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    wolfna23 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 4 years ago

    I nead 1 ever and 1 never to be a room mate for my characters
    chapter 3: first day
    I found my room and I waited until we had to go the assembly. I had some flowers grow on my bed and a snow curtain to hang over my bed so I could feel at home. I got my bags open and unpacked my things. When I had to go to the asimbly I remembered to put my uniform on and went with my class mates. When I sat down I noticed my brother was on in the same seat that I was siting in on the opposite side. Then the show began and all of the ever boys fought with swords and when they where done they gave some of the roses to me. I made sure payed attention to what the two headed dog said. When this was all dune I made sure I planted the roses when I got to my dorm so they wouldn’t wilt.
    I finally found my dorm and found a boring dark looking room and boring dark beds. I decided to grow thorns and make ice and snow that looked like it was where I hang out in the forest. I found my uniform(it was one of the most evil things in the room other than me. I went to the assembly and found that I found my seat was the same as my sister on the ever’s side, I tried to move to another seat but all of the rest of the students all ready found a seat, ” I hate greedy nevers,” I thought. the students from the good school did there stupid sword fight, just like every other school year. Then the dog started talking I didn’t pay attention. After the very boring asembly I went to my dorm and thought about how I could get the top score in all of my classes and toworter some of my class mates and teachers.

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        Ever! Sofia of Woods Beyond
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