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    veivei2009 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 month, 1 week ago

    I am so, so, sooooo sorry for being inactive everyone! Life is just very busy for me!
    Anyway, here’s a summary for what’s happened in the last chapters:
    Crimson has arrived at SGE to discover she is really an Ever! She secretly wishes to be a Never as she goes to the welcoming ceremony and receives THREE roses from her crush, Nicholas, her old best friend, Oliver and a mysterious, unknown Neverboy.
    Chapter Five:
    I am rudely awoken from the sounds of guitar. I open my eyes and glare at the third bunkbed above me, Claire’s bed. I become aware that the guitar is below me and I know it’s Golden. So much for having a good, fulfilling sleep.
    I hear grumbling, surprisingly not from me, and immediately know it’s Claire.
    Huh. Maybe she isn’t that bad after all.
    I sit up, stretching and yawning. I jump down from my bed in a graceful feline-like leap, making Golden yelp. I grin and walk over to my red suitcase, opening it and pulling out a black t-shirt and black leggings. I go into the private bathroom and change into the outfit, paired with red socks and black sneakers. I throw my red cloak with the gray wolf on the back over my shoulders and head out into the main bedroom.
    Golden is hanging her guitar on a hook by it’s guitar strap and Claire is climbing down the bunkbed ladder. She’s in a violet nightgown with white sleeves and her hair is up in a ponytail.
    Golden is wearing a golden tee with blue puff sleeves and a blue tutu. Her feet are covered in blue flats. Her golden ringlets are up in a half-ponytail, half-down hairdo.
    Claire goes over to the white trunk, grabs some clothes and walks into the bathroom. I grab my black binder with a schedule and my red wolf-covered notebook.
    Claire comes out of the bathroom wearing a dark navy blue t-shirt and gray capris. Her indigo hair is in a low ponytail and her eyes are framed with black lashes dabbed with mascara. Her pale skin seems extra white today.
    “That was fast,” I blurt out, not meaning to. I feel my eyes widen but otherwise do nothing, trying to act like I meant to say that.
    Claire shrugs, her light eyes studying me. “I guess it’s just kind of a skill.” She says, her mouth up in a half-smile.
    “Cool,” I say, suddenly restless. I open my binder and check the schedule, then the time. “We should go. It’s already seven thirty and breakfast starts at eight am.”
    “Yeah,” Claire says, pulling on a white jean jacket. “Let’s go.”
    Golden nods, walking up beside us as we leave our dorm room.
    The hallway is flooded with princesses in dresses and a few in skirts and pants. I see Emerald immediately, wearing a aqua green shirt with black pants and green sneakers. I’m surprised she isn’t all fancy like the rest of the princesses and fairytale descendants, although I should give her more credit. She’s tougher and smarter than the other ditzy, power-and-boy-obsessed girls.
    Unfortunately, she is arguing with none other than mean, ruthless Sasha Chu, who is wearing a pink skirt and a coral shirt. She has white stocking and magenta high-heels on.
    Her face is contorted into a sneer and her hair is in a mini ponytail. Her thin, bony arms are poking out as her hands are on her hips in a sassy, rude fashion.
    I can feel utter anger coming from Claire. Her eyes are narrowed and her hands are clenched into tight fists. Her teeth are bared and her irises are blazing with purple fire.
    I place a hand on her shoulder and I can feel the slight shock of it. Her fingers loosen and jump from my touch, but slowly she calms down. I can feel her shaky deep breaths and I can feel it rattling her small figure.
    Emerald sees us and her face brightens. She turns to Sasha, says something unreadable that makes Sasha turn an **** shade of angry purple and Emerald walks towards us.
    “Hi guys!” She says excitedly. “I’m soooo hungry. What do you think we’ll be having for lunch?”
    Claire looks slightly uncomfortable, so I grab her hand and squeeze it. Her face relaxes a little and she smiles tightly.
    “Waffles are really good,” She says.
    “Waffles? What are those?” Golden asks. Emerald looks confused and I don’t know what ‘waffles’ are either.
    Claire’s eyes widen. “Waffles? You guys don’t know what waffles are?” She says, disbelieving. I get this feeling I should know what they are, but I don’t.
    “Wow,” She says when we shake our heads. “I’ll request it for tomorrow.”
    “Cool!” Golden says, back to her perky, bubbly self. “I hope we get pancakes today.”
    Emerald tilts her heads. “I hope we get yogurt parfaits. They are really good and healthy for you, too.”
    Claire wrinkles her nose. “Yogurt for breakfast? Um, no thanks.”
    I shrug. “It’d be okay.” Claire looks at me like I’m crazy, but her stare softens. Her beautiful amethyst eyes become the only thing in the world.
    I feel a tug on my shoulder and Claire breaks my gaze. I turn around to see Golden looking at me expectantly.
    “What?” I ask, dazed.
