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    Chapter 5
    That night, when Iris and Ebony returned to their room buzzing with the excitement of the day, they were greeted by a smiling Raven, who welcomed them home. She was standing just inside the door with her arms stretched wide like she was going to give them a hug. Ebony and Iris shared a surprised glance. This wasn’t your typical Never behaviour and this seemed a completely different girl to the one who they had met in the morning. Nevertheless, they started to swalk inside the door. Raven started to giggle then stopped herself hurriedly. Iris furrowed her brow and took a step forward to give her roommate a piece of her mind. Suddenly a bucket of green slime landed on her head. Raven fell over and rolled around the floor, speechless with laughter. Iris’s eyes flashed and she muttered an incantation. Raven stood up and stopped laughing with great effort. “We can’t cast spells yet, so there’s no point tryin-” She turned to ice in mid sentence, her gloating smirk frozen to her face. “Much better,” remarked Iris and she pushed Raven into the corner.”I prefer her as a statue,” Ebony stared in a mixture of awe and envy for she hadn’t found out her talent yet. The girls headed down to the sewers, and settled down to wait. They didn’t mind the cold and the dampness as they loved it. After about ten minutes of waiting, a shadow appeared at the bottom of the tunnel, the curved sides making it seem as if the owner of the shadow was terribly gnarled. The girls held their breath, hoping against hope that the owner of the shadow would be Guinevere and not a teacher come to scold them about being out after curfew…

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        typo swalk to walk

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