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    yay5681 posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hello fellow humans. I have decided to make an SGE story and I need some bios. Feel free to make some; I need friends/enemies/love interests/teachers! Tell me if you want to be tagged or not! Here’s a summary on what it’s about:
    After the Tale of Sophie and Agatha, everything seemed to go back to normal. But then the new class of students came in to SGE. Then things seemed to go wrong. Happy endings got changed, weird strange anomalies started occurring, and the teachers seemed to be completely fine with it. But the students knew better. They started blaming the new weird girl named Melody who never quite fit in. Melody needed to clear her name and so with a group of friends, they started to realize things really weren’t what they seemed.
    Someone had stolen the Storian.
    Nickname (optional):
    Crush (if you have one):
    Relationship to Melody:

        mrforkle4-0 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Sounds awsome and Tag
        Name: Wesley
        Nickname (optional): Wes
        Age: 14 or you can choose
        Gender: Male
        Sexuality: bi, questioning gay
        School: Halfer but choose to be in evil for some reason
        Appearance: https://picrew.me/share?cd=sbxV92OvRI very tall 5´11.
        Personality: Very kind and trustworthy, He hates traitors and never leaves someone behind. He is very truthful and doesn’t lie ( for better or for worse) and he is always trying a little too hard to be a leader. But sometimes he can let his emotions run and sometimes (very few times) has he burst with anger
        Fingerglow: Bright yellow
        Kingdom: Camelot
        Talent: Can turn anything or anyone to stone as long as he touches it with 5 fingers.
        Crush (if you have one): n/a
        Relationship to Melody: Friend
        Backstory: He was born of a very wealthy knight and his mother was a princess who died during his birth. He has never known his mom has made him jealous of those who do. His father was very depressed and did not like him too much for the death of his wife so as soon as he could he sent him to the school for Good and Evil
        Zodiac: Libra

        basilisk replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        This sound cool!! Tag!!
        Name: Alison
        Nickname: Al
        Age: 14
        Gender: Female
        Sexuality: Lesbian
        School: Evil
        Appearance: They have a short purple bob that goes down to their chin and slanted bangs. Their eyes are round, dark brown almost, black in color, and has thin eyebrows, and long eyelashes, porcelain-like skin with some freckles on their nose.
        Personality: They hate being wrong and snap at people when they are angry, no matter if they are who they are annoyed at. They prefer to be alone than be with people. It takes them a while to trust people. They are not afraid of telling people their opinions. When they hang out with people they are told that they can be competitive and way too sarcastic. Also, they have zero self-control and will say what is on their mind no matter who they are talking to or who hears. They almost always wear an emotional mask to lock up their feelings. They don’t like it when people get up in their business or in their way. They make enemies very easily and don’t have a lot of friends because they think enemies are easier to predict. Believes that if you let someone into your life be ready and don’t be surprised when they leave you. They are kind of an introvert but if you get to know them you can find they have a wild spirit. Also they can be annoyingly calm if you are yelling at them. If they can’t predict you they get really confused and angry.
        Fingerglow: Dark blue
        Kingdom: The Moors
        Talent: Can see past and future events
        Crush: you can pick someone if you want to.
        Relationship to Melody: Frenemy
        Backstory: They have been on the run for a long time and have been kicked out of every place they have ever considered home.
        Other: They have a pet snake named Namoi.
        Zodiac: Aquarius

          yay5681 replied 2 months ago

          Hey @basilisk, just got a question for your character. Is Alison’s pronouns they/them? I noticed that you didn’t use she/her so I just wanted to clarify if Al is non binary or anything like that. I just don’t want to write your character wrong or mis pronoun Al or anything like that thx! 🙂

          basilisk replied 2 months ago

          Yeah sorry I forgot her pronouns are she/them depending on how you feel you can write with either. Thank you for asking.

