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    willowwind posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 6 months ago

    Amos grumbled at the sight of his dying garden. He sat on his back porch, wrapped in a bathrobe, rocking back and forth in a creaky rocking chair. The old man’s face folded into a frown and his cane lay propped up against the side of his cottage. He could see his breath in the cool evening air, but payed no mind. The cold air was relaxing, and it helped to soothe the turmoil he felt.
    It had been over 24 hours since the group of teenagers had left Amos’ home. He was glad they had left, of course, but guilt gnawed at him for not telling the Netherton boy more about the curse on Therin’s family. Amos could remember ransacking the kingdom as if it were yesterday.
    That was the first band of villains he had joined after his brother had taken pity on Amos and unmorgrified him. Amos had been young, stupid, and full of anger. He had hated his brother so much, he decided to attack the kingdom where Gepetto had learned to carve his wonderful wooden creations, the Netherton kingdom.
    The group had consisted of over five hundred ex-cons, henchmen, witches, warlocks, and even a few rouge Evers. But the most impressive thing about the army was the beasts. Thousands upon thousands of creatures fought among the soldiers. Big cats, wolves, alligators, elephants, bears, foxes, snakes, every creature one could think of. Amos didn’t know where they had come from, or why they didn’t need to be fed, or how they never tired in combat, or how they disappeared as soon as the battle had been won. What he did know what that they all had an unswerving loyalty to the leader of the army, the Lady Antonia Eroberer.
    Amos had assumed the Lady had to have been some sort of enchantress to have had control over such a vast array of creatures, but she never flaunted any other magical power. In fact, she was hardly ever seen getting her hands *****. She stood at the front of the army, on her great white stallion, and let the army charge around her. At her side was always a long, jeweled blade, with designs of creatures on the hilt. Amos could remember when the Netherton kingdom had fallen. It was the first time Amos had seen Lady Antonia use her sword. She had dismounted from her horse, and approached the kneeling old king. She had brandished her sword, and stabbed the frail man clean through the heart. Amos shuddered as he remembered the way the elderly king’s body had seized up and how Lady Antonia had cackled.
    The thing that had always puzzled Amos about that day was the way the trees shuddered when the poor man’s skin was pierced by the blade. Amos swore that when the king shuddered his dying breath a voice had echoed around the kingdom.
    “From dust you have been wrought, now as wood you will rot.”
    No one had paid it any mind, as at that moment, Lady Antonia had decided to make a rousing speech, most of which Amos’ ailing mind had forgotten. But there was one bit of it that had always stuck in his mind.
    “As long as the Sword of Infinite Beasts rests in my possession, the great kingdoms of the Endless Woods will bow before me! Maidenvale, Pasha Dunes, Malabar Hills, and all other kingdoms of the Woods, fear me! My power shall not be broken, lest mine own faithful blade pierces my own heart!”
    Amos had not stayed with Lady Antonia’s army as she conquered more and more kingdoms. At the time, he was working on a pirate ships in the swamps of the Murmuring Mountains. But news had reached him of the bloodbaths and invincible beasts. And after months of news of conquest and bloodshed, it had all stopped. Amos never heard of Lady Antonia again after her attack on Malabar Hills.
    So he had left Therin with what little information he knew. The rumor that a psychic named Cerys had the Sword Of Infinite Beasts. Amos hoped it would be enough to save the boy.

        willowwind replied 1 year, 6 months ago

        So here’s what I was thinking: the Lady Antonia who cursed Therin’s family had the sword and used its power to conquer a bunch of kingdoms in the woods. Then when she conquered Malabar Hills, the Sword was stolen by Cerys. Lady Antonia decided she would just remain Queen of Malabar Hills. Cerys traveled to the other unnamed town and gave Molly the sword, but is back in Malabar Hills for the festival. The only way to break the curse on Therin’s family is to kill Lady Antonia. So Therin needs the sword. I’ll POV for Paloma so that that group can head over to Malabar Hills

          zeegrey replied 1 year, 6 months ago

          Good plotline! Random question though: do we find out why Lady Antonia decides to just settle on Malabar Hills, or will that just be an unexplained change in character?

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