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    wenteo posted an update 7 months ago

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    Hey everyone, I had finished book five yesterday and I think ..
    I can’t believe Rhian is dead!!!! This is so much so much worse than book 4 (feel free to give me your opinions) I am so sad!!! I hope that there’s a chance of reviving him. But the chances seem so slim. He is Good and the eldest (or not), but either way I don’t think Tedros could take the throne when he’s alive, so the story continues with his evil brother taling over. But seriously, I loved Rhian from the beginning and all along I knew he was actually good from the start (learned my lesson from Snape)!!! But still, I want him alive!!! You mnow what, I was just starting to like that very chapter when things went all wrong) What do you guys think?
    And PS, tell me what you think of Sophie and why did all that? Is it that his brother had a different plan all along or was it after Sophie deliberately said that their mother doesn’t love him aloud when she felt his presence in the room. Also I don’t know why Sophie did it because I think it’s downright evil ( except if there’s any reason I missed)? Tbh, did she actually love Rhian ?

        blondieonfire replied 7 months ago

        O mg I had the exact same reaction. I really hated Rhian at first, but at the end I was so sad. I don’t think she really loved Rhian (considering the “with you missing your soul and all” thing)

          ladyofthebooksge replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

          Exactly! I feel bad for Rhian. Japeth kind of used him so they can be in charge and killed him when Rhian well decided to kill Japeth. For Sophie, she genuinely liked Rhian in book 4 but that was before she knew his plot. But after tho, she hated him and planned to overthrow and kill him. At least Sophie didn’t go all evil on her friends like book 3… For the thing in the room, I don’t quite remember since it has been 3 months that I’ve read book 5. WHY JAPETH WHY I thought Rhian won but it was japeth…

        olivia340 replied 7 months ago

        Hm, I think at the beginning she certainly hated him and stayed fiercely loyal to her friends. Yet, as time went on she seemed more and more convinced of his vision of Camelot.

          xx-sonya-xx replied 5 months, 1 week ago

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        mathildeofcamelot replied 4 months, 3 weeks ago

        sorry spoiler alert for book 5.
        #Rhian dead
        #Dovey gone
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        Sry for the spoiles *****!!!!!!!!!!!!

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