        lalagiza replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Eek tag me! (sorry that it’s long)
        Name: Narcissa Yahya
        Nickname (optional): Narciye, Nadiya
        Age: whatever age that’s the best for the story
        Gender: Female
        Sexuality: Asexual
        School: Evil
        ~ Icy white Arabian complexion
        ~ Bold golden eyes
        ~ Buttoned nose
        ~ Ebony black hair
        ~ Slender body
        ~ Thick eyebrows
        ~ Glossy red lips
        Personality: She’s a sociopathic maniac. A ruthless girl, she doesn’t care how many bad things she does, she doesn’t care how much damage is caused, she just cares if she does it. She’s pretty antisocial but uses it to lure people into her traps which she uses for either fermentation or friendship. Friendship… that’s rare with her. She doesn’t exactly have many friends but underneath that cruelness, she has a softer side. A side not a single person has seen or heard. With a dark past she only reveals to a small portion of people… and she’ll actually turn into the sweetest Never you’ve ever met. But will you ever find out without getting killed?
        Fingerglow: Baby blue
        Kingdom: raised in Woods Beyond, born in Nupur Lala
        Talent: Voice hypnosis, she can sing a hypnotizing tune and as long as it rhymes, she can do anything including manifesting objects, manipulating objects, and can even gain access to people’s minds
        Snow/No Ball Outfit: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/23/9f/f3/239ff3c5e9e14594e5a5338865041196.jpg Red turtleneck satin short-sleeved gown
        Crush (if you have one): She secretly likes the boy next door called Louis (i can send a bio later) who’s the son of The Evil Queen ever since their eyes locked when they fell off their stymphs and stumbled on each other
        Relationship to Melody: She’s one of her friends but sometimes she can get annoyed by Melody’s happiness and cheerful attitude. But she competes against her most of the time so they’re more like frenemies.
        Backstory: (noooo these are so long but ok) She was born to Jafar and spent her first four years with him. Although she was just a baby, she admired every tactic of him and learnt tricks and even found out she could hypnotize people with her voice at just 8 months. She was born during Jafar’s time as vizier and galloped around the palace, stealing things and causing mischief and she was hated by the princess and the Sultan. But Jafar loved her. His love for her was more than he ever loved Jasmine or becoming Sultan. But after just her fourth birthday, Jafar was vanquished by Aladdin and sent in a bottle buried deep, deep in The Cave of Wonders. She was still taking a nap and when she had woken up, she couldn’t find her dad. Then, the Sultan explained to her what had happened and when he mentioned Aladdin “saving” the kingdom, she attacked using her voice and one thing led to another and her memory was erased and was adopted by a Reader family, no clue of anything. Then she returned, unknown of how she got in without an application or invite… and seeks revenge ever since.
        Other: ~ She’s the most beautiful Never in her whole year and it makes all the Evers feel like ug.ly and jealous hags
        ~ Quintilingual
        ~ MBTI: ESFP
        ~ Sagittarius
        ~ Her mother is unknown but it is rumored that it’s the Evil Queen because she was said to look and act remarkably like her
        ~ Hosts the funnest, craziest parties every month in the Doom Room

        woodsbeyondreapers replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Ooh sounds cool!! Tag please!!
        Name: Nikita
        Nickname: Niki (she prefers Niki)
        Age: 16 or whatever works best for the story
        Gender: female
        Sexuality: Bi, female lean
        School: Good
        Appearance: Niki is short, on the chubbier side, and olive skinned. Her eyes are large and dark brown, and her long, straight black hair is almost always kept in two space buns. She has some scars and scratches and bruises all over her, due to punishments for when she didn’t match her mothers expectations (explained more under backstory)
        Personality: Niki is a bit “out there.” She’s from Wonderland, and despite her lineage is incredibly kind, but she says the most random expressions that make absolutely no sense to anyone (ex: Well he’s just about as buttered as a mouse’s tail!” or “Don’t be sad, you’re crying harder than a chesire cat’s teeth,” just other nonsense like that). She’s very tired almost all the time (unless you bring up one of her hobbies, then she’ll never shut up about it) and she’s also quite naive and easy to manipulate)
        Fingerglow: Bright purple
        Kingdom: Wonderland
        Talent: She can perform magic tricks but like…human magic tricks. Parlor tricks. She’s fascinated by it, most think it’s pretty lame.
        Crush (if you have one): you can choose! or if anyone wants to claim her as a crush that’s fine with me too 🙂
        Relationship to Melody: Roommates, not quite close enough to be friends but getting there
        Backstory: Niki grew up in Wonderland as daughter to the Queen of Hearts. It was a touch upbringing, her mother was a cruel and abrasive women. If she messed up even once, the consequences would be severe. She made friends with the Mad Hatter and would often sneak out to meet him (this is largely where she learned most of her expressions), when one day, her mother found out about it. She threatened to have the Mad Hatter executed, but Niki begged to take his place. Instead of that, the queen banished them both. As they were planning out their new life (with the Mad Hatter planning to adopt her), the School Master swung in and stole Niki away to the School for Good.
        Other: Is an INFP and a libra

