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    vinaa posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 7 months ago

    Chapter 3
    A talk with the dean

    Catherine was distracted when someone wave a hand at her from the nerves seat . She then notice ita was Linda in a black saggy never uniform . Catherine then recalled what happen an hour before.Linda doesn’t belong there she thought.She had to do something but in aminute twinkle of anelm eye , someone handed over her a rose.She stood there stunned.A prince with brown eyes and blonde hair was looking at her impatiently as if she would give him a response.At last,she took the rose from his hands and gave him a loving look.The prince sat next to her on the welcoming event.Catherine instantly knew who her future prince would be.
    Suddenly she realised her friend was in the School for Evil.She look back at her.Two big brown eyes were starring right at her.When she look to her side her future prince looked at her with a dreamy look. She was enchanted by his good looks.She I’ma homes her future in a castle which turrets reach the sky,she was ruling an ever-kingdom wearing a tiara made of crystal….her friend’s life is in danger and she’s dreaming about her future prince , kingdom and what-not.
    Catherine shot back her dear friend a look and she understand immediately.”Linda I suggest you to ask the School for Evil’s dean and you better hurry ……Oh you know this princely everboy I sat with he’s really……”
    “Yeah I know a Blondie , handsome , manly , prince.Anyway , I’ll meet the dean and ha be answers but still…. I’m counted as an Ever right?RIGHTTTT?”
    Linda pressed.Catherine could just give her a sad smile.After surviving uglification class and special talents Linda sneak to the dean’s office.In the dean’s desk a woman with luscious blonde hair sat scribbling in a scrap of paper.
    “I’m dean Sophie .What do you want ? Actually you shouldn’t be in here.”She gave Linda a cold smile ;emerald eyes staring at her.
    “I..I..I think I don’t belong here.”
    Linda said stammering and trying to finish it as quick as possible.

        dot111 replied 4 years, 7 months ago


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