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    winterv posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 2 years, 10 months ago

    Hi, guys. This is my second chapter about Helen. If you missed my first one I think I posted it about a day ago so you could look for it if you want to. Feel free to tell me if I made any grammar or punctuation mistakes. You can also tell me if I should add any ideas. Hope you like it.
    That night I dreamed of Aric. At first, it was nice thoughts about him being dead and stuff like that, but then it changed to a whole different thing. It wasn’t like any of the evil dreams I’ve had, it felt like a mix between a mine and an Ever’s dream. It was so weird. In most of my dreams, I don’t know I’m dreaming, but this time both Aric and I knew we were in a dream. I could feel things like the wind, and Aric, when I tried to run away from him but he caught me.
    Aric was staring into my eyes and talking to me but I couldn’t hear him. After a minute or so his voice became clear.
    “Helen we need to talk.” He said echoing his words from the day before, “Come with me.” His arm slid around my waist and pulled me aside.
    “Can’t we stay here?” I asked uncomfortable and fidgety under his arm.
    Aric smiled his crooked grin, “You were about to walk off of that. And even in dreams, you don’t want to walk into the ocean.” He said, pointing at the cliff next to us. I knew he was right so I let him lead me away.
    “You’re being nice,” I said, amazed. Was there a whole different side of Aric or was this a fake personality?
    I felt his cold breath in my ear, “I’m not faking it.”
    “I thought I was the Mind Reader here?” I asked, suddenly scared I started to pull away.
    “I’m not reading your mind, Helen, you just radiate your feelings.” He saw my shocked expression and quickly added, “Don’t worry it’s not just you. I feel it from everybody and I’m the only person who can do it. It’s my talent.”
    “Stop playing with my head, Aric,” I said, I continued to pull away but he tugged me back to his flank.
    “I’m not,” he responded, his amethyst eyes sincere, “you have all the right to be mad at me but I’ll still have unexplainable feelings for you.”
    “Like what?” I asked thinking back to the way Aric had been holding me for the past fifteen minutes, the way he looked at me and I definitely thought back to the fact that he had stopped me from falling off a cliff.
    “That’s the whole point of unexplainable, right?” Aric asked cocking a grin.
    This isn’t the same Aric I know, I thought to myself, this is a totally different person.
    “It’s all real, Helen, I’m really here.” He whispered, leaning me against a tree and running his hand through my silky hair.
    “No!” I gasped shooting upright in my bed. “No, no, no… this can’t be happening!” Aric could either manipulate dreams or he entered my dream spontaneously. Whichever way, I knew everything he said was true, whether I liked it or not.
    That day I tried to stay away from Aric. In Special Talents, he did something with his dagger, nothing like what he told me about in my dream. He saw me looking at him and smiled a mischievous smile, reminding me of his real talent.
    In Henchman Training he easily dispatched an ogre. Then, he turned and winked at me. I shivered, scared, how could he get to me with just a wink? I need to toughen up.
    But in Surviving Fairy Tales we had a fake Trial by Tale battle within our group. Somehow, I managed to end up fighting Aric, which by the way is really hard to do when you have to limp the whole time so I would have to try even harder than I usually do. But even though I wanted to, running from combat was just not me. So, I took the opportunity to take out my rage on him. Smoothly switching from throwing spells to throwing punches and kicks every once and awhile.
    “Have you been practicing?” Aric grunted, accepting a punch in his gut.
    “Not any more than I usually do.” I snorted, “I thought you thought you were better than me?”
    “Thinking and knowing are two different words with two different meanings.” He said, cutting my arm with his dagger. The same dagger that he covered in my blood last night. I stumbled and shot another stun spell at Aric’s chest. Luckily, it hit its mark and I pulled his kerchief from his boot to the ground. Looking around I realized I was the last one standing. A burning “1” exploded over my head and I smiled. No boy was going to stop me from my top ranks!
    I was walking back to the School for Evil when I heard Aric approach me.
    “Go away, Aric, and stay out of dreams!” I said to him, trying to limp away.
    He caught my arm and pulled me back to him, “Your leg still bothering you?”
