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    wolfna23 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 7 months ago

    these are the characters that I will be adding to my story, please comment below
    name: Tera
    age: 14 almost 15
    gender: female
    school: good
    parents: Thumbalina
    personality: Can be shy at times and likes being with nature rather than people. She also has a way of bringing other peoples hopes up even if she if feeling down.
    appearance: Has light blond hair with pale skin, she wears colors like blue, pink, green, or yellow. The skirt of her dresses look like there made of flower petals. She has never witnessed the cold and only has a one knit sweeter incase it gets cold.
    Tera has lived in the fairy kingdom for her entire life and was the only one in her family to be able to grow to the size of a human. When she got her grower ground pass to go to the school for evil she was so exited until she met her new friend Clara’s evil brother from across the lake.

    Name: Clark lion
    age: 15
    gender: male
    school: good
    parents: grate grandson of the cowardly lion
    personality: Clark is actually a very brave person and is usually on of the first people to run in to a fight. Clark also can be a little egotistical but makes up for that when he shows his soft spot(but that only happens on the rare occasion).
    powers: Can turn into a lion but can tap into one of a lions abilities, like strength. with out turning in to a full lion.
    appearance: Clark has green eyes tan skine with brown hair. He usually where a tee shirt with jeans and hiking boots matched with a light brown leather jacket.
    Clarked lived in Oz with his friends, the grate grandson of the scarecrow, the grate granddaughter of the tin man, and the grate granddaughter of Dorothy(all of which will turn up in my story at one time or another). He was glad to find that he was going to the school of good with his other friends, but doesn’t like the brother of a sirten Clara.
    name: Weren West
    gender: male
    school: evil
    parents: great grandson great the wicked Witch of the West
    personality: Weren loves to see people suffer sepecily if that person is an ever. He also can’t stand people that think that there better than him and will try to kill them if they say so.
    powers: He has all of the powers of the wicked Witch of the west and then some
    appearance: Weren has green skin with back hair. He wears all black and wears black ripped jeans with a ripped tee shirt and a trench cote.
    Weren has lived in is great grandmothers old castle all of his life and has practices his magic on any pore soul that dire challenge or go near him. When he found he got to the school for evil he new that he had to be the best.
    Name: Tom
    age: 15
    gender: male
    school: evil
    parents: un-known
    personality: Tom is a very mean boy from the woods beyond and was hated by every body in the village. He always found himself stealing and killing small animals
    appearance: has greasy electric green, with tan skin. Wears old rages that he finds thrown away.
    Tom has lived in the woods beyond his entire life and couldn’t what till he left, so when a dark hooded figiur with blond hair snached him in the night he was happy to leave. that is until a boy named Nickolice in the school for evil messes up their dorm and becomes the top of every class.

        wolfna23 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        you can read Clara and Nickolice Frost-blumes along with my characters from rp level 0’s stories hear

          wolfna23 replied 3 years, 7 months ago
        hannahtheeel replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        I like your bios.

        impossiblegirl replied 3 years, 7 months ago


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