replied 6 months ago

        Oooo that was really good! Tag me please.

        lulu256 replied 6 months ago

        Can you please tag me? Your story is so interesting and different – I haven’t seen anyone else use Red Riding Hood(is it?) daughter.Is her father the wolf?

          veivei2009 replied 6 months ago

          I will tag you both, and thanks, @lulu256! Yes her father is the wolf—not from the three little pigs but from Red Riding hood(the fairytale).

        lulu256 replied 6 months ago

        OKIE i mean I don’t even consider the three little pigs as one of those major fairytales

          veiveisge replied 6 months ago

          Same! Pls tag me again @veivei2009

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        that was amazing!!

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        Please tag me! That was so good!

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        That was amazing! Please tag me

          veivei2009 replied 6 months ago

          BTW I’m changing Robin’s name to Oliver.

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