    “I wonder why. You took my bracelet, remember?” I snapped.
    “If you continue to limping like that it will never heal. I could help you take the pressure off it.” Aric said.
    “Don’t you dare toss me over your shoulder again,” I warned him.
    “That’s the most efficient way I find to deal with gir-”
    “Don’t even say it.” I cut him off.
    He smirked, “Ok, do you want to lean on me, for support? Or should I make sure it will never heal?”
    “When are you going to stop threatening me?” I said, exasperated with Aric and my leg that, with every step started hurting even more than it did all day. I let him keep me from falling.
    “That’s for me to know and you to find out.” He smiled his crooked smile, pulling me closer to him so I had to put even less pressure on my leg. I relaxed against him.
    “Aric?” I said breaking the silence.
    “Do you feel bad about what you did to my leg?”
    Aric grinned, looking down at me, “I think you know why.”
    “Because I need you now!”
    Aric just smiled and murmured, “Smart girl.”
    “Duh, why do you think I’m top Never?”
    His expression changed from light to dark in a matter of seconds, “That was not the right thing to say, Helen.”
    I started to push him away before I realized I would fall if I wasn’t leaning on him, so I just stopped walking and turned to face him, “Aric, cutting my leg and then helping me walk isn’t going to make me like you. I still hate you as much as I always did.”
    “Whatever,” he told me, “I still want you to have this.”
    I stared at the dagger in my hands, it was almost identical to his but with a different design. He touched to the base of the hilt and I turned into a walking stick. But unlike most walking sticks it was perfectly proportioned to my body and weight, it might have felt light enough but I could tell I could break bones if I hit someone with it.
    “Thank you,” I said, breathless. I was so excited I hugged him, burying my head in his chest. Before I could comprehend how awkward it must have been for him, I realized Aric was hugging me back! He rested his head on top of mine and I could feel him smiling.
    “Helen, you are something else.”
    “It’s perfect! How did you get the weight right?” I whispered.
    “When I tossed you over my shoulder I estimated your weight.”
    “Thank you, thank you, thank you…” I murmured into him. When he pulled back I saw where we were – right next to the staircase that led to the hallway my room was in.
    “I need to go,” I told him.
    “Can I take you there or do you still not trust me?” He asked and for the first time, I didn’t hear a threat in his voice.
    “I wish I could, Aric, but I barely know you,” I said knowing the words were true. I shoved him away and smiled, “After all if you want to me to break rules and let a boy into my room should I get to see yours first?”
    He frowned at me but closed my eyes and spoke the truth, “Aric, I think you’re capable of being nice but I don’t know if you’re faking it. I think you have a lot of cool qualities but I still feel like I don’t know the real you.”
    “So basically you still hate me.” He summed up.
    “Yeah, just a little bit less than I did before.”
    “You’re hopeless!” He growled in frustration.
    I just stepped backward, turned and walked down the stairs. Wishing I could step through the wall to my room like I usually do, but the magic wouldn’t recognize me with the state my leg was in so it would be like trying to walk through an unenchanted stone.

        makaylaofdarkwoods replied 2 years, 10 months ago

        THIS IS AMAZING! You’re such a good writer… I love how your text flows and your grammar and vocabulary is simply great… what about exploring more Aric’s gift? AND his past and relationship with his mother – will you change anything from the original? Oh what about the original characters? Will you keep the minor ones, like Nicholas, Mona, etc? Cause like I didn’t see any of them… I got confused with it,
        is this an AU and they don’t show up at ALL or you aged Aric and this is BEFORE Sophie and Agatha?

          winterv replied 2 years, 10 months ago

          Thank you so much! What’s AU?

          makaylaofdarkwoods replied 2 years, 10 months ago

          AU stands for Alternative Universe – so it can be like the SGE characters in High School, or it can be like SGE if Tedros never existed. Basically, an Alternative Reality.

        donutqueen11 replied 2 years, 10 months ago

        I love this! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        bookgirl2007 replied 2 years, 10 months ago

        Please tag me

        impossiblegirl replied 2 years, 9 months ago


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