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    wits12345 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 8 months ago

    Title to be name later
    Chapter One
    I woke up in a pool of sweat, scared of what might happen to me. Going to who knows where, alone, and unknown. The unknown part I don’t care about, but where I’ll be is different. I’ll be alone and trying to hold my own. Leaving this house, this room I grew up in is hard to get over. No matter what, I’ll still remember this place and the people who raised me. Enough with this sadness talk, I scolded myself. I got out of bed and left my room. I walked down the hall passing my “brother” Jackson’s room. Which had his door creaked open. I turn to look at the door to find him standing their with a smirk on his face. His adorableness would have made me melt right there, but I couldn’t because I was sad. Yes I know what you all must be thinking ‘he you brother you can’t like him!’, well he really isn’t my brother. You see his parents found me in the woods all alone as a baby, so they took me and care for me. Jackson try to act like my big brother but he couldn’t, he loved me too much. So we have secretly been dating for years, no knew.
    I put a fake smile on my face and went near him. He pull me in his arms making me heave a sigh. Jackson looked down at me with a confuse look on his face. I buried my head in his chest not wanting to cry right there. Jackson pulled back from me and kiss my head.
    “What’s wrong?” Jackson asked me.
    “It’s nothing…” I lied
    “Well if it’s nothing then what’s been bothering you lately? Ever since you got that letter, you seem off.” Jackson said
    “I have?” I question
    Jackson raise an eyebrow and said. “What did the letter say?”
    “It was nothing important…” I lied again
    “You do know, that I can tell when you’re lying. Right.” He said, then added “So what was it about?”
    “Nothing…” I say
    “Fine. do it the hard way.” Jackson shrug.
    Jackson grab my hand and start to drag me in the direction of my room. He opened my door and we stepped in. Jackson went over to my desk and open one of the draws. Their it was, the letter, that I dread getting. He helded the letter in his hands and then looked at me. Jackson had a twinkle in his eyes when he opened my letter. He looked at the paper and began to read it. I was scared by the time he finished reading. Jackson turn towards me and he was smiling. I had put a confuse look on my face and stared at him.
    “Why are you worrying about this?” Jackson asked
    “Because I’ll have to leave everything behind me. And plus I’ll lose you…” I said
    Jackson pulled me towards him and said. “You’ll never lose me.”
    “I will lose you and I know it…” I whispered.
    “Hailey look at me, you could never lose me.” He said
    “I will and you know that…” I mumbled.
    We were silent for a few minutes, then Jackson said. “Let’s go take a walk.”
    “Right now?” I asked
    “Yes, what’s better than the present,?” Jackson smile
    “I guess…nothing.” I say
    “Exactly, come on.” Jackson said and pulled me out my room.
    We walked down the hall and down the stair case. He pulled me out of the house and into his arms. We walked down the road and into the woods. He knew the woods were my favorite place to be by myself. Jackson pulled me along since I was walking slow. We were walking for hours, and we didn’t have a care in the world. Jackson decided to play a game, where he has to chase me around intill I give up. I agree to play and ran off. As I was running, I tripped over a log hitting the ground hard. My vision went black and I couldn’t see anything. I felt something or someone pick me up… And that’s all I remember….
    A/n: It has been forever since I wrote something ☺ Hope you like it. ☺

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        I really like your story it’s super cool!

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        It is so awesome!

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        Fantastic!!!!!!!!! Also Plz tag me?!!!

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        So good!!!!

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