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    vipup posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hey, I finished chapter two, I’ll post it with chapter one so you can read them both. Also so you don’t have to spend a while trying to go find it.
    Chapter One: The Entering

    Kenya, That is what my name had been since birth. But not any more. Now I was known as the curse-bringer. Ever since that silly future-telling appointment that I had to go to instead of game day at gymnastics. I went to the Elders hut and only half-listened to what they had to say. That is until they said the word curse-bringer. They said that I was to bring back a 10.000 year old curse that “The Amazing Sophie and Agatha” had gotten rid of. I hoped I could go home, pretend that never happened, and forget everything they said. Like I usually do. But nope, since out town is small, word spread and soon everyone hated me. I decided That I should talk to my best friend Ezra. She’s the only person I’ve ever been able to trust. The only problem, I have to walk through town to reach her house. I decided I would disguise myself for the walk. I covered my long, silky, black hair with a short, blonde wig. I also replaced my black sweats with frilly, pink leggings and mt navy blue hoodie with a fancy purple shirt. Lastly I replaced my torn-up nike shoes with some sparkly heels. “This better be good enough,” I said to myself, “cause it is extremely uncomfortable.”
    I walk into town and am surprised to find it empty. I walk through the barren streets until something taps me on the shoulder. I turn around to see what it was and find the photographer standing behind me. Looking angry, he asks me what I am doing out of my house. I tell him that I am coming back from my walk. He tells me That I had better hurry up and get inside. I turn back around and walk towards Ezra’s house as quickly as I can, the heels making it a lot harder. An order from the Elders I bet. Telling everyone not to leave their houses, I really hate those people. As soon as I start walking through her yard Ezra opens her door and welcomes me in. She knows me so well that she had been waiting for me to come over. I tell her about everything and by the time I’m done it is pretty late. She tells me I’d be best off staying at her house for the night, I sleepily agree. After giving me a brownie, Ezra sets the air-mattress up in the living room. I quickly fall asleep, thanking her for her hospitality as I doze off. That night I have the weirdest dream that I’ve ever had.
    I dreamed that a little boy came knocking on the door in the middle of the night. Without thinking, Ilet him in. He then convinces Ezra and I to come on a stroll with him. We agree and we all walk outside. When we start to approach the forest, Ezra gets scared, I can see it in her eyes. When we get to the first line of trees, the little boy whistles. Soon we are approached by a giant, bony bird. We get on the birds back and soon reach the other side of the forest. When we get off the bird, I see to castle like buildings. One looks dark and dreary, while the other looks bright and cheery. I look over at Ezra, she is being flown away by a group of fairies. When I look back in front of me there it a white, most likely albino, wolf there. The wolf picks me up and swings me onto his back and starts charging towards the dark castle. I look back towards Ezra and find her being flown towards the bright castle.
    I yell at the wolf and tell him that I’d rather go with my friend. Then, to my surprise, the wolf answers me by saying “Your friend is going to the school for good, she must have more good than evil in her soul. You are going to the school for evil, for your soul is more evil than good. We finally arrive at the castle entrance. There are lots of other kids there too. I try saying hi, for if I can’t be with Ezra I best make some new friends. People look at me and then for back to looking lonely. We all enter the castle in a line. As we walk there are gargoyles hanging portraits of all of us kids walking in. I then see a picture of myself. And underneath it says “Kenya of woods beyond.” I am handed a piece of paper that is all rolled up, then a stack of books. I dont looked at any of the things placed in my hand. I am given instructions from a gray wolf, I follow the instructions and find myself knocking on a door that says “Malice Tower, Room 66.” When the door opens, I see two kids that looks slightly older than me.
    I then hear the sound of something that sounds like a bell. I wake up and go to tell Ezra about my dream. I then Realize that I am not in Ezra’s house. And that I wasn’t dreaming. The whole thing was real. My head is pounding, my brain filled with questions. “Are those fantasies actually real?” “Is this the curse that I brought back to my town?” “Where did all these other kids come from?” I get out of the bed I have been sleeping in. When I put my food down I feel something underneath my foot. I look down to see the paper that I was handed last night. I unroll it and see a schedule. A schedule with my name on it. I read through it, and this is what it said. 1: History of Villainy Prof. August Sader. 2: Curses and Death Traps Lady Lesso. 3: Uglification Prof. Bilious Manley.
    4: Special Talents Prof. Sheeba Sheeks. 5: Lunch. 6: Henchmen Training Castor. 7: Surviving Fairy Tales Forest group #8 Mohsin the Giant.
    I look up from my schedule to see a girl in front of me. She looks at me and says “get going which, unless you want to be late and have an early trip to the Doom Rooms.” She then asked me what my first class was, when I responded History of Villainy, she said we could talk on the way there since that was her first class as well. On the way she introduced herself as Winter of Foxwood and said that their other roommate was Natalia of Bloodbrook.

