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    victoriaperrrea posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 3 months ago

    @msgrammar, I honestly have NO CLUE!!! That’s why I haven’t even started in the next chapter!! If you or anyone else in my story has a suggestion on who they’re going with, lemme know 🙂 Because it’s the first Ever and Never ball, I need someone for @princessofcamelot Jane and Emery, @sparrow Cass, @isabellucy0531 Nick, @amyinthepond Purplette, and @msgrammar Annabelle! Lemme know if you already have a character for them and send me their bio if they have one 🙂 Oh, and if you want me to pair them with a character already in the story (ex. Cass and…Letta?? lol) then tell me who you’d like that to be.

        sparrow replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        For Cass you can use his crush (Mel) her bio is in the same post as Cass’s. You can find it at @sparrow

        princessofcamelot replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        Well I have a character for Jane but don’t have one for Em. Here is his bio:
        Name: Mateo of Camelot
        Nicknames: Teo and thats it.
        Parents: Queen Agatha and King Tedros of Camelot
        Parents Fairytale: The Tale of Sophie and Agatha
        Gender: Male
        School: Good for Boys
        Age: 13. I’m a 2 minutes older then Rosey and about a year older then Monica.
        Talent: Basically fighting with swords and following in my fathers foot steps.
        Weapon: Excalibur and an enchanted anklet (Rosey has a matching one but hers is a bracelet) that transforms into a duelling sword.
        Pet: I have a cat named Reaper Jr.
        Appearance: I am exactly like my father. Only difference is I have a twin. I generally wear the colour blue. Excalibur is in my belt, around my waist.
        Typical Clothing: Like I said exactly like my father. What dad wears basically.
        Crush: Jane of Jaunt Jolie and Emelia of Foxwood
        BFF’S: I don’t really have ‘BFF’S’. But I do have mates. Alex (@victoriaperrea’s character) and some other dudes.
        Finger glow: Rusted gold. The exact same as my sister. Apparently each person gets an individual colour, unless you have a twin. Rosey got her glow unlocked before me but gold is not a bad colour.
        Backstory: I am the older twin. I am heir to Camelot’s throne. And I can’t beat my sister in simple game of sword fight. Even if she nearly loses every time. She still gets attention.So does Monica. She is the baby so she also gets all the attention. And all I want to know is how to be king and the only person who can bother to help me is Merlin. It’s so unfair.

        So I hope that helped in the slightest bit possible.

        isabellucy0531 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        I don’t have a specific character for Nick, but here’s one of my characters that currently doesn’t have a specific crush:
        Character name: Alejandra (Allie) of Helios City
        Age: 13
        Gender: Female
        School: Good
        Fairy-tale parents: Her parents are the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Helios City. They weren’t able to make it into any successful fairy tales, however.
        Personality: Despite her very public upbringing, Allie is very shy, and has a hard time making friends. And unlike most of the royal kids, Allie’s not a snob. She cares about her appearance though, and is very nice.
        Appearance: Allie has clear, olive skin, and is very tall. She has black, shiny, hair that goes to her shoulders, and it’s super straight. She also has dark brown eyes.
        Clothes: Allie just sticks to the uniform given to her by the School for Good, but occasionally adds her own artistic touch to the mix.
        Finger glow: She has a gold finger glow.
        Talent: She control the weather, and is very artistic. If the weather ever gets a bit “artistic” (you’d have to experience it to know what it’s like), than you know Allie’s the culprit.
        Pet: Allie has a pet canary, but she left that home in Helios City.

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