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    wolfna23 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    nick’s story chapter 10: meeting the next evil queen
    After I was done washing my uniform I went back outside to think. I wasn’t tiered so I felt like I didn’t nead to go to bed early. All of the animals in the blue forest seamed to be scared that night. I heard low growling and then I saw it, a monster right in front of me. I was tiered of my brother making a mess of things and me having to clean it up.
    “Are you kidding me. You where just complaing about me going out late,” I yelled at him
    “You see he help himself,” A voice said.
    “Who are you,” I asked
    “I am Erena queen, granddaughter of the evil queen.” she said
    I thought about this for a moment, if she was Erena queen she was the one that was controlling my brother.
    “You know you could do much better than just controlling someone that can’t control their own transformation. If you controlled a wolf you would be more powerful than the rest of evil,” I saw how she looked I had made her think.
    “Ok,” she said, I felt her use her magic to control me. I knew that she couldn’t do it, she was powerful but not powerful enuf to defeat me. After some minutes she fell to the ground and glared at me.
    “You triked me,” she spat
    “Just something I do to help other people,” I said, before I walked back to my school.”You coming,” I asked my brother, he said that he was coming, so I left without him.

        wolfna23 replied 4 years ago

        read more at. @wolfna23

        caramelprincess replied 4 years ago

        Good job but also the word is enough not enuf and tricked not triked. 🙂 Just improve spelling wise.

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