        davysmavy replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Name: David Kuji
        Nicknames (if any): Davy
        Age: 14
        Se.xuality: Gay
        School: Evil
        Fairy-tales Relatives (if any): Captain hook is his grandfather
        Kingdom: Bloodbrook
        Personality:He is always in need of a good book, He is very smart and he knows it. He often has feelings of superiority but never speaks on them. He is always fading into the shadows and prefers to be far away from all the action. He is very greedy and can´t get enough money. He can be very selfish and chooses his life over others much too often. He never strays far from his friends and prefers to not be a team leader.
        Appearance: https://picrew.me/share?cd=77SY9dyJY1 and he is 5´5
        Talent: He can control, manipulate and become Darkness/shadows.
        Fingerglow Colour: Black with streaks of silver
        Backstory: He doesn’t remember anything except his uncle was chasing him and he hit his head and the next thing he knew he was at SGE
        Crush (if any): n/a or you choose

        zee110 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Name: Zara Rose
        Nickname (optional): Zee, ZR (creds to @/ jafaristhebest), Rosie
        Age: Whatever you’d like
        Gender: Female
        Sexuality: Straight
        School: Good
        Appearance: Wavy dark brown that comes to her waist, dark brown eyes with golden and green specks. Her eyes become light brown in the sun, but they still have the golden and green specks. Pale ivory skin, and is about 5’4. When she smiles or smirks, you can her dimples. She sometimes wear black box glasses, only when she’s too lazy to put in her contacts. Oh and, she’s usually always wearing black gloves. Only takes them off when she wants too (you can let her take them off whenever you want too ofc). She wears a golden bracelet that has five charms: Golden bow, a bronze quiver filled with tiny silver arrows, two silver daggers, and a silver sword. Whenever she taps on any of the charms, it turns into the actual size and uses it to fight. No one knows about this until they actually see her fighting. The band of the bracelet itself turns into a whip too. The tapping doesn’t work for anyone other than her and whoever has her willing permission.
        Personality: She’s sarcastic. She’s very feisty and fiery, which does get her into situations, but she’s used to it. Confidence and intelligence is higher and more than the average person, and that also makes her annoyed easily by close minded people. She’s very open minded. Doesn’t care about your gender, sexuality, or color. As long as you’re a good person, that’s all that matters to her. She’s also very secretive and trustworthy. She never lets out any of her feelings or secrets (only if she trusts you then maybe), but if you tell her something that you don’t want anyone to know, she’ll keep it with her til she dies. Depending on the situation, she can be persuasive when she wants. She’s very kind and caring if she knows you. Acts like a mom sometimes, but that’s okay. She may be persuasive, but no one can trick or persuade her, unless she finds a way that it benefits her. Zara will be the supportive friend, mom, and fighter of the group if she has to be. Her supportiveness will only be when it’s something good for the person, but if they won’t get anything well out of it, she’s not gonna agree with it. She covers up her emotions most of the time, but when she shows you how she’s actually feeling, then you’re special and one of the only people she trusts. Oh and- she’s a romantic, she won’t show it, but she is. She’ll only show that side when she wants too. Zara is a bit oblivious sometimes, but not all the time. Strategic. Around her friends, she’s very goofy and loves laughing with her friends. She’s very loyal, and will not hesitate to stand up for her friends. She’s very sweet as well, and will be kind to everyone- unless they hurt her or say something bad about her. She loves teasing her friends, but knows when to stop. She’s very observant and knows when something is up, especially when her friends or someone isn’t feeling well or if something is bothering them. She’s very friendly as well, and is always happy to make friends! She has some of the best comebacks.
        Fingerglow: Lilac
        Kingdom: Maidenville
        Talent: She has two. Her actual talent is touching peoples foreheads and wrists and making them fall asleep intentionally. The more she focus’s on it, the deeper sleep the person falls into. The second one is more of a blessing she got, which is healing.
        Crush (if you have one): Uh… I’m not sure… you can make one up or if you’ve read Percy Jackson you can put Percy. If you haven’t, and you’ve read KOTLC, then you can put Tam. If you haven’t read either- you can choose tbh 😂😂
        Relationship to Melody: Friend? Would that work? Whatever you like.
        Backstory: One day, Belle and Adam were away from the castle, so it was just seven yr. old Zara with the servants. There was a knock at the door, so Zara (who clearly didn’t learn about stranger danger) went and opened the door. It was the witch who had cursed her father into the beast, but she was dressed as the old ha.g. The witch wanted to see if Zara was like her father when he didn’t let her in, but to her not-so-surprise-yet-still-shock (Thanks to Belle actually knowing how to raise her) Zara helped her in. The servants finally found out that she had let the witch in when she transformed into the beautiful maiden she was. That’s how Zara got blessed with her healing ability.
        – She’s amazing at MMA, jujitsu, kickboxing, and wrestling. She also has super fast reflexes. Anything with hand-to-hand combat in general.
        – Very good with all the weapons on her bracelet.
        – Very good with reading body language and figuring out if someone is upset or hiding something.
        – Has a pretty good singing voice, but is too embarrassed to sing in front of anyone, unless she’s like super-duper close to you.
        – Usually humming when she’s doing something or she’s just bored, or there’s a song playing in her head.
        – She does sword play, and is better than the princes XD