    “What do you like to put in yogurt?” She asks, impatient.
    “Oh,” I say. “Well, granola and peaches or cherries or raspberries or—–”
    “Yeah, yeah, we get it,” Claire jumps in. “You’re a total health nut.”
    Emerald, Golden and I laugh with her all the way to the Dining Hall.
    As it turns out, the Ever Dining Hall is really this huge, and when I say huge, I mean HUGE, cafeteria with tall ceilings and wide, gold chandeliers. Four long tables crowded with Evergirls and Everboys are stretched down the room and candelabras with long, cream-colored candles thin as each Evergirl. They all seem like they starve themselves, but I bet that’s against the Evergirl code or whatever.
    The two tables on the very right and left of the four tables are only inhabited by a single gender, the left one only girls and the right one only boys. The two middle tables are both boys and girls. Oliver is sitting with two rowdy boys and some flirty girls at the middle right table. Nicholas is at the middle left table with Layla seven seats away, staring at him with a dreamy sparkle in her eyes.
    Nicholas sees me and waves me over. Claire tenses and squeezes my hand. I smile and lead my friends over to Nicholas.
    Golden is very happy to meet new people, and Emerald is excited because everyone else is excited. Claire, however, is tense and rigidly stiff.
    I sit beside Nicholas and Claire looks like she’s going to run away, but I motion for her to sit beside me. I want to be friends, good friends, but I think I’m probably going to be around people like Golden and Nicholas and his friends, and I want her to get used to being around people. I don’t think she was around people when she was a Reader.
    Nicholas smiles at me with a twinkle in his pure blue eyes. I grin and feel my cheeks heat up. His face turns light pink and we both give a small chuckle. Emerald wiggles her eyebrows at me and I open my mouth to say something when I’m interrupted.
    “Hello, students,” Mrs. Plum says into a candy microphone. The microphone squeals and everyone covers their ears until it finally stops. Then chatter rises and Mrs. Plum’s voice is lost in the fray.
    Everything is very loud and Claire is covering her ears. I squeeze her forearm instead of her hand and close my eyes, focusing on the rhythmic tapping of Golden’s shoe.
    “HELLO? MINDLESS EVERS?” Castor snarls. I look up to see him there, glaring at us. I notice his brother, Pollux is not there. Strange.
    “Thank you, Castor,” Mrs. Plum says in a sharp voice that says she is not thankful at all. Castor nods and sits back regally.
    “Hello, students,” Mrs. Plum says into the sound-safe microphone. “I am delighted to see most of you have shown up for breakfast, though I did hear there was a breakout of the story measles?”
    A kid snickers. The golden prince from the Welcoming Ceremony crosses his arms. “It was the Nevers!” His friend yells.
    A chorus of “Yeah!” and “Fix it!” spatters across the hall and everyone starts chanting four words:
    Mrs. Plum and the candy fairy from the Welcoming Ceremony calms the chants down. “Anyways,” Mrs. Plum says in a scolding tone. “I would like to introduce you to our staff today!”
    Emerald looks excited. Same with Golden.
    “For the girls classes, Professor Monique Auclair will be the Beautification teacher,” Mrs. Plum says, gesturing to a light skinned woman with long brown hair and green eyes. “Professor Merriweather will be teaching Princess Etiquette along with Princess Melody.” Professor Merriweather is the candy fairy and Princess Melody is a woman with pale skin and sapphire blue eyes with long black hair in a ponytail.
    “For Animal Communication is Ms. Nylah Lionwood,” Mrs. Plum says, gesturing to a dark-skinned woman with wise dark eyes and black hair in a messy, low bun.
    “Now, for the boys teachers. Professor Silver as the sword-fighting teacher,” Mrs. Plum said, gesturing to a gray-cloaked figure in a mask. “Professor Williams as the boys behavior and reflection teacher and Prince Noah as the Heroine Teacher.” Professor Williams is a middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper cropped hair and Prince Noah is a young man with caramel skin and chocolate eyes.
    I feel annoyed that there’s no female Heroine class or girls sword-fighting, though I could tell other girls didn’t think of that. Except maybe Claire, who has her eyes narrowed at the staff.
    Mrs. Plum nods and smiles. “I hope you enjoy our cooks famous Pancake Stack, drizzled in honey-syrup from Jaunt Jolie!” She snapped her fingers and plates on pancakes appeared in front of every sitting person in the room.
    I immediately dug into my pancakes ad wolfed half of them down in several seconds. Emerald was staring with a slight laugh and Golden was laughing. Claire was smiling and watching a emotion I couldn’t put my finger on.
    I smiled and couldn’t help feeling absolute peace surrounded by friends.
    And that’s when everything started to go wrong.

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          Of course! 🙂

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