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    zeegrey posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 1 month ago

    Sorry, this is trash, but enjoy the 2000s slang.

    Anton Levi’s POV

    One moment, Anton Levi was hopping onto his bed with his Game Boy, the next he was falling.
    He never even hit the mattress before materializing out of thin air and landing on an unfamiliar bed with a large crash.
    “Ahhh!!” he kept screaming, even after he landed. Part of that had to do with the fact that his body didn’t stop at the mattress… He had landed on some girl, and his back had broken through the bed frame.
    He stopped screaming when he noticed the redheaded girl staring beneath him, eyes wide.
    He groaned in pain, and was rolling off to the side to apologize and introduce himself, when his Jansport backpack fell from the air, and hit him in the head, spilling open to reveal an ungodly number of polo shirts, as well as a few turtlenecks, plaid and stripes shirts, camo pants, and a studded belt.
    “Great, this is just great,” the girl growled, sliding up off the bed. “I come in here to clean up a bit, make the bed for some Ever, and what thanks do I get? Some guy falls on my head and nearly snaps my spine. What do you even need all these polo shirts for, man??”
    “Uhh, to layer, of course,” he replied, confused. “Where am I?”
    “You don’t even know where you are? Ugh. This is the School for Good! You know?”
    “I thought that was just some story…”
    The girl looked exasperated. “Evidently nOt.”
    Anton tried to fix the bed as best he could, and said, “Uhh. I’m really sorry for landing on you-”
    “And breaking this bed! Who do you think has to fix that, huh? Do you think I can just bippity boppity boo it back together?”
    “Um, that, too.” He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck before offering his hand out to shake. “I’m Anton Levi.”
    The girl stared at his hand long enough for him to feel awkward before grabbing his hand and shaking it suspiciously. “Allie Caulfield.”
    Anton noticed how much he towered over the girl and asked, “Are you also a, uhh.. student here?”
    “Ha! No. ****, no.”
    “Oh, um..”
    “I’m like a handyman, cleaner, whatever I need to do.”
    Anton Levi laughed nervously, inhaling through his teeth. “Oh. Uh, mega. So, like… do I have a roommate?”
    The girl stared at him judgmentally. “Of course you do. What, do you think you’re too good for a roommate, or something?”
    “Or something! Or something, definitely. I think having a roommate would be cool beans. Totes.”
    She stared at him for a bit longer. “Cold legumes? Is that supposed to be some kind of insult?”
    “Whoa, whoa, cool your jets, dude! It’s like ‘off the chain,’ or ‘wicked,’ or something!”
    After a minute, Anton realized she still wasn’t understanding and sighed. “Yeah… Sorry about that, dawg.”
    A single eyebrow went up at that as the girl slowly backed away. “So, uh… I have other business to attend to and someone will come fix that bed of yours in a little bit. Either me or Harris. People are coming back from the Welcoming Ceremony that you just missed, so I need to get going.”
    “Yeah, yeah. Uhh, major. Hasta la vista.”
    She gave him one last strange look before leaving, shaking her head as she left. He could have sworn he heard her mutter, “Things just seem to get weirder and weirder around here…” before her varsity jacket disappeared around the corner.
    Anton Levi sighed, as his heart thumped due to nerves caused by the social interaction. He tripped over an open suitcase in the middle of the floor, presumably his mysterious roommate’s, and just laid flat on the floor.
    After around five minutes of staring at the ceiling, he kicked off his white Nike’s, checked on his Tamagotchi, and began changing.
    He had just managed to get his oil stained camo pants off and changed into black jeans when some dark haired hunk came through the door.
    Of course, Anton Levi’s stupidity and oblivious nature prevented him from realizing another person’s presence until they announced it.
    “Howdy, I’m Jace. You must be my, er, roommate?”
    Anton Levi turned, his shirt still pulled up over his eyes, and promptly tripped on the crumpled ball of clothing on the floor beside him, and fell on his back, again. It seemed this would be a rough day for his back.
    His nervousness wasn’t helped by the fact that he was essentially shirtless in front of a stranger. Abs or no abs (he definitely had the former, though), it was an embarrassing situation for him to be in.
    “Hi. I’m Anton Levi. I’d hate to impose, but so you think you could help me off the floor? My arms seem to have gotten stuck in my shirt.”

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