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    wolfna23 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    Susan’s story chapter 9: a home away from home
    I walked into the my beatification class and found make up produces at my desk. I waited for the rest of the class to come in and listened to the teacher.
    “Today you will learn how to aply makeup properly while making it look suddle,” she told us,”first you will apply the blush so that it looks like it matches your skin, next you will apply your lipstick and eye shadow that is not to bright,”
    I started to look at the makeup in front of me and grabed my blush first I thought about how my mom would always tell my about how I didn’t need to put on makeup. I got a top grade and then remembered this was the first time I wore lipstick.
    At lunch I overheard the daughter of the evil queen taking to her friends.
    “Did you see her reaction Erena,” her friend said
    “Ya, she was so freaked I think I heard her screaming all away across the moat,” Erena said
    “At least you scared her,”
    “Now that is something that my grandmother would be proud of,” Erena said before walking away.
    I thought about what my father said and didn’t let it get to me. I saw that rose was braiding my hair, I let her finish because it made me feal at home in a place I would live for 4 years.

        saphire101 replied 4 years ago

        Great chapter. 🙂

        caramelprincess replied 4 years ago

        Cool chapter.

        dot111 replied 4 years ago

        Good job.

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