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    willowofravenswood posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 8 months ago

    Chapter 8
    As soon as Bai, Lil and Guinevere went out of hearing range, Raven spun to the other two.
    ” I think we should put mice in Lli’s room so that she attacks them and then gets yelled at for not being caring to small animals. For Bai, I think she has a phobia of spiders so lets put a load under her pillows! As for Guinevere, lets just put a load of smelly gunk in her pillow case so when she puts her head down, SPLAT!”
    “Woah, wait up!” said Ebony.”How did you know Bai has a phobia of spiders?
    “One ran over her foot and she flinched.”Raven explained. “Are you in?”
    Ebony glanced at the retreating backs of Guinevere, Bai and Lili.
    “Yes!” she and Iris said together.Raven smiled gleefully.
    “Those Evers won”t know what hit them!

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