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    veivei2009 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 8 months ago

    Ughhhh! I am SO SORRY. I’m so bad at keeping up with chapters. 😬. Feel free to yell at me. You don’t even need to read the fanfiction (though I’d like it if you would).
    Alright, here’s the summary for Mirabella Queen’s POV: She has arrived at school and met a new girl—–she supposes she could call Eve a friend—–and Eve’s the daughter of Maleficent.
    Chapter One, Part Two: Arrival. Still.
    @veiveiSGE (A friend of mine who isn’t active anymore)
    Wolves stalk the halls, their teeth bared. I exhaust my jaw as I clamp it shut to prevent myself from gagging at the yellow shades of their teeth. Eve seems to have no problem with it, but it really is disgusting. No ****** care is truly Evil.
    A black wolf spots me eyeing his horrid mouth and stomps over, grunting darkly. “Whatcha doing over here, little Ever?”
    With one hand I plug my nose from his awful breath and with the other, I slap him as hard as I can. His bones crack sickeningly. “First of all, stretch or you’ll have a sore neck. Second, I am a Never, you blithering i.diot, and third? GET A MINT, YOUR BREATH IS THE STINKIEST THING IN THE ENDLESS WOODS!”
    The wolf flinches and covers his mouth. He shuffles off, his head trained to his paws. I turn around to a stunned, awed Eve and shrug.
    “It comes naturally,” I say. She smiles as we pass a cluster of huge-eyed, colorful-skinned kids.
    “When are we going to get inside?” Eve groans impatiently. Her simple black tunic is wrinkled and her sleeves are rolled to her elbows. Her hair is messed up as she throws it back. I cringe inwardly at her messy hair and my hands curl into fists to stop myself from fixing her hair.
    “I don’t know, but I hope it’s soon,” says a pale-haired boy with a polka-dot fur coat on our right. It’s white with black spots.
    “Is that the legendary coat of Cruella Tremaine?” Another boy says from the left with smooth, dark skin. It’s a chocolatey red-brown, like the color of browner rust. The white-haired boy grins.
    “Mother’s got quite the reputation for style, hmm?” The boy brags, his coal black eyes glinting.
    “If you call that blanket that’s swallowing your head style, sure,” I snort. Eve grins on my right, beside the son of Cruella, who’s freckled skin is now a swelling pinkish-red.
    “I’ll have you know—” He starts in an angry tone.
    “That you brag as much as an Ever!” Eve finishes, cracking up. The dark-skinned boy laughed. I giggle a bit, twisting a lock of hair around my finger. I smoothen out my navy blue tunic and black breeches, making sure to hold up my head with my Queenly pride.
    Cruella’s son sputters into an angry hunch, where all you can see is his shock of white hair that pokes out like he was stricken by lightning. “Fine,” He grumbled. I smiled. “Whatever.”
    “Anyway, my name’s Eve,” Eve informs the boys.
    “Korin,” The dark-skinned boy says. “Son of Jafar. My sister’s name’s Kellis, and my dad laughs all the time about it. He thinks he’s a genius.” Korin rolls his eyes. I smile.
    “My name’s Triston, and I have a brother and a sister, Noah and Marella. Marella’s coming in the next four years and Noah’s graduated.” Cruella’s son interject.
    “Mirabella,” I add finally. “I’m an only child.”
    “Me too, as daughter of Maleficent,” Eve says. Her green eyes pulse, then die down, but her smirk stays in place.
    “Henry Hook, son of Great Captain Hook!” A boy with greasy skin and brown hair announces. His skinny frame makes him look like a tall beanpole, especially with his ribs sticking out through his red shirt and black pirate coat.
    Triston snorts. “No one asked you,” He hisses.
    “Yeah!” Korin adds, obviously trying to impress Eve by the way his eyes kept darting towards her. Eve pretends to be oblivious, but I could see her eyes swimming with malice and lies, like a Never.
    “Oh,” Henry says, his voice squeaky. His breathing seems to rattle his skinny body. His baby blue eyes turn slick and shiny, like he’s going to cry.
    “Hit the road, runt,” Triston ordered. Henry scurried off, his boots making such a clattering until he tripped. Korin forced a laugh, though I don’t find it funny, only pitiful.
    I bristle, looking at Triston, who’s face is twisted into an Evil smile. Eve is looking at the sky, where clouds block the view of the sun. The other castle, glistening and crystal pink and blue, has an amazing view of the sun across the moat. It makes the lake shine.
