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    THE JOURNEY OF THE FROG PAJAMAS! (Contains spoilers)
    Hort’s pajamas have had an interesting life. They were made by Hort’s father, a man on Captain Hook’s crew. The pajamas were given to Hort, who wore them all the time. When Hort got accepted into the School for Evil, he brought the frog pajamas with him. Then Sophie came along. She stole Hort’s room, but then Hort shared for a bit before the trial. He still had his frog Pajamas and wore them every night. Before the Trial by Tale, Agatha was in a bathroom stall after having mogrified and turned back into a human, she was in need of clothes. She sent a note to Sophie, asking for some. Sophie took the first thing she could find from Hort’s room… which happened to be his frog pajamas. Agatha went back to her room to mogrify again, leaving the frog pajamas on her bed. When the fairies came in to clean her room, they noticed the frog pajamas. Disgusted, they threw them in the laundry basket. Later, when the nymphs were doing laundry, they saw the frog pajamas. Repulsed at such horrible clothing, they sent it to the Groom Room, specifically to the Clever Little Tailor’s Couture shop inside. The assistants were horrified at the pajamas and fashioned them into a frog dress. After Yuba had taken his morning yoga class, he saw the dress on display. He bought it, because he liked it. But the next year, after wearing it as Helga, he quickly grew disgusted with it. He sent it to Teapea, figuring that a gnome might want it. But as all the gnomes didn’t want the frog dress, it was put in the section of the gnome museum for ‘up there: the human’s way of living’. When the crew arrived in gnomeland and went to the museum to look through the telescope thing, Nicola spotted the dress. Being a reader, she recognised the pattern as that of hort’s frog pajamas. She took the dress and hid it underneath her dress. She planned to make it back into pajamas and give it to Hort as a gift.
    What happens next? Well, Soman will decide. But we need the frog pajamas back!

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