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    wolfna23 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 8 months ago

    Chapter 1:
    I woke up this morning exited, today was the day people when to the school for good and evil and I was the age of that students where taken to the school for good or the school for evil. I to my closet and found started to get out things that I wanted to take to the school. I walked out of my room with my favorite outfit and walked to the kitchen to eat my breakfast. My dad walked in very tiered my mom was already setting up breakfast using her powers to breaing the food, plates, forkes and nives to the table, my dad and I helped her set up the table. My brother walked in right after we where dune setting up the table.
    “thanks for doing all of the work for me.” he whispered when he passed me. We all ate while talking about what our parents did in school and if we thought we would go to the school. I had a feeling that I would go to the school of good but it seamed like my brother didn’t care. After eating breakfast I went outside and practiced using my powers by making plants grow and making ice and snow.
    I walked to my room and found a flower ground pass to the school of good.
    I woke up and knew I was going to the school of evil. I was never like my parents or my sister, while they liked to use there powers for good and to play fun jokes I liked to torment animals and people with my powers(one time I froze an animal). I heard my sister pass my door and new how long I would half to wait until I would go down stares so I wouldn’t half to set up the table.
    I walked down stares and whispered to my sister ” thanks for doing all the work for me,” my parents and sister talked about the school for good and evil and stuff like that. I went out side when I was dune eating my breakfast. I used my powers to grow thorns to clumbulled buildings and making snow storms to chase small animals. When I went to my room and found a nought that said I was going to the school for evil, and I new I was going to be the top of my class.

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        I read it it’s really nice

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