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    zeegrey posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 1 month ago

    NAME: Valencia Chiara D’Ecclisso
    ALIAS: N/A
    AGE: 18
    HEIGHT: 5’7” (170 cm)
    WEIGHT: 120 lb (54 kg)
    ****** ORIENTATION: Bisexual, possibly aromantic
    TIME PERIOD OF ORIGIN: 1970s, Italy (born in the late 50s at the rise of Italian fashion)
    POWER: Pyrokinesis (control of fire, however, she is not immune to getting burned by her own flame)
    COLOR OF MAGIC: Pale greyish lavender
    LITERARY RELATIVE: Digory from Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew
    APPEARANCE: Lithe physique, with soft curves, and a small waist, accentuating her hips. She has long limbs, and a prominent bone structure, with high cheekbones, a cut jawline, and a regal features. She has dark, sultry eyes, fairly wide, and framed by dark, silky hair. She has well groomed eyebrows, tapering into a gentle arch. Her lips are pouty, with a slightly fuller bottom lip, and a sharp Cupid’s bow. Her skin is pale from lack of sunlight, but naturally tanned and olive toned. She is graceful, smelling faintly of espresso, and a rich, husky voice, affected by a slight Italian accent.
    CLOTHES: Valencia wears sleek and suave clothing, often designer Italian labels. She typically wears tailored suits, and if not, then a sheer sleeveless chiffon/organza silk and black lace accented dress, with a mock neck and long skirt, flattering her form. She stands tall in Dr. Martens boots, dress shoes, or sleek black leather, pointed toe heeled boots. A more casual alternative is a black leather jacket over a silk tie-collar shirt and black trousers, or a black leather miniskirt. She wears almost exclusively black and white and neutrals, with the occasional splash of red. Her jewelry is minimalist and elegant, although she always wears at least three rings and delicate pearls hanging on thin chains that drop from her earlobes.
    PERSONALITY: Valencia can appear cold and impersonal at first, but when she is deliberately attempting to charm someone, she can be quite mischievous. She has a very charismatic air about her, and can be very flirtatious. She does not open up to people, but is obvious when she is unhappy.
    OCCUPATION: Thief, wanderer, and fashion icon.
    WEAPON: Her fire and silver throwing daggers
    NEVER/EVER: Never
    BACKSTORY: Valencia was born in Great Britain, his mother a descendent of Digory, and her father the son of wealthy Italians, on a business trip to England. When she was still young, her paternal grandfather died and her family moved back to Italy to look after her grandmother. She lived most of her childhood in a small, but luxurious villa owned by her family for decades. She fought to control her abilities after accidentally burning one of her sibling when she was younger. She packed her bags to explore the world, and stepped into the doors of a bus, before being suddenly ****** into the School for Evil, stepping from one world, through the doors of another. Had she waited another day, her mother would have told her of her ancestry and the School for Good and Evil, but thus is the fate of impatient people.

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