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    wolfna23 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 7 months ago

    you can read the rest here @wolfna23
    chapter 4:
    I woke up very happy and found my roommate up and brushing her hair.
    “Hi, you must be my roommate.” I said while walking over to my own vanity mirror.
    “Oh, you surprised me, my name is Tera.” She said
    “Nice to meet you, I’m Clara.” I said to her.
    “I guess we’re going to be roommates for the next four year.” she said kind of nervously.
    “Do you know your classes?” I asked trying to break the ice.
    “I have beautification, princess etiquette, animal communication, history of heroism, lunch followed by good deeds and surviving fairytales.” Tera said
    “Same hear I guess he should probably get to breakfast.” I said, we then got our uniforms on and walked to the cafeteria.
    Tera got cereal with some orange juice, I decided to get pancakes toped with strawberries and wiptcream with a cup of milk. While Tera and I where eating our food a boy with green eyes tan skin and brown hair walked over and started talking.
    “Hay are you guys in charity tower?” he asked
    “Ya why,” I said kind of annoyingly.
    “My friend had a her ruby slippers stolen and thought that on of the girls in the dorm might have token them.” he answered
    “We haven’t but will tell you if we see them.” Tera said kindly
    “I’m Clark by the way, Clark Lion.” he said kind of boastfully
    “I’m Clara and this is Tera.” I said
    “Well see you two later I guess.” he said and walked away.
    “He seamed nice.” Tera said
    “We’re at the school for good where all nice,” I said jokingly, i then looked down and saw that flowers where growing at my feat,”you know since I’m done I think I’m going to go back to the room to get my books,”
    “Ok see you in class I guess.” Tera said while I started to clean up then leave.
    I half to say seeing a green skinned boy in all black and a green haired boy in all black was kind of disappointing considering they where my room mates for the next cupple of years.
    “Who are you,” asked the green skinned boy
    “I’m Nickolice who’s asking.” I said
    “Names Weren thats Tom.” he said pointing at the greasy haired boy
    “Ever see a rabbit getting frozen to death in feald of thorns?” I asked pulling out a rabbit that I found in the blue forest on my way back to the school of evil.
    “No, I have killed one though.” Tom said
    “Well then let me show you two what a real villein looks like.” I said
    I set down the rabbit on the floor then grow a feld of thorns around it, after that I somend the cold.
    “Is that all you can do I can set a tree on fire thats a mile away.” he said then a tree that we could see out of the window set on fire.
    “I’m just getting started.” then I lowered the temperature of the room to below zero and then the rabbit fell dead and frozen.
    “Cool.” exclaimed Tom
    “Impressive your going to be a good villein, by the way do you guys care for cooked rabbit the breakfast hear *****.” he asked, I didn’t care all I cared about was finding the my next victim, tom on the other hand said yes.

        toffee replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        My character is called Tera

        impossiblegirl replied 3 years, 7 months ago


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