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    willowwind posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 3 months ago

    So here’s bio 1/2. Sorry it’s so long, I actually cut some stuff out to make it shorter. I feel like Leo with such a monster bio.
    Name: Sten Pier Nkume (Of Woods Beyond) Literally means Stone Stone Stone.
    Nickname: None
    Age: 17. Born July 9th, 1871. Kidnapped and taken to SGE in 1887.
    Height: 6’4
    Relationship Preference: Straight
    Time Period: 1820’s
    Power: Unknown
    Colour of magic: Pale yellow
    Fairytale relative: It was family legend that Sten’s mother’s family was descendants of the Greek god, Hermes, but it is unknown whether that is true or not. Sten’s mother is half Swedish and half Greek. His father is West African.
    Appearance: Sten is very tall, around 6 ft 4 in, with very dark skin. He has long legs, with well defined muscles in his legs and arms. He has large, calloused hands and feet, with scars on his arms and legs from day to day work. With the exception of Sten’s scars, he has no physical markings (freckles, tattoos, etc). Sten has a large nose, hollow cheeks, and grey eyes. He has well defined cheekbones and eyebrows. Sten has very dark, ***** textured hair. It is shaved very short, and he rarely lets it grow out. Sten looks at people with a very solemn, reflective expression. He wears horn rimmed glasses when reading, as he is farsighted.
    Personality: Sten is, through and through, dedicated to his family. His greatest motivation is to keep them all safe, and he is deathly afraid of accidentally putting them in harm’s way or not being able to protect them. Sten is incredibly hardworking. He is incredibly disciplined in his work, and both physically and mentally strong. Once Sten puts his mind to something he is **** bent on completing it. He is also very perceptive of others emotions. Sten’s incredible work ethic and emotional knowledge makes up for his less that incredible intellectual skills. He is not always the most creative in solving problems and (having no formal education) struggles with most intellectual tasks above a 6th grade level. He is decently self aware. Overall, Sten is very reserved. He is confident, yet not arrogant. He does not purposely do people harm or wish bad things upon them. He is not much of a joker, and will hide aspects of himself that he believes to be shameful (note: he does not think that his more feminine interests or love for his family are things to be ashamed of- yet). With strangers he is a little cold, but is very affectionate with his family. He is not aggressive at all, is an introvert, and quite chaste. Sten is incredibly consistent in his actions. Overall he is very grounded. He is very loyal to those he cares about.
    Hobbies/Interests: Being raised by four women, Sten has very feminine interests. He knows how to knit, sew, and cook. He enjoys reading poetry about the natural world, which he is fascinated by. He loves horses and birds above all other creatures. He likes traveling, but only when he is sure of his family’s safety. Is neutral on dating, dislikes parties, and loves to read.
    Clothes: Sten dresses casually, yet still looks put together. His clothing is about as clean as it can be, working on a farm. He is generally very tidy with his clothing and bathing. He wears denim overalls or jeans, with no holes in them. The holes in them are patched. He wears plaid cotton shirts, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He wears white cotton socks under leather work boots. When it is particularly sunny out, he will wear a tattered straw hat when working. When traveling he carries a leather holster for his gun.
    Occupation: Works in family stable. Takes care of horses and 10 younger cousins. Lives with his 4 Aunts, and is the eldest male in his family, giving him a lot of responsibility.
    Weapon: A Cooper Pocket Double Action Revolver. A five shot, percussion revolver.
    Ever/never: Ever
    Background: Sten’s parents both came to the states in 1800. Sten’s mother as a Quaker immigrant, and Sten’s father as a *****. His mother, Clare, was deeply against slavery, and with her four sisters helped a group of slaves to escape to what is now Kansas. While helping the slaves escape, Clare fell in love with one of them named Chidike. The group started their own farm and stables, and worked to deliver mail across the western US. Sten’s mother died in childbirth and his father works for the family mail company. Sten was raised by his aunts.

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