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    veivei2009 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months ago

    Chapter Two:
    (BTW I changed Robin’s name to Oliver)
    “Are you CRAZY???” I screech, ducking under Oliver’s arm. He stumbles, a forming crowd looming over us.
    “What?” He asks, generally confused. I glare at him angrily.
    “I haven’t seen you in a year, not to mention this is my first day at this wretched new school!” I yell back, tears forming at my eyes. I blink them away.
    “Haven’t you ever heard of love at first sight?” Oliver roars back. I see Lily laughing so hard she’s snorting in the background. I spit at Oliver’s feet.
    “It’s not what we have,” I screech. Oliver’s face blanches, then twists with newfound hate.
    “Well, you should at least try to win a prince who might take you as a princess!” He growls. I feel hurt blooming in my chest but I ignore it.
    “You’re not a prince, you’re the son of an outlaw!” I cry, and the crowd goes silent. They turn their greedy-for-drama eyes onto Oliver and he freezes. An enraged battle cry unleashes from their gossiping mouths. Oliver dashes down the hall, green eyes wide with fear. Half the mob stays, the other half yelling and running after Robin.
    I put my head in my hands and run into the Purity tower. The blue eyes slam the door and click the latch. Soft, cool arms hug me softly as I sob.
    “I-I-I’m a stupid coward,” I sob. The arms ****** me softly.
    “Oh no, little one. Rather, you are braver than the rest,” The tinkling voice that the blue eyes owned whispers. I stumble out of the embrace of the arms and whip around to see the blue eyes in the face of a lovely princess. Long silver hair tumbles down the back of a white wedding gown. Full silver lips are matched with pale white skin. Her pale bare feet poke out from her dress.
    “Who are you?” I ask. The princess smiles.
    “I am a long-forgotten princess, an ice-princess of Good.” The princess whispers. “My name is Gwenyth of ice.”
    I reach out to the princess, but she drifts away. I see her feet floating above the ground and my heartbeat speeds up. My eyes widen and my heart clogs my throat.
    “You’re a ghost?” I whisper. She smiles sadly.
    “My prince, Prince Eric, was captured by an evil witch. I sacrificed myself for him, but alas, it was not me he loved. He loved the creatures of the sea.” She rubs an eye gently. I gape.
    “The little mermaid’s prince?” I ask. Gwenyth nods slowly.
    “I came here for solitude, and, to my surprise, revenge. But I will never do that to the ones I love. You, little one, wouldn’t either,” She whispers. I feel my color slowly fade.
    “How do you know?” I ask. She grins this time, genuinely.
    “Ghosts can see into each others souls,” She giggles like a little girl. “Well, off you go.” I wave at Gwenyth and begin my ascend up the marble stairs. After a little while I reach a golden door with a silver plaque on it reading ‘Purity 1-10.’ I run up the stairs a bit more and reach a door with the words ‘Purity 11-20.’ I sigh and sit down to take a break. The stairs must be endless.
    A pink gown appears just as I get up. The clicking of glass slippers echoes, followed by the bossy voice of Layla.
    “Oh, just get me my crown, you idiots!” Layla’s angry voice hisses. I feel a sense of dread as Layla’s golden skin shimmers in front of me. Her frustrated eyes light up when she sees me and she grins Evilly. ‘Maybe the School Master made two mistakes…’ I think.
    “Oh Crimson, just the one I wanted to see!” Layla smiles genuinely. ‘Nope, only one mistake,’ I correct myself.
    “So, are you and Oliver… a thing?” Layla asks, wrapping her arms around my shoulder like we were best friends. I shiver and shake my head.
    “He’s an awful outlawed pig, that’s what he is,” I snap. Layla frowns.
    “But you have the hots for him and not for Nicholas?” She says hopefully. I wrinkle my nose.
    “I don’t like Oliver, and my love life with whoever is none of your business,” I snap. Layla frowns.
    “Then your life will be over before you knew it was a life, even if it is miserable and scrawny.” She hisses. “Don’t underestimate the queen, peasant,” She spits, turning on her heel.
    “Kiara, Mandy, do you have my crown?” She barks. I wish good luck for her minions Kiara and Mandy, continuing up the stairs.
    I reach the thick golden door that boasts ‘Purity 30-40.’ I yank it open and run down the hall in relief. I reach a door labeled ‘Purity 48, Welcome, Crimson, Golden, Claire!’ I look at the lock and sigh. It’s lock has a elaborate key design, and I don’t know how I’m ever going to—-
    A bloodred skeleton key appears in the door. I pull it out and marvel and the shiny golden word: Crimson. I press it into the door and turn the key. The door opens, revealing ivory walls, two huge windows, a gold-and-blue trunk, a white trunk and a red trunk. I run to the red trunk and open it. In it were all my things, magically shipped to my dorm room.
    “Hi!” An excited, girly voice giggled. “I’m Golden,-but-you-can-call-me-Goldi,-I’m-the-daughter-of-Goldilocks-and-Medium Bear,-nice to-meet-you, we’re-going-to-be-dormmates!” The girl laughs after her fast talking like it’s nothing and smiles.
    “Hi, I’m Crimson,” I say slowly, trying to decrypt what she said. “Nice to meet you too.”

        veivei2009 replied 6 months ago

        The starred word is s.t.r.o.k.e. Feel free to comment, and I am willing to tag anyone wanting to be tagged!

        ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss replied 6 months ago

        That was awesome!!!
        ok, so I really want Oliver and Crimson to be a thing, and now I’m sad lol

        lulu256 replied 6 months ago

        Pls tag me this is great!

        book-lover77 replied 6 months ago

        That was amazing! Feel free to tag me again!

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