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    veivei2009 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 month, 1 week ago

    I will be way more active now, and to make up for losing so much time, I will do the next chapter!!!
    Summary of last chapters: Crimson has been taking to the fabled School of Good and Evil… to become an Ever. A primping, makeup-wearing, prince-relying Ever. She has made a couple friends, but definitely some enemies, too. he’s been to the Welcoming Ceremony, with no help of three roses, from three different boys. She had a good-ish sleep and is ready for a new day. At breakfast, everything is going well until she gets to breakfast…
    Chapter Five:
    Dining Hall Goes Boom
    *Crimson’s POV*
    Everything was fine. I was fine. My friends were fine.
    Until stupid Oliver ruined everything. Again.
    Nicholas stands up and I look at him, confused, but he isn’t looking at me or anywhere near me. I follow his gaze and see Oliver and his hooligans yelling, “Crimson and Oliver! Crimson and Oliver!”
    I turn bright red and my anger boils over. I leap out of my seat onto the table. The staff is too busy with food to care.
    I avoid candelabras and food, stalking towards Oliver with a fierce hunting look. My anger radiates off me and you can tell from at least a mile away, but the boys are chanting so loud and laughing so hard they can’t sense the predator vs. prey feel in the air.
    I arrive in front of them and throw back my hood, revealing my long dark red hair and pale skin. My werewolf fangs are poking out as I growl menacingly.
    Oliver grins goofily, like he couldn’t make the right smile so he chose a lopsided one. “Hey, hot stuff.”
    I glare and half-gag, exposing my fangs even more. Oliver laughs and stumbles around lazily, his figure swaying.
    “Knew you’d come back around,” He slurs. I narrow my eyes at him and snarl. His friends take off stumble-running and I examine him again, prowling closer. Then I spot the bottle of silly juice in his hand. It’s basically a.lcohol-free l.iquor.
    I lurch back, disgusted by Oliver. I understand why he’s acting so funny. Nicholas storms over beside him and gives him a solid knuckle sandwich. I just stare, wondering what had happened to the Oliver I used to know.
    Oliver coughs up something I really hope is silly juice and grabs his plate of pancakes. He smacks the gooey, sticky, syrup-y stack into Nicholas’s face. I cringe as it falls to the floor. Nicholas’s face is coated in honey syrup.
    One of Nicholas’s friends grabs some of the fruit Mrs. Plum had conjured and chucks it at Oliver. A bunch of Everboys, about half, come and defend Oliver with their pancake plates and the other half comes to Nicholas’s side.
    “Oh no,” I groan.
    “FOOD FIGHT,” Someone yells. And it’s like a bomb went off.
    The Dining Hall goes BOOM.
    Evergirls start screaming and running for the exits. I see the staff sputtering at the sight of all of us attacking each other with food.
    Finally Castor moves into the crowd and I sigh with relief. He’ll probably scare them all with his wolf-like snarl.
    Instead he gets pelted with pancakes and fruit and I think he’s even got silly juice on him.
    Great. The one person—–or dog, I guess———who could’ve saved us from eternal food torture.
    Claire’s eyes are flickering all over the place and she is ready to run. Golden is under the table like most Evergirls. Emerald is covering her head with her arms and whimpering.
    I look at the teachers, where Mrs. Plum and Professor Merriweather are panicking and bustling around. Professor Silver is staring at everyone with an unreadable expression behind his white paper mache mask. Professor Williams and Professor Auclair are trying to defuse the food bomb. Princess Melody has her hands on her hips and her brows are furrowed. Prince Noah is yelling at boys and girls and pointing wildly. Suddenly he draws a finger across his throat and I shudder, remembering not to ever, EVER cross him.
    Finally, Ms. Lionwood has her eyes closed and her arms open wide. Her head is tilted towards the chandelier and her chest is rising and falling dramatically.
    Several inhuman screams interrupt the yelling. The shrieks pierce the air and it feels as if sorrow and anger and danger is near. Ms. Lionwood starts to spasm and shake violently. Professor Merriweather tries to stop the crazy shaking but fails. Professor Merriweather sighs and taps Ms. Lionwood’s forehead once, spraying blue dust. Ms. Lionwood goes slack and collapses.
    The Dining Hall is silent and I have this strange feeling usually described as fear. I look to Emerald, who looks confused. Golden is crying quietly, her eyes filled with horror. I look at Claire, who is so pale her skin seems to glow white.
    “Banshees,” She whispers. My mind immediately goes to the shrieking female ghosts that eat people’s souls. I shiver, but I don’t think anyone else made the connection.
    “Alright, everyone!” Mrs. Plum yells out. Everything feels empty all of a sudden. “Back to your dorms! Classes are closed for the day, lunch and dinner will be sent to you common rooms!”
    Golden, Emerald, Claire and I start going towards the door. Before I leave, I glance back at the limp Ms. Lionwood on the stage.

        jafaristhebest replied 1 month, 1 week ago

        Ooohh this is amazing! I can’t believe banshees invaded the school! Tag me!

        book-lover77 replied 1 month, 1 week ago

        Oooh, awesome!!! I love it!

        ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss replied 1 month, 1 week ago

        aah banshees-

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