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    veivei2009 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Chapter Three:
    The Roses
    The girl, Golden, smiles. Her dress is short with a blue ruffle miniskirt, gold fishnet tights, blue lace-up booties, blue puff sleeves and a gold bodice. She bounces up from the three-tier bunkbed and giggles.
    “Where are you from?” She asks. I look back at my suitcase, where all my clothes were.
    “Endless Woods,” I murmur. She curls a blonde ringlet around her slim finger and laughs.
    “So you’re a Reader? Mrs. Plum said we would get a Reader, but I never thought they would be a red riding hood fan…” I roll my eyes and throw my suitcase onto the second bunk.
    “I’m not a Reader, you idiot.” I snap. Golden wrinkles her nose and hurt flashes upon her face. I feel guilt knotting my stomach.
    “Oh, well than how did we get the Reader—-” She begins.
    The door swings open and a girl with collarbone-length purple hair and a white trench coat strides in. Her light lilac purple eyes soak up my frozen climbing figure and Golden’s open mouth.
    “Um, hi, I’m Claire.” She says.
    I know Golden can’t resist conversation, so after a few minutes of awkward silence she begins to thaw. I can see it as her mouth slowly closes and her finger resumes twirling around her bouncy ringlets.
    “Hi, I’m Golden,” She says. Her slender hand grips Claire and I can see the astonishment in her lilac eyes at Golden strength. “Daughter of Goldilocks and Medium Bear.”
    “Claire, daughter of Henry and Josephine Bellbrick,” Claire declares with a dramatic bow. She and Golden burst into laughter.
    I feel left out as I shove myself deep into my corner of the bunkbed. Claire sits on Goldens bed with Golden and they compare schedules.
    After what seemed like hours, chatter rises in the halls. I race off my bed with a wolf-like leap. In the mirror I glimpse A frightened Claire and a shrieking Golden. I smile at them and run into the hallway.
    Princesses mill about, gowns leaving no room for other people. A girl with short ***** blonde hair in a bob smiles at me. She is wearing a coral mid-thigh length skirt, a rose-pink V-neckline strapless tank top and magenta heels. Her smooth honey-colored skin and dark eyes top off her Asian look. She smiles and strides past me, bumping my shoulder rudely.
    “Oops,” She chuckles. A princess with short shoulder-length blonde hair and sweet emerald eyes and a plain, design-less, aqua green dress comes up to me.
    “Her name is Sasha Chu,” The green-eyed blonde whispers. The green-eyed girl wears a pair of green heeled booties that click sweetly on the pristine marble floor. Her top is silk with a sweetheart neckline and white lace to her collarbone. Her skirt stops at her knees and is a soft satin.
    “My name is Emerald, by the way. Daughter of a Peter Pan and Wendy.” Emerald waves at a brown-haired princess, then looks back at me.
    “Um, I’m Crimson Wolfe, uh, daughter of ***** Wolfe and Red Riding Hood.” Emerald glances at me worriedly, but then her worry melts into friendliness.
    “Cool. I’ve always wanted to meet a child of a villain and a princess.” Emerald smiles at another princess and we arrive at the door. I think about mentioning that Red Riding Hood wasn’t a princess, but I shake the thought off.
    “Where are we going, exactly?” I ask, seeing spooked Claire and shuddering Golden slowly walking behind me and Emerald. Emerald laughs.
    “Don’t you know? The Welcoming Ceremony,” Emerald declares. She waves her hand and a cluster of sprites settle in her palm, squeaking and chittering. She lets out a squeak of her own and the sprites seem to laugh in a high-pitched way.
    I clear my throat and focus my gaze away from Emerald and her fairy friends. I see Sasha leading the parade of Ever girls to a huge room.
    I enter a huge room, a stage in the front. Two sides of seats are on either side, Nevers dressed in black filling in the side on the right. A thick slab of hardwood floors separate the Good side from the Evil. I spot the purple princess from my stymph and try to catch her eye. She doesn’t see me and continues chatting with her green-eyed friend. I sigh frustratedly and wish she could come back to her side, and I could go back to mine at the School for Evil.
    A two headed wolf sits at the front, one drooling, the other combing his fur with his paws. A fat fairy with a head of gray curls and glasses made out of candy talks to a tall, gray-eyed man with black hair slicked back into a smooth ponytail. His jaw is square and sharp, his biceps thick.
    Emerald seats us near the back. I raise an eyebrow curiously but she just giggles.
    Soon enough, I realize why she seated where we were. The door at the end of the seats for the Ever side swings open and a bunch of Everboys charge through, roses in their belts. Each of them charge through, carrying a sword and in a heated fight. I see Oliver and blush angrily. He smiles dauntingly, and I stick my tongue out. I see Nicholas raise an eyerbow and I grin lightly. He eyes Oliver, and the two get into a heated battle. The last Everboy with thick golden hair watches angrily as the heated battle of Oliver and Nicholas ruins his grand entrance. I snicker. Emerald stares, mouth open as Nicholas parries a slashing blow from Oliver. The two boys wrestle until the last Everboy who wanted his grand entrance frowns and stomps his foot twice loudly. Each boy from Good grabs their rose and throws each one to a girl. Emerald squeals as a rose from a blonde honey-eyed prince with a crooked grin lands in her palm. Olive-skinned princess Lily screeches and jumps off her chair to catch the rose from the boy who tried to make an entrance. A rose from Olivers drifts into my palm. Layla runs and falls into the squealing girl with brown hair beside me as Nicholas’s rose falls into my lap. A Neverboy with pale skin and short, spiky black hair beats a prince for his rose and chucks it at me. I watch as it falls into my lap and every single person stares at me.
    “ALL RIGHT YOU BOBBLEHEADS, LISTEN UP,” The slobbery dog from the two headed dog yells, interrupting the burning stares.

        veivei2009 replied 7 months, 2 weeks ago

        The first starred word is D-I-R-T-Y blonde, the second V-I-X-E-N Wolfe. Feel free to comment and I am willing to tag anyone who wants to be!

        ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss replied 7 months, 2 weeks ago

        love it!!!

        lulu256 replied 7 months, 1 week ago

        It’s really good!

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