          blaze5681 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          Taggg and here’s a bio!

          Name: Conan
          Nickname (optional): None
          Age: 14
          Gender: Male
          Sexuality: Bi
          School: Evil
          Appearance: https://picrew.me/share?cd=djowmuwZ9G
          Personality: Conan is dark, quiet, and doesn’t trust anyone. Even if he is your friend he will not fully trust you and he will be very paranoid. Conan is handsome but not every girl’s first pick bc he’s very strange. He always seems disconnected from the world and Conan is usually found in a dark corner muttering to himself. He is extremely anti social.
          Fingerglow: Purplish black
          Kingdom: Netherwood
          Talent: Making objects disappear when he wants them to. No one knows where these objects go when he does this but Conan thinks he takes the objects to the ‘Dark Realm’. Conan can not make living things disappear.
          Crush (if you have one): Eventually Melody. (or whatever you want lol)
          Relationship to Melody: Mel is his only friend as they bonded over being strange. He likes her a lot.
          Backstory: Not much is known about Conan but he grew up in Netherwood with his aunt and uncle. His parents disappeared when he was born apparently. His uncle, aunt and everyone growing up around him thought he was very weird and kept their distance. They were actually quite happy when he got took away to SGE.

          zee110 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          Oh yes- and tag me please!!

        shadowshinobi replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Tag me! (My bio is sort of for two people, but they’re twins that stick together, so tell me if I need to submit another one if it’s too much)
        Names: Godric and Cedric Hightopp
        Nickname (optional): The Mad Twins
        Age: Whatever the other students are
        Gender: Male
        Sexuality: Cedric is straight, Godric is asexual
        School: Good
        Appearance: Godric and Cedric are identical twins with the same large, round brilliant mint green eyes, messy bright auburn hair and pasty pale skin. They have freckles across their thin noses and they have gaunt, angular faces with a pointy dimpled chin. They’re very scrawny and very small in size, giving them that youthful look. Many people mistake them as three years younger than their actual age (for example, they look 13 when they are actually 16). They have mischievous smirks on their faces at all times like scheming weasels. They both wear thin red-striped white Victorian-style shirtsleeves (rolled up sleeves) with dark maroon coloured overalls and black bow ties. And of course, they wouldn’t be the Mad Hatter’s sons without their hats, would they? Their hats are usually Victorian newsboys caps, but they occasionally wear top hats like their father.
        Personality: Both twins are very mischievous and crafty trouble-makers. They like to play pranks on people, and rarely get caught, but everyone knows it’s them. They give everyone a good laugh and are like the class clowns. They’re also very weird and eccentric. They hate being serious and hate doing schoolwork. The twins are very creative when it comes to playing pranks. They can invent machines and are very skilled mechanics. They admire Daedalus from Greek mythology for his inventions and great mind. They hope to one day bring Daedalus’s wing creation to life and fly to freedom. They hate being told what to do and are very rebellious. Much like their father the Mad Hatter, they possess genius-level intelligence and can come off as mad, insane, deranged and etc. They also love deals with money, so they invent things or weave magical items (like glasses for cheating on tests) for students only if they give them gold. They are way ahead of their time with their inventions and are very innovative and imaginative.
        Fingerglow: Bright Orange (both)
        Kingdom: Wonderland
        Talent: They can drive people insane and manipulate emotions, but they can’t show that in the Circus so instead they use their other talents: Their other talent is weaving very quickly. Since their father is very quick in making hats and clothing, the twins are very well educated in weaving. They can weave almost like spiders (like Arachne) and can even weave magical clothing items (cloak of invisibility, invulnerability cloak) which can be useful for other students.