    And I really wanna ruin it all.
    Wolves parade along, throwing schedules at people’s heads. I glare at the white wolf sauntering over and he drops the schedule, unfortunately in a pile of watery mud. He waddles away quickly, looking like a scared duck-bunny hybrid.
    I pluck up my schedule and open up my trunk to fix the soggy, muddy parchment. I pulled out a rusty orange bottle and mixed it with a murky mustard yellow bottle, then poured the amber-y liquid onto the paper. It burst into gold flames, shriveling up and blackened into ask.
    The flame quickly snuffed out and I blew on the ash, letting it twirl around me. Korin reached to touch one and I smacked his hand away. He pouted and looked away, his bottom lip protruding out.
    The ashes formed into bits of fiery paper and continued connecting into each other like a puzzle connecting with each other. Finally I have my schedule in one clean piece with the loopy handwriting and a bit of smudged ink near the edge of the parchment.
    The elegant writing boasts my name at the top in bold letters, as well as my school year and my weekly schedule.
    Year 1, School for Evil
    Mischief 63’
    I ignore my weekly schedule, barely glancing at the teachers name’s. I catch, ‘Skire,’ and ‘Leven,’ along the names.
    Down at the bottom I see the password, ‘Evil’s The Best.’ I roll my eyes and pocket my scroll into the pocket of my breeches. I look up to finally admire the great three towers of Evil.
    Shiny, black obsidian walls with cracked, sinister windows and creepy ghoul green mists surrounding the towers of Malice, Mischief and Vice. Malice for Evil Girls, Vice for Evil Boys, and Mischief split into two levels for girls and boys.
    At last Nevers begin to the enter the legendary castle. The darkness behind the black doors is brooding and enchantingly cold. I want to reach out and touch it, as if it’s a solid thing. As if I can inhale the great Evil of the school.
    Eve elbows me and points to the Schoolmaster’s tower. A figure is there, shining spectacles upon a nose. Wide, chocolate brown eyes stare down at us and I shiver.
    “Where’s the Headmaster?” I ask. Everyone knows there are two rulers of the school, the Schoolmaster and the Headmaster. Both are said to be wise, and insane.
    Eve shrugs. “My guess is as good as yours.”
    Korin smirks. “Well, my guess is better. I bet he’s mysteriously disappeared and we’re left with the Evil Schoolmaster.” Triston scoffs and rolls his eyes.
    “There’s no such thing as Evil or Good Masters, i.diot.” He replies, rolling his tar-colored eyes again. Triston smooths out his white fur coat, his fingers avoiding the black spots.
    “Says the son of an animal hater,” Korin snapped. “I don’t even understand how Cruella is that Evil—-”
    Triston unleashes a roaring battle-cry and slams Korin to the ground. They tumble around, coating each other in mud as they roll fiercely. Korin’s strong and muscular; Triston is quick and clever.
    Eve rolls her eyes and dives in between them, grabbing the collars of their shirts and lifting them up. They struggle against her and she tosses them like ragdolls, growling, “Cork it, birdbrains!”
    I laugh. Eve smiles at me, her face softening. It flickers and disappears in an instant.
    Triston and Korin come back with muddy, grassy scrolls and I clean them with my elixirs. While the ashes flit around, Eve is given her scroll by a white wolf with glittering fur. The wolf runs away with his tail between his legs.
    I hand the completed parchment to Triston and Korin, then mix my potions to clean Eve’s schedule. Instead, she blows on it, her eyes glowing unearthly. Traces of white appear on the scroll and the mud melts to the ground. I throw my potion back into my violet trunk.
    We read our scrolls and grin. We’re all in Mischief tower, Eve and I on Level Two, the boys on Level One. Eve and I are in a bunk together, with two more girls. Triston and Korin only have one more bunkmate.
    Together, we look to the obsidian tower and grin.
    “School for Evil,” I say.
    “Here,” Korin says.
    “We,” Triston adds.
    “Come,” Eve finishes.
    Beware, School for Evil.
    The troublemakers are here.

        veivei2009 replied 8 months ago

        Oh, the starred word is f.acial

        star123 replied 8 months ago

        Ooo amazing chapter!

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