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    veivei2009 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 month ago

    I’m excited to write for Mirabella Queen! To ‘get into character’ I’m going to be starting from scratch at chapter one with Mirabella.
    Daughter of Evil Queen
    Chapter One, Part One: Arrival
    The stymph bird screeches loudly as if to declare a screaming war and I go to cover my ears with my palms, but the stymph bird flips over and sends me plunging down to the murky depths of the bubbling, muddy brown moat. I barely have time to scream before my trunk topples onto me, falling onto my stomach. I lose all my breath and just register the pain before my slender figure splits the surface of the moat and I am submerged in slime.
    I flail around, disgusted to my core. My head pops up and I gasp for air. It fills my lungs and I am closer to smiling than I was before.
    My trunk smashes into the swampy muck and I am splatted with another layer of grime. It takes all my strength not to vomit as the muck river drags me and my trunk along.
    I stumble up and hurl onto the yellowed, dead grass. I yank my trunk up, accidentally hitting a warty kid with a shock of mousy brown hair. He squeaks before he topples to the ground. I feel bad for his acne-covered skin, unlike my pale perfection.
    I open my trunk and quickly grab two small bottles, one a smeared blue-tinted clear elixir, the other a shimmering jade green magic potion. I pour the jade green liquid over myself and the sludge disappears, my long black hair given its usual soft shine. My eyelashes curl more and my dark violet irises are given more depth. My lips smoothen and my skin brightens to a pale glow.
    I drink the other elixir and close my trunk, careful not to get slime on me. The thick, dark green stuff has pooled under my trunk which has made my trunk thankfully cleaner.
    I watch towards the group of Nevers and the wolves, who growl at me. My icy glare sends them running (metaphorically, of course).
    Everyone gawks at me, the warty kid pouting in the corner. He’s looking away and glaring at the ground. The head wolf brings us inside where we find sleek black walls and cold marble floors. Evil whispers through the halls and sends shivers up my spine. I can imagine Mother walking down the same path, her emotionless navy blue eyes searching the walls for somewhere—–or someone——-to poison. Oh, how she loves her poison.
    A girl stands besides me, matching my pace. Her eyes are bright green that glow like a pulsing green light and her hair is tar black. It falls in perfect waves to her shoulders and her skin is a pasty white. Her lips are in a smug smirk and dimples pierce her slim cheeks.
    “Do I have a Queen in my midst?” She says, a laugh lurking behind her eyes.
    I grin. “How’d you know?”
    “The crown you seem to wear,” She finally laughs, an average Evil sound. “Kidding. It’s the necklace,” She says, pointing to my Mother’s necklace. It a silver chain with a black rotten apple. Mother was always bitter about how she should have gotten the credit for her apples.
    “Yep. Mirabella Queen, in your service.” I curtsy dramatically.
    The girl blows a bubble with lime green gum. It pops and she chews it slowly. “Eve Darkcurse, daughter of Maleficent.”
    “Cool,” I say. Eve grins.
    “C’mon!” She says, dragging me along. “Let’s go explore!” I laugh and run with her, enjoying the moment with my first friend.
    Friend. What a nice word.
    Part Two coming soon! Sorry I didn’t write much but I will have more soon!
    Vei 😉🥰

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