        Crush (if you have one): You can choose
        Relationship to Melody: Very good friends because the twins can relate to her “weirdness”
        Backstory: Their father is the Mad Hatter, and he took care of them, teaching them all of his skills and passing on his intelligence. They haven’t had much care, due to their father being very absent and deranged like he was in a different world. They hid from the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland, and are good friends with Alice, assisting her sometimes.
        Other: They sort of have a magical items business since they’re skilled inventors and weavers. Students pay the Mad Twins with gold. The teachers don’t know about this business and every student keeps it a secret. To tell them apart, Godric is the weaver and Cedric is the inventor. They like inventing, weaving, flying, magical items (like Aladdin’s magic carpet), tea (they LOVE tea), mechanics, craftsmanship, blacksmiths, and playing pranks.

        stellaaaz replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Tag me!!! Hope you like the bio :))
        Name: Annabelle
        Nickname (optional): She prefers Annie over Annabelle.
        Age: Whatever age fits. (I’m assuming they’d be first years, though, right?)
        Gender: Female
        Sexuality: straight I guess
        School: Good
        -Bright red hair
        -Teal eyes
        -Pale skin
        -Crooked smile
        Personality: Annie is like… the nicest person you’ll ever meet. She is super sweet and caring, and also really, really, really strange. She’s super optimistic and cheery, but if something goes wrong she gets really… angry. She like explodes all the anger that she never shows-
        Fingerglow: Green
        Kingdom: Neverland
        Talent: She knows a lot about plants and animals… is that considered a talent?
        Crush (if you have one): No one yet
        Relationship to Melody: I’d like her to be one of Melody’s best friends if that’s okay. They’re both considered weird lol
        Backstory: Annie grew up in Neverland where everyone wanted to be young. She too enjoyed being a kid, and that’s where her unrealistic optimism comes from.
        ~She is a Sagittarius.
        ~She’s probably going to be a sidekick character

          yay5681 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          Thanks for the bios all of you!! Could you maybe fill in some teacher bios too, I need those too lol!

        stellaaaz replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        you said you needed teacher bios, could you make a bio template for that?

          yay5681 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          the same template as the students like zee did!!

        zee110 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Name: Athena Hood
        Nickname (optional): Thea (but no one dares to call her that)
        Age: Uh- teachers age? 28?
        Gender: Female
        Sexuality: GaY
        School: Good
        Appearance: Athena has pale skin with stormy gray eyes and blonde hair which comes to her waist. She has a lean build, and is about 5’6.
        Personality: Athena tends to have this laid back vibe around her, and all her students love her, but she will be strict when she has too. She doesn’t give much homework, and does a very good job explaining things to her students. She’s patient with students who have a harder time grasping on things and will not tolerate any type of rude statements about anything or anyone. She’s also the teacher that will defend her students with all her might, and will save them from trouble (so kind of like when Remus Lupin saved Harry from Snape’s interrogation). She thinks of her students as her children, and she may not show it sometimes, but she loves them. In general she’s the ‘cool mother teacher who will be strict when need be’.
        Fingerglow: Ocean blue
        Kingdom: Sherwood Forest
        Talent: Having very accurate aim, shapeshifting.
        Crush (if you have one): Maybe one of the other female teachers?
        Relationship to Melody: Her teacher (you can choose the subject)
        Backstory: She’s the daughter of Robin Hood, but looks nothing like him.
        – She knows how to fight physically and with weapons
        – She’ll slip in some food/sweets for her students.

