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    willowofravenswood posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 3 months ago

    Chapter 7
    Iris yawned and dangled her feet over the edge of her ashy bed. “I know Raven said she wanted to make peace, but I don’t know. Although, I suppose we would be better off not on the recieving end of one of her tricks,” Ebony nodded thoughtfully, a dreamy look in her eyes. “What is it?” Demanded Iris. “I was just thinking what fantastic practical jokes we could play if we were friends with Raven” answered Ebony, a mischievous look on her pale face. Iris giggled and the two chatted about this for a few minutes before Raven entered the room. Immediately, she asked if they could start over. Ebony and Iris agreed and they brought up the subject of practical jokes on their fellow students. Ravens eyes lit up and she embraced the idea wholeheartedly.
    At lunch, Ebony and Iris introduced Raven and in turn, Guinevere introduced her two best friends, whose names were Lili and Bai. “Hello!” Greeted Lili, with a somewhat familiar grin. She had short purple hair in a pixie hair cut, black bangs and luscious green eyes with a strange cat look about them. She wore the traditional Ever uniform, but seemed to have accessorised it with one of those headbands with cat ears on. “Can you guess who my parents are?” Ebony, Iris and Raven studied her carefully. Suddenly Ebony knew where that grin was from. “Is your dad the Chesire Cat?” She asked. “Yep,” replied Lili with a smile.”Can you guess who my mum is?” Both girls were stumped.”Rapunzel,” said Lili, showing them how she could change her hair at will. “Wait a second,” said Iris slowly. “Those aren’t fake ears are they?’ “No,” revealed Lili. she waggled them and everyone laughed. “Can you guess what my lineage is?” smiled Bai. Iris, Ebony and Raven narrowed their eyes at her, scrutinising every detail. Bai had black hair in a bob, sparkling brown eyes like a baby deers, and a spattering of freckles on and around her upturned nose. The girls noted how she had a bluebird perched on her head and squirrels gathered around her feet. “Snow White?” Asked Raven. “Yes,” Said Bai. Just then the wolves howled for the end of lunch and the girls walked off for their separate classes. Good with Good and Evil with Evil.

        willowofravenswood replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        Read my bios and other chapters at @willowofravenswood please

        fsa161 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        I like it

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