    Chapter Two: School Starts

    I was sitting next to Winter in history of villainy class, witch I think is quite boring. I take a sticky note, and ask Winter her opinion on the class. She completely agrees. I decide not to pay attention, after all it’s the first day, how much of this could actually be important. Instead I take out my phone that I had conveniently forgotten to take out of my pocket last night. Winter sees what I did and takes out a phone of her own. I play the games on my phone till I hear the words “head to your next class” come out of the professors mouth. In hope that Winter will be in my next class I ask her. And just as I hoped, we were of to class with Lady Lesso together. “I hope this class will be more fun,” we say at the same time.
    Our wishes were not granted, we had a boring first class. Since we sat in the back, we found time to compare schedules and it turns out that we will be together for the whole day. I’m relieved that I’ll have a friend in all my classes, though sad because we came to the realization that all the classes will be boring since it’s the first day of school. In uglification, I actually paid attention. It seemed like a slightly interesting class. Winter seemed a little bit more intrigued here too. Prof. Manley seemed like a fun guy. I thought that special talents class would be fun, but nope, boring first day again. By the time lunch finally rolls around, I’ll be so happy. At lunch, I sat with Winter, Ezra, and got to meet our other roommate, Natalia since she also sat with us. In henchmen training we were informed about what henchmen were and what their purposes were and then we got to have fun. We did multiple fun games to learn about henchmen. Castor tended to get loud at times but I think that his class will be a fun one.
    For the end of the day, we had surviving fairy tales. We found group eight eventually. In out group, was Natalia, Winter, Ezra, Temoso, Perri, Zane, James, Molly,, and I. Temoso was the most popular prince from School for Good, though I don’t like him much. It’s only the first day and still all the princesses are all over him. Perri is a neverboy. Zane is another neverboy. James is another prince. Molly is a princess. And then theres me. Mohsin was a little late, though it was only a minute or two so it was fine. Winter looks disappointed, so I ask her what’s wrong. She pouts, then says “I wanted Yuba the Gnome, Sophie had Yuba.” Apparently Sophie was famous here too.
    After a boring first day, Wintier, Natalia, and I head back to our room together. Winter seems to know more about this place than anyone in my town did, so I ask her about it. Aperriantly, Winter is related to the Snow Queen. She says that the Snow Queen was a villain, even though it doesn’t sound like it. The Snow Queen was one of her relatives from a long time ago. I ask her to tell me more about the schools history. Instead of answering, Winter grabs my hand and drags me out the door. I ask her where she is taking me, I don’t entirely trust her yet. She quickly says:Library,” and continues on. Winter finally stops when we are standing in front of massive doors with beautiful carvings. She opens the door and I see tall shelves lined with millions of books. I am amazed at the number of books here. When I begin to explore, Winter grabs my arm again. She drags me to the section labeled famous students. Then she starts at the beginning.
    She tells me about the time of two school school masters, how everything was balanced. Evil and good both won. Then she got the time where it was no longer the School for Good and Evil, but it was the school for Boys and Girls. Then how it changed to the school for Old and New. Then she goes into some of the famous graduates, such as: Sophie, Agatha, the Snow Queen, Captain Hook, Cinderella, ect. By the time she is done explaining, it is morning and we are both very tired. We decide not to go to any classes, instead, we go and set up a fort in the closet, making it look like we’re not there. We take everything we would bring to class with us. Once we are set up, we both fall asleep. We plan on making it to lunch, and surviving fairy tales, so that Ezra and Natalia don’t realize what we did. Though Natalia doesn’t sit with us any more, she still feels the need to check on us before going to her table. Also, Natalia doesnt seem to be the nicest kid, Who knows what would happen if we didn’t make it to lunch. And, I don’t want Ezra to be mad at me, Winter doesn’t really care what Ezra thinks of her, but I do. By the time lunch time rolls around we both decide that we are rested enough to go to henchmen training, I want to go because that my favorite class, and Castor is my favorite teacher.

        vipup replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        please read it even though its long. And comment your honest opinion

          beleanor replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          Can you tag me on your next one because it’s really good.

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        Tag me

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