        lalagiza replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Name: Madam India Reverie
        Nickname (optional): Madam Mystery (by the students)
        Age: 26
        Gender: Female
        Orientation: Bisexual
        School: Evil
        Appearance: ~ Light blonde waist-length hair with soft silver highlights
        ~ Honey-smooth snow-white skin
        ~ Crystal blue eyes
        Personality: India is a very sweet person. Uh, she’s considered a huge contradiction and is avoided by most students. Why? because… I’ll get to that later. Madam Reverie is not what she seems to be. She’s too sweet to be true. India is not someone you can annoy, she’ll be pleased every milisecond. Whether you steal her precious jewels or tear up everything she owns, she never gets mad. She’s not ruthless… at all. It’s surprising how she ended up in the School for Evil, it’s a whole mystery how she even ended up teaching it.
        Fingerglow: Silvery grey with streaks of green
        Talent: She can affect the past to affect the future, so she’s the most powerful hidden Sader (yes, she’s a sader)
        Crush (if you have one): Some female teacher
        Relationship to Melody: The one student she loves the most is Melody. Although she loves her, she fails her all the time and is always found staring at her like some precious piece of black-swan gold. She can never take her eyes off Melody and is very attached to her. She treats her like the best student in the class and always gives her presents and the easy questions but she always ends up nearly failing her, so it’s another odd mystery.
        Backstory: Secretly the sister of Evelyn and August Sader, she has a foggy past, in which she never reveals to anyone. The Sader family had actually divorced when the family was really young. Her father took Evelyn, her mother took August, and she was left in an orphanage. India is the youngest of the Saders and was just a baby when her parents split. She had the worst childhood anybody could imagine but she prefers not to mention it. She was bea.t and tortured there and she ran away at 12. After that she struggled to find a job and was kicked out of places due to her ultimate recklessness. She couldn’t find one until age 18, in which she got a job as an intern assistant at the School for Evil. Then she was promoted to executive intern, then finally, got a full-time job as Madam Reverie (her new name), the new teacher of Special Talents. But you do know this backstory is real??? Oh no, no no no, she just made all of this up…. her real backstory??? That’s something you don’t want to know, and trust me you don’t want to know.
        Other: – I’m addicted to Penguins of Madagascar so one of her quotes are “Oh no, no no no,” by the one and only, DAVE!!!!
        – I know this is the worst bio I ever worked on but you can come up with her real backstory because I’m on a semi-break and I don’t want to spend this time coming up with more backstories. Thanks.
        – ISFP
        – Gemini

          yay5681 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          Ahh thank you guys!! These bios are GREAT I will try to post the prologue today or tomorrow!!

        2iycrb2qawutob replied 2 months ago

        Tag!!! And here’s a bio

        Name: Sayuri
        Age: Everyone else’s age
        School: good
        Orientation: straight
        Talent: Sayuri is a technological whizz and can solve almost anything on a computer or device
        Appearance: Sayuri has dark brown hair, pale skin with a couple of freckles. Her hair is usually in two buns and she has small bangs. She is very pretty but is a fierce swordfighter. She is muscular and her body shows it. She never stands down and always stands her ground.
        Personality: She is a loyal and kind friend, who is fierce in sword fighting and quick to protect anyone who needs her help. She is a feminist and loves helping others as well as practising her skills and improving
        Finger glow: light yellow
        Fairytale relative: Granddaughter of Mulan
        Crush: you can choose!
        Snowball outfit: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/578079302169833353/
        Quotes: “I can help you,” “Please, don’t leave me,”
        “No! Don’t go!”

          yay5681 replied 2 months ago

          Great bio!! I think you already submitted a bio for Mirabella too! Would you like me to use both of the bios or only one of them?

        2iycrb2qawutob replied 2 months ago

        I don’t mind it’s up to you! Whatever fits best with the story <33

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