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    wolfna23 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 4 years ago

    chapter 2: the arrival
    I waited for my the flower ground to arrive, when it did I was pulled into the ground and was pulled into the ground and onto the line. While I was going towards the school for good I noticed that plants where growing out on to the surface, I new that my powers would get out of control. when I got to the school I felt myself growing out of the ground, on the surfice flowers where right under me. three fairies came towards me and brought me to the school along with the rest of the students. I looked at the school for evil and saw my brother across the bay. when I got my scedual I looked at my scedual.
    charity room 80
    2:princess étiquette
    3:animal communication
    4:history of heroism
    6:good deeds
    7:surviving fairy tales
    I was going to the school for good.
    I waited in outside the house with my bags I just wanted to get grabbed by this bony bird and be the gratesed villein that went to the school for evil. When the it did come I sent a snow storm so it went faster. when I did get to the school i was droped into the nasty moat I covered the bird in thorns so it would fall to. I swam to the shores of evil and found my bag. most of my fellow students looked easy to beat. I got my uniform and scedual.
    malice room 13
    2:henchmen training
    3:curses & death traps
    4:history of villainy
    5:special talents
    6:special talents
    7:surviving fairy tales
    I went froze the table and I made thorns grow so it would be harder for them to get there uniforms, books and schedule.

        impossiblegirl replied 4 years ago


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