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    “Hi. I’m Gwendolyn Darcy. Who are you?” The girl whispered in his ear.
    Sten looked at her out of the corner of his eye. She was very pretty, and stared at him rather strangely. Sten didn’t respond to her question- after all he had been reprimanded once before. Not wanting to ignore her or make her feel humiliated (especially after her rather embarrassing entrance) he gave her the tiniest of nods, to signify he had heard her.
    She gave him an understanding glance, and relaxed in her seat. Sten couldn’t help noticing (again) how very pretty she was…. the flowers in her hair were quite beautiful. Not now, Sten thought. There would be plenty of time to admire pretty girls later. For now, he had to concentrate on navigating this school.
    The two headed dog finished its speech, and faeries began to sheppard the students back to their respective schools. Sten joined the throng of students once again. He had lost Gwendolyn Darcy in the crowd, but the he could see the other girl ahead of him. Her blue crown of flowers made her stand out. Sten pushed his way through people (which was not hard considering he was half a foot taller than them) and up to the girl.
    “We can meet in the library,” he said to her. She seemed a little startled, but the recognition flooded her face.
    “Sounds great- I’m Wendy, by the way.”
    “My name is Sten Pier.”
    “We’ll meet in the morning then? After breakfast? I think it’s too late to sneak out for secret meetings tonight…”
    “I’ll see you then, Wendy,” Sten replied.
    “Boys up the blue staircase, girls up the pink!” A fairy shouted. Wendy made a face.
    “Wow, they really like gender roles here,” she said. Sten laughed a little, but before he could respond he was pulled away up the blue staircase.
    Sten entered his room, where two boys already lie on blue quilted blankets on the beds.
    “Hello,” Sten said. “My name is Sten Pier.”
    “Ernesto,” say the boy on Sten’s right.
    “I am Igor,” say the one on Sten’s left. The both had accents quite unlike Sten’s.
    “It has been quite a long day, I leave introductions for morning,” Igor said, rolling over on his bed.
    “Well said,” Sten muttered. He lie down on the bed directly across from the door. As he slowly drifted to sleep, his mind wandered to girls with flowers in their hair, fairies, and his poor cousin Donna, who would be spreading her sickness to Marie by now.

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